Many people are willing to make a donation to charitable organizations – you just need to connect with them. Use the charity organization's official letterhead and make sure it includes the organization's logo, name, address, phone number and website.
Make your argument using success stories and facts; these will help people feel the importance of your cause. Identify the specific action you wish the recipient to take to help achieve the organization's goal – whether it is donating money, items or time and how much.
You may wish to mention that their donations may be tax deductible if your organization qualifies under IRS guidelines. Be thankful – thank them for their time and their consideration or go ahead and thank them for their donation. Make sure the letters are signed by a real person and include their name and title below the signature. A post script (PS) is appropriate in this form of letter and can convey additional information such as deadlines, goals or a final reference to the story or facts used at the beginning of your message to tie it together.
In 2009 Number One Nonprofit helped over 350 underprivileged boys participated in Boy Scout activities in our community.
Our goal for 2010 is to help 420 boys participate in scouting activities including a full week at summer camp. All donations to Number One Non-Profit go directly to the boys we have been helping since 1985. The Super Duper Academy is a local school that seeks to help children with disabilities and learning challenges.
We have a dream this year to add a music class in the hopes that each of our students who desires will have the opportunity to develop a talent in music.
We are asking you to please look around your house and donate any instruments that you may no longer need, even if the instrument may need minor repairs. Instruments can be dropped off at our front desk or simply call (123)456-7890 and we will be happy to drop by and pick up the instrument. It is through generous donations like yours that the Super Duper Academy has been able to provide life changing classes and experience to thousands of special needs students over the last five years. On June 16th, 2009 I will join thousands of others on a 20-mile walk as part of the MyCharity Walk-a-thon, an event that raises money for MyCharity and the fight against breast cancer. Please read the enclosed brochure that further describes MyCharity, its goals and details about our event on June 16th.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about breast cancer and my efforts to end it, something I wish for so that others do not have to go through the experience of losing their loved one early.
Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice. The Chicago Teachers Union strike is not primarily about salary issues, but money is relevant to any labor dispute since management could always use money to sweeten the pot and gain concessions on other topics. In the city of Chicago, the median household income is $46,877—a number that's not directly comparable to mean salary statistic both because a median isn't a mean and because a household can have multiple workers. What I think this drives home is that not only is Chicago compensating its teachers unusually generously, but Chicago is right to do so. From the mid-18th century industrial machines were being developed, changing the way in which goods were manufactured. Factory towns, such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Middlesbrough and Bradford (to name just a few), were dirty and overcrowded. However, the industrial machinery and the development of the factory did bring wealth to the country. Children, sometimes as young as six, carried out dangerous tasks, such as clearing blockages on spinning frames in mills. Discover more Victorian facts by taking a look at the Primary Facts Victorian resources page. Tom Burke won us over as the firebrand Dolokhov in the BBC's recent adaptation of War and Peace. He is now rehearsing for a play called Reasons to Be Happy and, at the risk of sounding trite, I can’t resist asking him if he is happy himself. Reasons to Be Happy, his new play, is a companion piece to Reasons to Be Pretty, with LaBute returning to the same four characters and their uneasy discourse. The newer play is a relationship drama charting the love lives of four friends, suggesting that even though couples break up and friends drift apart, certain feelings never really expire.
This is all a world away from the part that Burke is best known for among the younger audience – as Athos in The Musketeers. Burke’s other guiding light was his godfather Alan Rickman, who died recently at the age of 69. As Burke tells me some of his godfather’s best advice – “You should never cut your hair” – I say that, to me, there was a large dose of Rickman – the grinning, knavish Rickman – in Burke’s Dolokhov. Headlines of late have concerned themselves with competition, or the lack thereof, created by certain adopted business methods or maneuvers.

