In honor of St Patty's Day, we here at NHB are painting the MF'n Blog Green and who better to help us than the big homie $hamrock aka Yung Irish from Egotrip's "The White rapper show."You do follow that logic right?
2012 juliusaban Macklemore es Lewis bejelentettek a debutalo teljes hosszusagu albumukat, a The Heist-ot, amit oktober 9-en adnak ki, valamint ezt kovetoen vilagkoruli turnera keszulnek, hogy tamogassak a kiadast. Assholes + someone actually Irish and famous = licence to be bigger assholes on St Patrick's day.Now if you know one thing about the bros you know we keep it 100 and say whatever's on our mind. Rajta lesz a korabban eloadott "My Oh My”, "Wings”, "Can’t Hold Us”, es a "Make The Money”. A Billboard 200-on masodik helyen debutalt 2012 oktober 27-en, es tobb, mint 78.000 peldanyban kelt el. Since we know $ham is known to reach out to his fans, and keep it as Trill as us, we thought he'd be a perfect fit (pause), for the blog.
Macklemore es Ryan Lewis a The Ellen DeGeneres Show-ban ketszer is megjelentek, 2012 oktober 30-an a "Same Love”-ot, 2013 januar 18-an pedig a a "Thrift Shop”-ot adtak elo. A "Same Love” megjelenesere 2012 julius 18-an kerult sor, es a "White Walls”-t megerositettek, hogy rajta lesz az albumon.

A Ferris High Schoolba jart Spokane-ben, majd a Roosevelt High Schoolban, Seattle-ben diplomazott. A dalok amik rajta talalhatok a kabito szerekrol, az eroszakro, es meg mas nem tul kellemes temarol szolnak.
A BET Music Matters kampanya resze lett.  A Thrift Shop a Billboard Hot 100 listat hat hetig vezette, igy szamukra ez volt az elso top 1-es dal az USA-ban.
15 evesen a fotozas lett a szenvedelye. Profi fotos es videorendezo lett, ezaltal elkezdte fotozni Macklemore-t 2006 nyaran. A "Wings"-t 2011 januar 21-en, valamint a "Can't Hold Us"-t Ray Dalton kozremukodesevel 2011 augusztus 16-an adta ki. But I will say, all colors of women are beautiful and you left out Asian women and Spanish women in your list.Show: Did you smash that fine ass white girl on the White rapper show? I just want to have my own identity because I have been compared to Paul Wall ever since he really blew up big nationwide back in 2005 and I wasn't even famous then. I just wish he didn't look like me now!!Show: I got crucified last week for putting Peoples Champ as the #10 Hiphop Album of all time.

Getting arrested, stealin things when you're wasted, rapping at parties, it's just all a part of college life I guess. But he is a lot shorter and skinnier than me and doesn't seem like he fights much so I'ma have to pick me no question if a real fight broke out.C4: Would you get a shamrock tattooed on your face like Gucci did with that ice cream cone?
I would wife Kandi though, she's got a great mind, body, and real talent.Show: Both yall niggas watch that show?!! You really can't respond with Ludacris though.If we are talkin current I'd have to say prob Tity Boi. If we are talking legendary, Id say either Andre 3000 or Luda.(Showrocka makes the little kid pouting face.

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