There are approximately 145,000 new cases of colon cancer and 56,000 deaths in the US alone  each year.
10 Steps Experts Say You Should Take Now November 1, 2015 by Susan ShainContributor 0SHARES Share Share There’s a chill in the air, and leaves are falling. The holiday season is much better when it begins with FREE!So we’re giving 48 lucky readers a fun prize. If you share my stage fright, but still think you’re funny enough to make money as a comedian, what can you do?Why not become a millionaire comedic superstar from the comfort and anonymity of your own bedroom or basement?
If you want to make the most of the killer deals this Black Friday, you need to start getting ready now.
Or at least make a few bucks from some minor fame?All you need to get started (apart from being hilarious) is some basic video recording equipment, a YouTube channel and a blog or website.
We talked to seven Black Friday experts to find out how best to prepare for the upcoming shopping madness. Create a Budget and ListThough you may be tempted to jump directly into list making, you should determine your holiday shopping budget first — that way, you’ll know what you can (and can’t) include on your list. The giveaway is only open to residents aged 18 or older who reside in the United States.Questions? Although Johnson recently retired from it after five years, he’s had another comedian take over, doing similar routines for the channel. Keep in mind you probably won’t know prices yet, so to make it easier, divide the list into two groups: items you definitely want to purchase, and items you’ll purchase if you have money left over from your original budget. The basic process is simple enough to explain: You upload videos, promote them (and hope they get found in Google and YouTube search results), and monetize them with Google AdSense. All of the experts emphasized the importance of making a list — so whatever you do, don’t skip this step. The average revenue per 1,000 views is just $6.33, so you need a lot of people to watch your videos before you can make a living from them. At that rate (and your revenue rate might be lower), a million people watching your videos translates into about $6,300. However, even if you have not received official information, you can still submit a claim to get your $25 cash or $50 in tuna. Your professional references could be the… -How to Make Money Share Your Thoughts Top Articles 12 Strategic Steps to Save an Extra $5,000 for Retirement in 12 MonthsThe Penny HoarderHow to Make Money Comments Retiring soon? If just 100 of your Facebook friends watch it, you can expect to make about 63 cents.Then there is the work involved.

Use a Credit Card With Price ProtectionSpot a leaked ad featuring the toy your kids are clamoring over?
You will, however, be required to submit a Claim Form confirming under penalty of perjury (i) the specific StarKist product(s) you purchased, and (ii) that the purchase or purchases were made within the Settlement Class Period.
But if not, here are 12 ways to save money and put an extra $5,000 in your account in 12 months. Read the full story at Consumerist.Your Turn: Did you purchase StarKist tuna during the stated time period?
More than one video tutorial explains how to make amateur video look professional, but it does take a lot of work.Are You Funny Enough?Sure, your mom thinks you’re hilarious, but will the rest of the world? Are you going to claim your settlement money, and are you going to pick the $25 or the tuna? You can ask your friends, but they might be too nice to tell you the truth — or they might prefer to let you fail on a larger stage rather than shoot you down now.
Buy Gift CardsIf you know you’re going to shop at a particular store, you can save money or earn rewards by purchasing gift cards ahead of time. This Startup is HiringDana SitarHow to Make Money Comments Want to work in the auto repair industry, minus the grease? Strategically filling my freezer with… -Ways to Save Money Share Your Thoughts Top Articles 12 Strategic Steps to Save an Extra $5,000 for Retirement in 12 MonthsThe Penny HoarderHow to Make Money Comments Retiring soon? It depends on factors like how funny you are, how well you promote your work and whether the right person stumbles upon your videos and puts them in front of a thousand Facebook friends, starting a viral trend. But it might be fun to make even 1% of that doing comedy videos as a side business.To see the potential, check out comedy channels on YouTube.
Flexjobs identified the fastest-growing careers with flexible jobs -- and we found 10 companies that are hiring right now. You might be surprised by how many have millions of views for their channels or even for individual videos.For example, Tyler Oakley has a couple dozen videos that have topped a million views. Log into some online shopping forums, where deal-hunting veterans share tips and answer questions. Xerox is hiring full-time, remote workers right now -- and the jobs come with some serious benefits.
Familiarize Yourself With Store PoliciesLet’s face it: Buyer’s remorse happens to the best of us. Here’s what some of our 2016 Olympic athletes did to be able to train hard and still pay the bills.

If you purchased… -How to Make Money Unmarried Homeowners: How Do You Claim Your House on Your Taxes? So you bought a house with your significant other, but… -Ways to Save Money Share Your Thoughts Top Articles 12 Strategic Steps to Save an Extra $5,000 for Retirement in 12 MonthsThe Penny HoarderHow to Make Money Comments Retiring soon? Let Deal Sites Work for YouDon’t waste hours digging through Black Friday ads online and in the newspaper; that’s what the experts are for.
And, of course, bookmark The Penny Hoarder’s Black Friday deal site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter — we’ll be sharing deals as they go live!9. Before Shopping, Analyze the DealsMany Black Friday shoppers skip this step, and it’s a big mistake.
Not only should you determine which stores have the best prices — you should also analyze whether the prices are actually a bargain.
Price predictions, which are released by many of the sources cited in this article, are a good place to start. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy your shopping experience with as little stress (and as little money!) as possible. Here’s how to send a care package to a deployed service member through Operation Gratitude. Here’s How to Watch the Olympics AnywayIf you’ve been trying to figure out how to watch the Olympics online without cable, don’t worry -- we figured it out. This Trend in Real Estate Could Save You ThousandsIf you’ve ever thought about selling a house, you know realtors’ fees can really add up. Flat-fee realty startups are changing that -- and saving their customers a lot of money in the process.
Our favorite rebate app, Ibotta, gathered tons of receipt info -- so now, you’ll know the best day to shop! A new app called Food Connect aims to be part of the solution -- and fight hunger at the same time.

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