In patent law, the courts have frequently confronted the question of whether a government-granted monopoly is an exception to antitrust law.
Copyrights involve antitrust inclinations in a much more contained faculty than do patents.
At a time when information and its access is at a premium, headlines such as the ones we have seen recently will become more frequent. Ian McClure is a former corporate & securities and intellectual property law attorney with Wyatt, Tarrant, & Combs, LLP, and currently he is in-house IP transactional counsel with Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI).
The world’s IP and financial markets are interconnected, turbulent and difficult to navigate.  Luckily the International IP Strategists Association (INTIPSA) exists to provide guidance through rough, economic waters.
Writing a Request for Donation Letter is a great way to aid in fundraising, especially when properly written.
The information in [brackets] should be replaced with your specific information or details.
The organization may have many purposes and projects, but make sure your letter is focused on a particular need.
They had a chance to learn to swim, learn basic survival and first-aid skills and learn how to work with other boys. If you would still like to give, but do not have an instrument, consider giving a cash donation that can be used for other music supplies or check your local pawn shop for a suitable instrument. The goal of this event is to increase awareness of breast cancer, to highlight stories of survivors and to raise money to help fund research into curing this deadly disease. But by this same logic Baker shouldn't be worried that Americans pay too much to doctors who, like teachers, are paid less than Wall Street bigshots. The national average teacher is paid a low amount for a college graduate, which is not a smart way to try to attract and retain the best possible teachers. The city wants to make test-based, "value-added" models of teacher performance a very important part of retention and compensation policies.
Factories, built to house the machinery, dominated Britain’s urban areas and were the workplace of many. Smoke from the chimneys of the factories used to coat the walls of the houses and make the streets grimy. During the the reign of Queen Victoria, Britain’s exports went up dramatically and many businessmen made a lot of money. In order to make sure that the cotton was kept strong, factory owners kept their mills warm and damp.
Factory owners often paid children a small fraction of the wages they paid to grown men and women. The didn’t have any safety features and they were slow to stop if a worker got caught up in them. Built near to the factories themselves, these houses were dirty and they often didn’t have proper drains or separate areas in which to prepare food. Tom Burke only had a small amount of screen time in the BBC’s recent six-hour adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, but as Fedor Dolokhov, hard-drinking soldier and committed cad, he waltzed off with every scene he was in. Set against a group of male leads whose characters were essentially wet blankets, Dolokhov was a firebrand. At 34 he is one of our best young character actors, at a time when many performers would prefer to move straight to Hollywood. But there is a Tom Burke look – those deep, dark eyes are very effective for hinting at concealed intentions that may or may not be there.
Greg, Burke’s character, has started up a relationship with Carly – his ex-wife’s best friend and his own former nemesis. Although it was never a show that was going to sweep the Baftas, Burke remains proud of it. It’s a description he learned from his parents, the actors David Burke and Anna Calder-Marshall, now 81 and 69.
With the inauguration of a new President came a proposed tougher stance on antitrust issues. Varney has already publicly stated that Google is on its way to looking like Microsoft, and may be dealth with accordingly. The right to exclusively use and sell the cure for cancer, conceivably the result of a single patent, could obviously confer monopoly power that would harm consumers and production of the product. Instead, vertical integration of the media market, with the same companies gaining ownership of content and the means to distribute it, causes this problem.[8] In other words, the media moguls are gaining ownership of copyrights and patents, and they are using them both to monopolize the content provided and the means for distributing the content.
The inherent characteristics of ntellectual property creates these circumstances, and therefore managers of IP will be under the antitrust radar in the coming months and years.
Blum is a former Associate in the Chicago-based, valuation practice group of Ocean Tomo, LLC., an intellectual property (IP) consultancy. Whether you're writing a donation request letter for a charity, a church, or other sponsorship, our sample donation letter template can help you get started.
We can't guarantee the results you will get for sending fundraising letters like this, but this template and the sample donation letters below should at least provide some ideas.

More importantly, they were given the chance to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future, dreams that have included becoming engineers, accountants, doctors and politicians. The CPS systemwide mean of $74,236 is higher than either of those, and of course Chicago Public School teachers are a large component of the metro Chicago average. Chicago, by being unusually generous, is offering a level of compensation that seems modestly above average for a college graduate. The industrial areas around Wolverhampton became so covered in grime that it became known as the Black Country. It is estimated that the cotton industry alone provided jobs for more than 1 million people in the 1850s. Irresistible on the battlefield and incorrigible off it, he was a proto-Byron on the rampage. You never quite know where he’s going to crop up next – recent years have taken him from a swashbuckling Athos in the BBC’s Musketeers to a weasly Bentley Drummle in Great Expectations. The cleft lip, which he says has only ever been a positive in his life, brings added intrigue. Still, these recent stories have re-raised the issue that, in intellectual property-heavy markets, monopoly is always a concern. On the other hand, the right to exclusively use and sell a book or a song, by itself, would not normally impact an entire market for literature or music. 70, 92, 95 (1902) (holding that the practice of patent pooling was exempted from the reach of antitrust, despite blatant price fixing). Be sure to continue reading after the download box to find sample donation request letters, additional tips to improve your own donation letter and links to additional resources.
That's exactly what I would want to see from my city—a real effort to invest the money necessary to hire and retain quality people.
The only thing that I can say with any degree of commitment is a reason to he happy is… moderate weather. He was electric as a 1970s eugenicist in the second series of Channel 4’s Utopia, but just as watchable as a right old charmer in Abi Morgan’s The Hour. The voice is low, resonant, commanding; a typical Burke character will very often be one you need to watch out for. It does chip away at the old ego and you do realise that you’re only really ever as good as the words that you’re saying, the people you’re talking to, or more importantly, listening to. Varney to head the Justice Department’s antitrust division in a move that was meant to send a warning signal that the new administration was cracking down on companies vying for monopoly market positions. Still, Google is not the only company taking up headlines in the context of monopoly discussions. However, in the aggregate, such exclusive rights could bring copyright ownership to the same level of projected impact as that of an important and useful process or pharmaceutical.
Chicago's teachers aren't living lives of luxury, but the city really is investing in paying them an above-average amount. Within minutes this picnic had turned into a water fight, and I didn’t know whether to join in. This aggregation has been slowly taking place through horizontal and vertical integration in the media and information industries. The national average high-school teacher makes $56,760 and the average elementary school teacher makes $55,270. Now it wants to ensure that it's not just investing a lot of money but investing that money in quality. Merger discussions between Live Nation and Ticketmaster has raised eyebrows from everyone in the entertainment and media industries, including Bruce Springsteen. Chicago teachers don't want to be subjected to that kind of regime and reject the premise that the test-based model the city's elected officials favor is a good proxy for quality. Another New York Times article today discussed the practices of borrowing and stealing copyrights between two competitors in the children’s cable channel market, Disney and Nickelodeon. I saw this grin and I think it was the first time I’d seen that grin that he’s famous for, particularly in villainous roles. However, the two bodies of law are actually complementary, as both are aimed at encouraging innovation, industry and competition.[4] The court in Atari Games, exemplifying the current movement of thinking in this arena, may have confused two very important factors.
That is, there is a large difference between protecting the competitive process and protecting the competitor. Both bodies of law may fundamentally encourage innovation in some respect, and both may encourage, or preserve, industry to some capacity.
Yet antitrust law protects competition, while intellectual property law protects one competitor.
This concept is what keeps antitrust and intellectual property law at odds, and in the court, together.

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