We are going to skip the obvious apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus; if you dont have them on your Android get them now, they are essential, apart from Google plus which is kinda lame because no one uses it. The list is for the best social networking apps for Android 2012, this is an opinion list, so if you think any great apps are not mentioned here list them in the comment section. Yes, Tango is better than Skype for video calls on the Android, it even lets you make video messages without calling, this feature is great if you want to leave a birthday message. This is the official SMS killer app, and one of the few I think is worth paying for, never pay for another text message with WhatsApp messenger it lets you send messages, pictures, make calls the whole boatload of features you pay to do with your phone. This is another amazing messaging app for Android, it has lots of cool fonts, emoji, plenty of space, GPS and over 20 languages supported. This is another instant messenger but it rounds up all your other instant messengers putting all your contacts in one place. This is a great, fun sharing app, by bumping two phones together, you can exchange contact details, Facebook, Twitter, discover mutual friends and share photos, recommendations etc. This is different from the official Facebook app, this is the official messaging app, which makes messaging on Facebook much easier such as using chat or just composing messages.
Tumblr is a great blogging service and the Andriod app is just as good as the website, you can manage your tumblr on the go and update it with this cool app. This is your Internet radio, if you love music and like to make music get this app, it is sort of a Pandora alternative. Pou – android-apps auf google play, War ich uber level 100, ich liebe pou pou war mein allererstes spiel ich mir runtergeladen habe und es ist super ich sag nur ladet es euch (bug fixes. Comments (0) ‹ prevnext ›1 of 10 Extreme Face Painting This tiger face will bring out lots of grrrrrowling, so make sure she practices her pounce. PikPok has released an awesome completely free endless runner style Zombie game Into The Dead. We found a way to get rid of them with some tricks and a bit of cracking up into the game to get Unlimited Coins to Purchase some extra armor and skip some tough missions. I have found this crack but random Android users won’t get it, until you are a bit game geek and you know some basics.

4- Before the second run you will get all the needed coins and money that you are looking for.
6-You are a millionaire now enjoy shopping heavy arsenal and kick the asses of all lazy zombies. Please must comment if you have facing any problem, I am sharing the video too incase you are facing any difficulties. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Crossy Road is a brilliant remake of Frogger introduced in 1981 by Konami. The object of the game was to direct frogs to their homes one by one. In case you are too slow the big bird will fly out of nowhere and eat you and the game is over for you. The game is free to play and as is usual today it makes money by offering in-app purchases. Okay, maybe that was a bit too much, but seriously with the right tools for socializing on the Android you can make calls, video chat, message and blog all for free.
Other great features on Tango is the fun applications such as adding animations to the screen while on a video call. It is a fun app and you can win badges, there is no other like it– it is great for discovering new places for you and your friends to go. To do that you have to avoid cars while crossing the road and then jump over the river using floating trees.
The concept of Crossy Road is that the game is infinite means a lot of obstacles will repeat. You’ll be moving forward by tapping on the screen and swiping left and right to avoid fast moving cars and trains. If you are not a Flickr user wait for the Instagram app to come to Android it will be much better and its much more social.
The UI is great and it is easy to find music with the use of tags and the overall feel of the app.

When you start the game quick tutorial will guide you through controls and then you’re set to play.
This way you can make it to the top of leaderboard by practicing the game but you cant buy your way up. In the times when computers didn’t have much computing power and graphics was limited the games were mostly about gameplay. The game was first released on iOS but the update for Android make it more popular, especially if you are playing it on Galaxy Note 4, it really feels awesome until you chewed by a hungry Zombie. Add white to the cheek and chin, applying the paint in strokes that move from the center of the face out toward the ears. Paint a widow's peak on the forehead and add brown to the lash line, exaggerating the eyes.
Add black dots curving down along the lines of the mouth, placing smaller dots closer to the center. Suggest fur at the base of the muzzle and jawline, stroking your brush upward from the bottom. Start at the corner of the eyes, and use teardrop shapes that face away from the eyes and make curves that go from thick to thin. Stippling is great for blending color, suggesting texture, indicating highlights and suggesting facial hair. To get the most realistic result, hold your half sponge upside down so the rounded part touches the skin. Using the edge of the sponge would result in lines—something you want to avoid when stippling.

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