Over the years product testing had been one of the most genuine ways to make money from home. Generally, companies will send you sample products while others will send full sized ones, which you will test every month and then pay you for giving them your thoughts on the paid products. National Consumer Panel ( NCP)– This market research company has been around for years, formerly known as Nielson Home Scan. MyView  – This company has both product testing and online surveys with the latter being more than the former. I wanted to give some perspective to this post on how to make money online from home, but feel free to scroll straight down to the money making tips below if you prefer :)). I had qualifications flying out my earholes and over 20 years experience in a variety of media based jobs. Not if its something that makes you unhappy, or erodes your confidence, because people are saying what a asset you are on one hand, but blocking you from any sort of progression on the other.
My job boundaries became so elastic in my last role, if they had been a pair of knickers, they would have majestically grown from a size 10 to a size 22 by the time I walked out.
Seeking a sustainable life that was meaningful to me and and which put my child first would not happen overnight (bugger!). So whilst shunning the corporate world was secretly a little bit (ok big bit!) liberating, what I needed right now was an income.
Right now, if that means doing a few online money making side hustles, so I can get to where I want to be later, that’s all fine and good by me. And of course, the obvious place to earn money from home (so I could support my child through starting school) seemed to be online. After MUCH surfing and much researching, I’ve outlined below how I’ve made make money online from home in 5 ways that actually work. They won’t make you rich overnight (if ever), plus they require you to actually put a bit of effort in (yes, I know we’d all love to earn a shed load of money overnight, with zero effort, but seriously, come along now!). Affiliate marketing is where you sell someone else’s products and get a commission in return. I started using a site called Wealthy Affiliate and they offer some amazing training for absolutely nothing (I.e.
Just for signing up for a free account, Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to 2 free websites and a mass of easy to follow training, plus a huge community of very approachable and super helpful online marketeers. So, basically if you signup to the Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Package you get all the tools you’ll need to start your own affiliate website.
There is of course a paid programme too (which is still great value in my view), but seriously, if affiliate marketing appeals to you, check out the FREE starter package. No credit card is required to sign up and the amount of training you’ll get access to for nothing is AMAZING.
Pick the right niche (the training tells you how) and this offers a real opportunity to earn great money after a while. Risk free matched betting is without doubt one of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this. Loads of mums, (like me!), are doing it on Mumsnet and if you need a short term cash injection, matched betting can be a great tool to have in your online money making methods. Well, in a nutshell, matched betting is where you take advantage of free bets regularly offered by bookie sites like Betfair or Coral, using a strategic and mathematically proven formula that ensures you always ensure a profit, by betting both for and against an outcome in any given sporting match.
You can sign up to Profit Accumulator’s FREE TRIAL here or you might want to check out my Profit Accumulator review to find out a bit more. Whilst this may not be the norm, matched betting works and many people make up to ?2k a month from it in the UK. You do need a microphone built into your computer (or an external mic that can be plugged in), plus you need to download a small piece of software so each of your user testing sessions can be recorded.

