According to the National Venture Capital Association, a staggering $463 million has already been invested this year by venture capitalists into educational technology companies in the USA.
Desire2Learn: $80 million in September (not a start-up, of course, but still a significant online education company. At the same time, the California two year college system has undergone nearly $1 billion of cuts since 2008, resulting in a waiting list of 470,000 students who cannot get into classes.
The California State University system meanwhile is outsourcing most of the services for CalState Online to Pearson. In the forthcoming November elections in California, in order for the governor to increase some state taxes, proposition 30 attempts to get round the infamous proposition 13 in 1978 that outlawed any property tax increases for ever in California, resulting in the state going into effective bankruptcy last year.
Clearly the USA is in the process of undermining their public state system of education (at all levels) and in effect privatizing education. My concern though is that in the urge to get  a return on their investment, these privatized, American online companies will start to gnaw away at the funding behind public education systems in countries outside the United States. And as an aside, where the hell are the Canadian venture capitalists? It is clearly the goal of the xMOOC companies such as Coursera and Udacity to go global with their offerings. If we accept that more and more people (career-seekers and employers alike) will be well-served by post-secondary qualifications that are not the result of a university education in the traditional sense, then universities will come under pressure.
Let’s hope that we get high quality online learning environments that students can use to individualize learning and learn at their own pace. In the US at least, students are paying for things like course packs from publishers, sometimes an additional $40 per student, plus an etext or two and sometimes for access to online labs. To get to this point though will require many hurdles to be overcome, such as faculty resistance and IP issues. Antioch will assign a facilitator for the online course and at the end ANTIOCH will award a credit . That includes initial development cost ( Intellectual Property Rights of the professors + schools ) + annual recurring costs for 5 years , TAs, instructor, hosting ( done by Coursera, Udacity at $ 1 per person , they declared that ) But probably Coursera will ask 10% for their marketing efforts . Then if a course is taken by 1 million people in 5 years or 10 semester s then the cost is $ 1 .
That means universities and Udacity + Coursera will make good money even thou?gh they do charge just a little. Return to top of page This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 2016 1 oz british gold queen’ beast coin (bu) - jm bullion, Buy 2016 1 oz british gold queen's beast coins online in brilliant uncirculated condition. Originally released in 1909 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Penny would introduce a radical departure from normal US coinage designs of the country. In fact, the first President of the United States George Washington is said to have refused to allow his likeness to be incorporated into any coins. President Theodore Roosevelt would initiate steps in the early 1900’s that would change the look of US coinage ever since. Combining these two thoughts, President Roosevelt commissioned Victor David Brenner to design a new cent that would feature an image of Abraham Lincoln.
The likeness was to be similar to a sculpture Brenner had completed years earlier based on a Mathew Brady photograph.
A new design in place, the US Mint began production of the coins during the summer of 1909, 100 years after the birth of Lincoln. In 1959, marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, the reverse of the cent was changed from the wheat heads to an image of the Lincoln Memorial, designed by Mint engraver Frank Gasparro.
The original metallic composition of the Lincoln Cent was set the same as the Indian Head Cent that had come before it, 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc. This combination proved problematic both for use as currency and for the expected life of the coin. Consequently, in 1944, the Mint modified the composition again, this time using melted expended shell casings. In 1962, the Mint removed tin from the alloy, feeling that doing so would have no ill effects on the coin and would simplify production. In the 1970’s, the Mint contemplated changing the alloy again as the price of copper was spiraling upwards.
The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 would dictate a change of design for the Lincoln Cent to occur in 2009, marking the bicentennial anniversary of Lincoln’s birth and the 100 anniversary of the original 1909 Lincoln cent. Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky - The reverse was designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Jim Licaretz to show a log cabin, signifying the birthplace of Lincoln near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Formative Years in Indiana - This design by Charles Vickers has Lincoln taking a break from rail-splitting and reading a book. Professional Life in Illinois - Designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Don Everhart, this version places an image of Lincoln in front of the old state capitol building in Springfield, Illinois. The public as a whole returned once hoarded change and jars of pennies back into the banking system, resulting in an inventory build-up of old coins at banks and reducing or eliminating the need to order new coin replacements from the Federal Reserve system.
As a solution of sorts for collectors, the United States Mint began selling two-roll sets of the 2009 pennies for $8.95. The United States Mint increased limits with the Formative Years penny and has sold nearly 300,000 rolls to date. The third 2009 Lincoln penny design will be issued on August 13 at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois — the same building that is depicted on the background of the coin. Bicentennial Lincoln coin excitement resulted in increased media attention — most particularly during the first launch.
The big ones cost $15 and the small ones cost $10, so I’ll have to save my money for a long time to try to get more! I’m wanting to create my very own website and want to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named.

