All of my tips and ideas are null and void if you don’t have a firm, good budget in place. If you’re super crafty, and enjoy doing a lot of crafty DIY projects, you can make money doing them.
In the years past, my dad would sell the eggs by the dozen for a little cheaper than what they cost in the grocery store.
Of course, I don’t know the ins and outs of bee hives {I was already married when he started it}, but it is a small hobby that has turned into a little extra money for him.
If you like kids, but want to make more money than just a couple days around the holidays, you can try starting your own Mother’s Morning Out Program.
Read this article here on how someone else started their own Mother’s Morning Out Program and made $150 while doing it. When you sign up for any of these, you must remember to confirm your email address from the same computer you used to sign up.
I even signed up to become a mystery shopper; however, in my area of the county some of the mystery shops are few and far between. The reason I know this is because until the past year and a half, if I needed a cute, homemade item, I would purchase it from Etsy.

My dad, a country-farm-boy at heart, has had hens, roosters, genies {an ugly, funny looking bird that attacks}, ducks, and bees.
If you are trying to meet a goal of a certain amount, figure out how long it will take you to reach that goal. I would recommend letting some of your mommy friends know that already know you, and you’ve already been around their children. If you currently use cash and the envelope system, saving the change from your purchases can really add up.
Just simply get a jar or bowl, and place all your change in it at the end of the day or week. I have purchased custom designed birthday party invitations on there {You can create them yourself in PicMonkey and sell them}.
Of course, he could have opted to not grow his flock of chickens, but reinvesting the money he made from the chickens was a great business move.
If you have any tips or ideas for this series, or would like to submit a guest post for this series, please contact me.
Right now, I currently make an extremely small part-time income blogging here at Frugal Finds During Naptime.

I had JUST missed shops for new movie releases, holiday shopping experiences, dining out, and more. I would much rather point you to a better post with more information than I can give you, then for me to try to muddle through it.
I have purchased a tutu for my oldest’s first birthday party {You can make for less than $5}. I just want you to see that you can sell something  that you might not realize you can sell.
Once it is full, roll it up, and deposit it into your savings account, or use it for some extra Christmas money.
I also get paid each time you sign up for a free sample, download some of the free apps that save you money, sign up to take surveys, when you purchase an item, and many other freebies and deals I offer here.
Since we live in the south where a lot of people have peanut, grass, or dust allergies, the local honey helps combat those allergies.

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