During the early moments of the Internet, it has been strongly advised for people to not meet someone they met online in person, for safety purposes. There are precautions that you should do if you want to avoid the hazard of making friends online. If you don’t have at least a Facebook or a Twitter account, then you are definitely not one of those people who go online a lot. Chat sites may be a thing of the 90s, but it still is a great way of meeting friends, because you still get to chat and exchange information about yourself. Making friends online is one of the easiest ways to connect to different people, but you always have to be careful about sharing personal information or getting too intimate especially if you don’t know a lot about this person that you are talking to. Hey there, I'm James and I am an introvert, I'm sharing with you some of the things I've learnt recently on how to be more social. Most reflect back on those instances with feelings of sadness and remorse, while some will talk about being better off without the toxic influence of friendships that never should have been. But all remember well the moment when they realized a specific friendship just wasn’t what they had always believed it to be anymore. It may sound harsh, but no one actually benefits from continuing to prioritize a friendship that is no longer working. The important thing is to examine your friendships and to understand why they are no longer working.
Examine your own reasons for wanting the downgrade, and make sure you aren’t setting unfair expectations on your friendships. Depending on how close the friendship has been over the years, and what your reasons for pulling back are, it might be beneficial to you both to have a conversation. Even in knowing a friendship has run its course, there can still be guilt over pulling back from a friend to whom you were once attached at the hip.
It seems to be a natural consequence of being a woman: we always feel as though there is something about our body we should be working to improve.
More and more people are turning to the Internet to find their ideal exercise partners – and you might just make a new friend out of seeking someone online with similar goals as you. No matter what stage of life you are in, and regardless of how much weight you may have to lose, you deserve a little dedicated time to your health and fitness.
What is flove, and why in the world do we need another word when we already have so many that we don’t use anymore? I mean, we have BFFs, acquaintances, new friends, old friends, good friends, frenemies, cliques, posses and sidekicks.
I save this expression for only my dearest of friends—those who have stood the test of loyalty, laughter and longevity.
But I think the biggest reason that I flove them is because they allow me to be completely honest and open with them about who I am, yes some pretty nasty warts and all … and they still care.
So what do you think, is the idea of Flove silly, or something that we should all strive to embrace?
Wouldn’t life be amazing if we could pack all our very best girlfriends away in a box and take them with us wherever we went?
Now is the time to evaluate what kind of friend you are, and how you can be an even better friend.
Too often, we are all guilty of becoming so self-involved that we fail to see the needs of others around us. Spend some time thinking about your own interests and the kind of people you want to be around. So dip your toes in and see if there is anyone online who might be looking to fill the role of your new friend. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a new group of friends just as amazing as your old ones.
After all, you won’t need that safety net anymore when you start making new friends in your new town. But you will still need a couch for everyone to hang out on when you invite them over for wine!
The bad news is that nearly a third (27%) of older folks in the US live alone, a statistic that jumps to 47% within just 10 years or at 75 years of age.
For American women the stat is even worse, as nearly 40% of women age 65 or older are widows, a characteristic that has significant ramifications on a person’s life. The reason, so say those who study these things and are so much smarter than me, is that happiness is a function of contentment. Whether I am right or wrong (and I’m rarely wrong), the truth still is that we are an old happy bunch! The other really interesting thing I discovered during my readings this morning is that whether we are 22 or 72, our reasons for needing, wanting and selecting someone as a friend pretty much remain constant throughout our lives. Likewise is the fact that regardless of age, we are regularly in need of restocking our supply of buddies. And while making new friends can be a bit easier in our early years (simply due to proximity to others when in school … and bars), the challenge of finding new friends as an adult spans the decades.
We like this last tidbit so much that we are going to call it out with an expanded explanation. Even if you feel as though you have all the friends that you could possibly handle, invite one more person into your fold.
Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has all the friends they need, and would welcome an invite to your walking group or to meet you and your neighbor for coffee. And speaking of making a difference in lives, did you know that good friendships can have dramatic health benefits for all of us?
Oft repeated in numerous studies, being in the company of good friends helps us to feel less stressed, make healthier decisions (in terms of exercise and diet), keep our memory strong and stave off dementia, and can significantly lengthen our live span, especially after a bout of illness. Whether from the added support that your friendships deliver, or simply the added laughter they supply, these are health benefits that we can all use as we move into our later years. So lets all pick up the phone and call a friend and start living longer and happier lives together. Your house is a mess, you had an awful day at work, your husband is out of town, and your kids are acting like tiny terrorists. In fact, nine times out of ten, the best answer here is going to be one of your closest mom friends—preferably one with an understanding husband who will agree to let her come over with a bottle of wine while he stays home with their kids.