In 2003, Nintendo redesigned the Game Boy Advance to make it more attractive while singlehandedly solving many issues people had with Nintendo handhelds since the original Game Boy launched.
First and foremost, we’re stuck with the XL model here in North America, so if you were an earlier adopter of the 3DS and have the smaller model, it’s time to readjust.
One thing that is still getting used to is the locations for various staples in the DS family. As someone who did about a dozen transfers to the New 3DS, the process is suicide-inducing, though it’s nice to have options it provided.
The techiest of the additions is the enhanced 3D, and to say that it’s an upgrade from previous models is an understatement. One of the more noticeable additions is a small cylindrical growth near the face buttons, and it’s one of the most oft-requested features for the 3DS: a second analog stick.
With the amiibo craze in full swing, the only thing that is worse for Wii U owners are more amiibo collectors.
If the growing list of amiibo-compatible games is any indication, Nintendo will make a ton of enhanced control options to the next wave of 3DS games.
The million dollar (or more like two-hundred dollar) question is if Nintendo will release a ton of New 3DS-exclusive games. This “New” refresh on the 3DS sports a ton of upgrades and additions as long as the game utilizes any of them, so newcomers buying this solely for Pokemon games may be a bit overkill.
The world needs mass post-secondary education and higher education has been the only game in town for a long time.
They will have to show clearly how a university education is worth the extra time, money and effort, and they will have to learn to engage with other business models without sacrificing their brand’s reputation and underlying values. Teachers can circulate to work with individuals or groups like the flipped classroom process. See my post on British Columbia’s open textbook plan, based on a similar plan being introduced in California.
They are not insurmountable though and competition (from the venture capitalists) is likely to cause these barriers to fall.
Wallpaper that displayed are from unknown origin, and we do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual, artistic rights or copyright. Up to this point in history, historical portraits were not used on any regular issues of coins produced by the US Mint.
He felt, and most agreed for decades, that a portrait of a real individual was too similar to the practice of using images of royalty on coins used by the monarchal governments of Europe.
With the exception of a few changes including deletions and inclusions of Victor Brenner’s initials, the obverse has not significantly changed in over 100 years. Faced with no supply of copper (all was being directed towards military efforts), the US Mint started producing zinc-coated steel cents in 1943. The coins had a grayish color making them hard to differentiate from the dimes and the zinc-coating process proved unable to prevent tarnish and rust. An attempted aluminum cent was struck, but was in the end scratched as among other things, it did not show up on x-rays if swallowed. While the Mint realized significant savings with making the switch, collectors have never been satisfied with it as the new composition is much more likely to corrode.
It was released to the public on February 12th, 2009 during a ceremony held in Hodgenville celebrating 200 years since the President’s birth. A frenzy of excitement occurs at launches, and with collectors in particular who seek the new coins that are issued in equal intervals every three months. To help anticipate demand and fulfill orders for the final two cent releases, the United States Mint added the coins to its subscription program.
For the first time, Nintendo had a traditional backlight (at least over here), a rechargeable battery and a clamshell design that prevented scratches on the screen.
Because Nintendo has decided to do it again – this time to the popular Nintendo 3DS with the New Nintendo 3DS XL.
This also means if you were planning on importing a ton of faceplates to use on your standard New 3DS, from the Isabelle one to the wood panel one to many of the Zelda ones (like me), your plans have just been shot. Both the stylus and cartridge slot are located on the bottom of the system with the games going near your left hand. Next to the front facing camera is an IR camera that finds your head, eyes and orientation and determines how the 3D should be rendered.
Dubbed the C-Stick, this is less a stick and more a nub you see on laptops and is used like any other right analog stick. These two tiny buttons are located near their partner shoulder buttons on the back of the device, and they just glide onto your fingertips once you wrap your hands around the system. With increases to load times with cartridge games, this addition to the system is very welcome, but only when it uses it. First up, the battery life is similar to the regular 3DS at around five hours, but thanks to an added auto-brightness system for the screens, this will add to your battery mileage.
We know the port of Xenoblade Chronicles is the sole example of this for now, but if that becomes a trend, people will either reluctantly upgrade or abandon it altogether. Though for the same $200, it’s going to be the sole XL model, and sole 3DS, on store shelves.
But, faculty have lost the argument at the 13-16 level that they should be seen differently, given the fact that they have been, over the years, pushing lower ranked faculty, grad assistants and adjuncts into the 13-16 slot and it is now biting them in the behind.
Public education has been used to cross-subsidise research costs so there is huge opportunity for business models that don’t need to fund that subsidy. In some respects, like premium champagne producers, universities will have to deliver to various quality and price points in a segmented and increasingly discerning market. If you are the legitimate owner of the one of the content we display the wallpaper, and do not want us to show, then please contact us and we will immediately take any action is needed either remove the wallpaper or maybe you can give time to maturity it will limit our wallpaper content view.