Keep in mind, you won’t make a FT income with this – user testing sessions are on a first come, first served basis, so when they appear in your account, it’s wise to get them done before they disappear.
Personally, I’ll never make Swagbacks number 1 fan (some people go nuts over it), as I was looking more for ways to make money a little quicker than this allows you to. But I’ve included it here, because it is still an absolutely great way to earn online vouchers for sites like Amazon, which can be used for birthdays etc. You can earn cash, but it will take you a while to earn enough points to cash in anything worthwhile.
But if you have a bit of spare time on your hands, enjoy surfing the web, watching videos and filling in the odd survey, Swagbacks is a without doubt a nifty way to earn some handy vouchers for your favourite online stores or a meal out. But if you want some inspiration for where a blog can take you – check out Rosemary at The Busy Budgeter.
Rosemary started her blog a little over 18 months ago (juggling kids and other jobs like I am) and in January 16 she made almost $40,000. So if you have a passion (it could be parenting, recipes, how to budget, Star Wars retro Toys, hell, anything really) – starting a blog and monetising it can be a great way to go. I mean think about it – imagine earning money from writing about something you love and are passionate about!
I use and highly recommend Bluehost, as do a host of other bloggers, as Bluehost are great value and have fab online support. The beauty of using Bluehost as your web host is that they can guide you through installing WordPress (which is free and happens at the flick of a button in your Bluehost user panel).
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Making money online from home can be super easy to do, and in some cases it can make you rich. Many people make money online playing and testing video games for the companies that produce them. Didn’t we tell you that Sprout Wealth was going to be all about making more money and growing your wealth?
Since I have been doing this for about a year, I have found that you need to be really quick on accepting a job.
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What I love so much about posts like this is that it reinforces that there are so many ways to make money. I guess you can relate it to secret shopping, but you are supposed to be pretty verbal with your feedback.
Please be aware that I only promote companies that I feel I can legitimately recommend to my readers. But most of it went on childcare and there only ever seemed to be just enough to keep me and daughter going.
The guys at Wealthy Affiliate really believe in the product so offer a LOT upfront so you can really see if this is for you. I made my first sale in 3 months, but once you make a sale, things usually start to gain momentum if you put the work in. Wealthy Affiliate really is an invaluable tool to get you on the road to affiliate marketing success. They walk you through the whole process in a series of easy steps, so even someone like me, (who is definitely not Einstein when it comes to numbers and calculations!) can start making profit almost immediately. People have paid for genuine feedback to their websites, so think about the tests from the perspective of a real user or potential customer. Plus, you get emails prompting you to earn SB rewards, so you kind of get a bit pushed along on a wave to earning without having to always do that much.

I earned enough for a ?5 gift voucher within a few days, which is quite easy to do if you seek out the tasks with big rewards. Hard work, passion and following a proven method for successfully monetising a blog outlined by Ruth Soukup in How to Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. Hosting starts as low as $3.95 a month, plus if you use them, you can get a free domain name. Canva is absolutely brilliant and lets you design an incredible amount of stuff for free, including a logo. Start writing great quality blog posts and share them on social media to get a bit of a following. To be honest there are a million sources on the web on how to blog for profit and  they are all valuable (or not!) to differing degrees, but there are SO many, it can get VERY overwhelming (believe me I know). I was going to give myself the summer to see if I actually need to go and find another job to supplement my pension, but I will be looking into a couple of your ideas to see if they might plug the gap (if indeed there is one!) and give me my “Olivia spending money”!
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This is not the pie job that some people think it is, but if you love making money online playing video games then it might be for you. Most ways to earn money online involve doing something you love, so it stands to reason that testing and playing games would be high up the list of options. I’ve heard about companies doing this in the past as a part of our business, but never knew the details and how to make some money while doing so.
One of my blogging buddies had a post about how she submitted her blog to a website to be reviewed, and I immediately was wondering if there was a way to get paid to do that. I have done secret shopping before and you get paid a similar amount of work, but it takes more time and you have to leave your home.
Valued Opinions is also open to the following countries below: United States, Australia and United Kingdom.
Don’t just skim through the tests simply to get paid, as you risk getting a poor review, which will likely impact on the amount of surveys you get. It’s what makes it look nice and there are LOADS to choose from, depending on your style and blogging needs.
This is why I have recommended a source that worked for me, so you can reduce the overwhelm I experienced.
There are so many money making scams online, I wanted to share things that I know are legit (plus work!). The requirements are repeatedly playing “in production” video games until all of the kinks are worked out. The type of products they send to you can include household items, foods and beauty products too. Once they have accepted you, products will be sent to you and with them several different offers that you can give to your friends and family. While you likely will not make a million dollars like McGilberry did, you can definitely earn a very wonderful and healthy living doing it.
Both are designed to rank well in search engines and they offer a simple, but professional looking blog. Then again, McGillberry won a million dollars against the highest of odds so your chances might be pretty good after all.

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