Her name is Daisy Shah and she is reportedly the girl for whom Salman Khan will go Mental in his next film.
Gary Lineker and ex-wife Danielle Bux continue to fuel reconciliation rumours back in London..
RICOH has introduced its digital SLR seeded PENTAX K-1 camera, a new computer with CMOS image the same size as the entire image area of 35mm film to achieve high-resolution images sensor. The camera uses PENTAX technologies to reduce the effect of motion II SR (Shake Reduction II), with a five-axis mechanism, compensating the range of five steps shutter. The K-1 has an SR unit with flexible design that pivots the image sensor unit in all directions, facilitating the use of all functions of shots, including automatic compensation levels, fine adjustment of image composition, ASTRO TRACER simplifying and astrophotography using the GPS module.
The new PENTAX K-1 is compatible with a variety of lens: former lenses and D FA-series series, as well as more compact lenses DA-series line. The K-1 uses the sensor module SAFOX 12 AF frame with expanded autofocus, which covers the entire image field field with 33 AF sensors.
The computer has a large shutter with a number of new mechanisms to achieve high-speed control and high-precision mirror unit, minimizing vibration of the mirror. The team has several functions jacks with support for improving the efficiency of capturing images. The equipment provides functions wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) to be used with smartphones and tablets, thanks to a Sync application Image to enable review images remotely performed and adjust the camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity ISO. The team has a GPS module, with advanced features including recording the location, latitude, longitude, altitude, UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) and address at the time of shooting.
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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a professional organization whose mission is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. SPE provides a worldwide forum of oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) professionals for the exchange of technical knowledge and a professional home for more than 75,000 engineers, scientists, managers, and educators. The history of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) began well before its actual establishment.
The first SPE Board of Directors meeting was held 6 October 1957, making 2007 the 50th anniversary year for SPE as a professional society. The following chronology lists major events in SPE’s history and shows how membership has grown over time. During the 1950s, the petroleum membership of AIME grew significantly, leading to restructuring decisions that would shape the future Society of Petroleum Engineers.
The Petroleum Branch of AIME becomes a full-fledged professional society – the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME. While the news is yet to be officially confirmed, reports suggest Salman Khan's upcoming biggie, Mental, slated to open in October, will mark the Bollywood debut of Kannada actress Daisy Shah. Use technologies PENTAX original image and allows shooting with super high-resolution images with a high degree of gradation, and accountability high sensitivity.
The mechanism also changes the image sensor unit by a single pixel to achieve ultra-high resolution images. The LCD display includes a View Outdoor Setting Mode to adjust the brightness quickly with the use of a single button.
This system works with the Real-Time Scene Analysis System for a performance tracking much more accurate AF when all objects are done in rapid motion.
The transmission system of high-speed data incorporated into the PRIME IV system allows the user to record up to 17 images in RAW format or 70 images in JPEG format Best in a single sequence at a maximum speed of approximately 4.4 images per second. The shutter unit has been tested to withstand 300,000 shares and his body has been designed to have the smallest possible thanks to the incorporation of the structure floating mirror. The computer has a microphone terminal for connecting an external pregnant and accessory terminal for headphones, also allowing adjustment of the audio recording level, and reduced wind noise. Along with the camera there have been some accessories such as a battery grip that facilitates decision upright a shutter button and control buttons.
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SPE’s eLibrary contains more than 42,000 technical papers — products of SPE conferences and periodicals, made available to the entire industry.

During the decade after the 1901 discovery of the Spindletop field, the American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME) saw a growing need for a forum in the booming new field of petroleum engineering. On October 6, 1957, the first Board of Directors meeting was held in Dallas, Texas, with President John H. Becomes a separate international Society with offices in United States, United Arab Emirates and London. The fact that Daisy is very much part of Mental has become evident because she is currently in Dubai shooting important sequences for the film with Salman and his co-star Tabu over a 12-day schedule. Thanks to the large image sensor, the camera achieves good depth of field as a 35mm film camera, allowing you to create blur bokeh effect. In addition to the LCD panel, the camera has an optical viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view of the field and magnification of 0.7 times. The team has 87 sealing parts, so it is resistant to dust, inclement weather and extreme cold (to -10). It is also resistant to dust and water, and besides aterias rechargeable lithium-ion can be loaded with six AA batteries. By 1950, the Petroleum Division had become one of three separate branches of AIME, and in 1957 the Petroleum Branch of AIME was expanded once again to form a professional society.
Initially, Salman was spotted shooting at a driving institute in Dubai with Yash Tonk and Ashmit Patel. It has a screen Natural Bright Matt II focus that facilitates the focus during manual operation. While Daisy has been filming important scenes with Salman, it is not clear if her Bollywood debut in Mental will be treated as a lead role or just a cameo. After all, Mental is a remake of Chiranjeevi's 2006 Telugu superhit, Stalin, where the lead actress Trisha had a small role.
The buzz in B-Town suggests Salman was impressed by Daisy's work in the Kannada version of Bodyguard. Earlier, multiple press reports had suggested Priyanka Chopra would be Salman's heroine in the film, and that her casting would officially mark the end of a long feud between the actress and the superstar. Such rumours gained further ground when Priyanka was spotted visiting Salman at his hotel in Dubai (where they had gone for a stage show) in the wee hours, even as he was discussing the script of Mental with a Mumbai-based business partner over the phone. The movie makers have hinted that they will release the film in October on the same Friday as Ranbir Kapoor's ambitious Besharam. Over the past few years, Ranbir has reportedly been dating Salman's rumoured ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, and the two actors are not known to be on the best of terms. Mental is an action drama and Salman will be seen sporting a casual look with denims and smart shirts in the movie.

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