He wanted American coins to showcase the talents and might of the United States, a country that was blossoming into a world power. With the end of the War, the Mint went back to its original composition of 95% copper and 5% zinc and tin. Although over 1.5 million of the aluminum coins were struck, they were not officially distributed for commerce and are considered illegal to own. This coin is slated to be released on August 13, 2009 at a ceremony on the grounds of the old state capitol building. It features a half-completed US Capitol dome, as it appeared during Lincoln’s Presidency.
Despite the extra cost, the first rolls sold out in less than two weeks with 96,000 ordered. All of that was also wrapped in a nicer design that told people it was more a consumer electronic and less a toy. Thanks to again a list of enhancements to the current model, the New Nintendo 3DS is the most evolved redesign of any system since the Game Boy Advance SP. While I feel burned out on the fact that we Americans got shafted on a model because of American retail logistics (and how Nintendo’s losing retail space by the year), it wasn’t all lost. It’s dangerously close to your hand when playing more intense games like fighters, because one small slip and pop goes your game.
The result is the obliteration of the infamous “sweet spot” with a more organic 3D that moves with you with less strain on the eyes.
In games like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, it’s to control the camera and in games like Resident Evil Revelations or Metal Gear Solid 3D (since it supports all games that use the Circle Pad Pro), it’s used to aim your weapon. I’ve had zero issue reaching or using these suckers for Monster Hunter and when more games utilize them for regular gameplay, like the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, they will be a breeze to use. Other than the increase of people to boot in the face when a new shipment of Marth or Lucario figures arrive, the system uses the figures roughly the same as the Wii U, and no game shows that off than Super Smash Bros. While load times on games were shorter than the older 3DS, it won’t make games that aren’t programmed for it to perform better, for instance have a better framerate.
Though the brightness has been tweaked, the system’s three cameras are still the awful and vastly outdated VGA cameras, and still produce a terrible photo. My theory: Nintendo will do this to select hardcore games, so don’t expect a Mario, Animal Crossing or Pokemon to do something as drastic as that. The upgrades are nice additions for the same price, minus the exclusion of the AC adapter that you can snag for $10, but just don’t forget that there’s still the 2DS for $70 less if you’re just going to casually use it. All of the content we display the wallpapers are free to download and therefore we do not acquire good financial gains at all or any of the content of each wallpaper. Also, Roosevelt felt the country owed its current existence to Lincoln who had led the country during it’s greatest internal struggle, the American Civil War.
Like the older 3DS XL, the system is very comfortable and very adult-sized with my hands wrapping around it naturally. The process requires you to go back and forth and if your Internet isn’t up to snuff (I did many of those transfers on public wi-fi), it can take forever. It works pretty well, but for those few shooters on the system, rubbing against a nub for consistent aiming won’t be the same than using a more traditional means. All the apps preloaded on the main menu, as well as the eShop itself loads much faster, and booting to the home menu no longer takes a few seconds. My wish actually is that Nintendo will update older games to use it like they did with Super Smash Bros. For core 3DS users, even if you’re like me and swear by the smaller model, it’s a must own since many games will utilize it and you’ll get your money’s worth.
Given the global demand for post secondary education and how we perceive quality, I think very many will devise, copy and adapt successful strategies.
34, No.2This ODLAA Publication is licensed CC-BY-NC-ND and is now available free of charge at ResearchGate.
In fact with the slimmer design and the even rounder edges of the New 3DS XL makes this even better in your hands. The SD card has been upgraded to a MicroSD standard and is now hidden within the battery compartment. It works on all 3DS games too, so after testing it out with games that already looked good in 3D like Ocarina of Time, A Link Between Worlds and Fire Emblem Awakening felt a bit fresher. After some getting used to, many will grasp the concept on how to work the C-Stick to their favor, as if you’re getting adjusted to a new controller. The function for the little buggers mirrors that on the Wii U version and they are cross-compatible for those with both versions, making their versatility even more useful.
The system is still region locked too, so don’t expect to import a smaller 3DS and use your American games on it. I think the start-ups and their financial backers have a more challenging task ahead of them, and Tony’s account of strategies for diverting funds out of the public education system, perhaps is evidence of this challenge. My only true gripe on the system’s comfort is that my hands still cant wrap naturally with the Slide Pad so close to the edge, but asking for the system a centimeter longer for my thumb to naturally be on it might be asking for a bit much. While upgrading your card isn’t as crazy as people put it out to be, and yes it requires unscrewing two tiny screws for two seconds, it does send shivers up your spine once you pry the compartment off with your stylus since it sounds like you’re breaking it.
The NFC chip under the touch screen can be used for other things like credit cards, but who knows if Nintendo uses it for anything else.

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