Rating: Having read a number of Dale Beaumont’s books, worked with a number of the people featured in his books and heard some very positive feedback about Dale’s events, it was finally great to meet him in person and hear what he has to offer.
Having heard so many positive comments about Dale, it was hard not to have high expectations. Dale did not disappoint – he’s down to earth, approachable and clearly a genuine person who is energized by the opportunity to help others grow in their business and meet their own personal potential. He jam-packed so much value into this FREE event – that the best-selling author lost his voice at the end of the 2-days.
Dale’s New Rules of Business is perfect for anyone with an established small to medium business who are just not seeing the results they have been working for. This is not for “opportunity seekers” who just want to make money fast with the latest craze or a Homer J, Simpson bird button.
The New Rules of Business are for business owners who are serious about working ON their business not IN their business. If you want to take it to the next level and effectively engage with your customers and clients, Dale gives you the cutting-edge tools to systematize, contemporize and market your business. A master of leverage and structures, he has learned the lessons and made the mistakes, defining what works so effectively for him and the top entrepreneurs he has had access to over the years. Learning of scammers and con-artists taking advantage of business owners, Dale felt compelled (and is excited) to share ethical, workable, and effective systems. Dale is excited to share not only the general concepts but the intricate details of HOW and with WHAT tools he uses himself. What’s interesting is that Dale doesn’t utter a word about Ferris and his 4 Hour Work Week – maybe because he doesn’t believe in the hype of many promises made by many internet marketers and sprookers to create the lifestyle that few Ferris’ live. His audience tend to have real bricks and mortar businesses and he wants to help them reinvigorate the passion and interest they once had in their products and services. The 2 days are filled with countless tips, strategies and tools that you can use immediately to jump-start your business.
It certainly makes you wonder how comprehensive and content filled his paid course BUSINESS BLUEPRINT, which I have been getting some fantastic feedback about as Dale hones your focus and holds you accountable every 90 days.
He obviously subscribes to the school of goal-setting but also re-assessment of your goals and re prioritizing in accordance with the dynamic nature of business and your clients needs and expectations.

Dale Beaumont personifies his SECRETS EXPOSED series as he certainly does not hold back from sharing and exposing exactly how he goes about his business. Dale doesn’t just tell you what you “should do”, he clearly demonstrates “how to do it” with real screen shots, live examples and interaction with you the audience. Even if you don’t sign up for BUSINESS BLUEPRINT, Dale continues to support you by providing you with a ton of bonus materials and tools you can be easily implement to help transform your business into a smarter, faster and more streamlined company…that makes you more money with less time and effort than ever before. As a Fast Action-Takers Bonus if you’re one of the first 250 to attend this event you’ll also receive 2 Marketing ‘Cheat Sheets’ from John Anderson, a “Top Gun” Online Conversion Strategist. In this handy desk top reference you’ll discover what over $1 Million Dollars of Scientific Split Testing says about how to create breakthrough sales results online.
This is such a valuable resource because a Sales Video can get up to 3 times more sales than just text alone. Be the first to get all the latest event and speaker news, reviews and of course FREE Stuff!
With the release of NHL 16 today, here at CGW we have been grinding it out on the market trying to find the best ways to make coins in NHL 16.
The Simpsons Tapped Out is probably one of the most played iPhone and Android games out there and many people have been asking us how to get Doughnuts in The Simpsons Tapped Out. With the release of NHL 15 today, here at CGW have been trying many different methods in NHL 15 HUT figuring out the best way to make coins.
Just earlier today Infinity Ward posted this picture of John “Soap” MacTavish, the main protagonist from the award winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Twitter with a “Continue Yes or No” along with the Call of Duty Ghosts Logo hovering by the “Yes” option. As of today, many Call of Duty players have been having some problems with starting up the newest Call of Duty game on Xbox One and PS4. Just recently, a few pictures have been floating around through the Call of Duty forums claiming to be upcoming DLC Camos.
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By doing so, you not only come to understand how Dale has accomplished all that he has, but you learn how you can adopt his practices and apply his systems to your own business to optimize and fast-track profits and minimize inefficiencies. It is a prelude to his year long course BUSINESS BLUEPRINT but Dale really doesn’t apply the hard-sell.
Follow this simple checklist and create an effective sales video in as little as two hours.
Also if you are tempted to take your LAPTOP please note there may not be access to powerpoints or a reliable internet connection. The objective of the game is to find the stolen computer and defeat the niner defending the computer. From what we have figured out, it seems that most of the old market tricks will still work in NHL 15 HUT. The new games will be continuing where Ruby and Sapphire left off but of course they won’t be the same. Well many people have and Google doesn’t have a help section to fix this so here it is! What happens is the game will look like it is starting, you will see the ghost face mask then your screen will go black. A few of the barbed wire camos appear to be available in some variations in the background behind the barbed wire. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. He’s too busy demonstrating the efficiencies of his proven model and if BUSINESS BLUEPRINT is for you, you would be sold by default. Probably the most useful is the money glitch where you can spend as much money as you want then get it all back within a second. If you have your laptop you are likely to be inspired to start implementing his concepts and strategies, beware as you may miss a lot of his content.

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