Your female friendships have always been important to you, but never more so than when you have little ones running around and need that unity of motherhood. True friendship goes beyond superficial commonalities like having children in the same class. The key is to share pieces of who you are, but to also show a genuine interest in finding out more about her as well. Every once in a while, you may find yourself in a situation where making new friends organically just doesn’t seem to be working. No matter what stage of life you are in, those mom friends can be invaluable to helping you not only celebrate the good times, but also work through the bad. We all have a story we tell ourselves as to what our lives should be, and for most of us this story includes a chapter on the many and great friendships we hold.
I also sample learning from thinkers, constantly picking through another’s beliefs and thoughts on how we function in terms of our bodies and minds, individually and collectively (I lean strongly to the belief that we are a collective bunch). We all have a story we tell ourselves as to what our lives should be, look like, include and involve. According to Robbins, these stories that we develop for ourselves become our mantras, they are the goals and aspirations that we set for ourselves, and the yardsticks we used to determine whether we are on course, or needing a bit of an adjustment. I personally love this advice and perspective, and find it applicable to so many areas of my life. For example, your new plan might be that you make more of an effort with the friends and acquaintances you do have, or you host a party or girls’ night out, or invite a co-worker to lunch. This reflects a runaway 40% growth in the past year and is a huge milestone for the website launched in 2000 by two school friends hoping to meet new people.
True to their founding ethics, MakeFriendsOnline owners, Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton, have always insisted their community exists for people to make friends, not to wreck marriages. Today’s MakeFriendsOnline is a huge online community featuring bustling Chat Rooms, lively Message Boards, private messaging facilities and on-site support in the shape of the highly popular Dating Doctor and Agony Aunt sections.
With MakeFriendsOnline thriving, Martin & Marcus have recently been eyeing the market with a view to seeing where else their skills and ethical approach might benefit. Launched in 2000, Make Friends Online now has over a million members primarily from the UK and Ireland, with worldwide membership increasing rapidly. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.

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But nowadays, meeting friends have gone entirely digital, exchanging thoughts and stories in front of the laptop. This would be places like restaurants, coffee shops and others where there are not a lot of booze going around. Some do it using social media networking sites, some do it over chat websites, some do it via dating sites.
But you have to beware of the people you will find here, especially if they don’t have pictures or there are not web chat options available.
You can meet friends depending on your location, age and preferences like age, career, hobbies and more. With the Internet, you can take control of your shyness and just go and make friends with the world!
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In fact, in life there are just some friendships that serve a greater purpose during certain transitory periods, but that don’t have the staying power to last over the long term. Downgrading friendships that have ceased to be fulfilling, means opening yourself up to focus on friendships that could stand that greater test of time. If there is a pattern in your life of hopping from one friend to another, the problem may be with you⎯and that is something worth addressing.
They may reach different life stages, or start pursuing different passions where they simply no longer connect easily. But then, ask yourself if this is a friendship you truly want to continue giving the same priority level you have up to this point. You need to consider whether this friend is going to be hurt by the redefining of your friendship, or if she is likely ready for a bit of distance as well. Or a conversation isn’t necessary, because you both realize the friendship has run through its lifespan. No matter what your girlfriends say, or your spouse, or your kids, there is always that voice in the back of your head telling you that if you could just lose 5 (or 10, 20, 50) more pounds – everything would be better. I’ve learned to stop focusing so much on the numbers, and to instead pay attention to overall health and wellness. Share a post about wanting to start a regular routine, perhaps a few nights a week after work, and ask if anyone would be interested in joining you and holding you accountable. So establish early on that while part of your new walking partnership will involve motivating each other, it won’t ever result in shaming one another. We all have those days when we just don’t want to do it, for whatever reason, but knowing someone else is relying on you is usually exactly what it takes to get your butt off the couch and into your walking shoes.
Well, the fact that it can be seriously nice to carve out an hour a few times a week to talk to another adult who isn’t your spouse. There was my best friend in high school, Liz, who was everything my parents aspired for me to be, but wasn’t.
Trish is the kind of woman who would literally take the shirt off of her back if you needed it (and it isn’t only because she owns a terrific second-hand clothing store).
That except for a very special 3 to 5 people, most people that I know and call friends are really just acquaintances—some really, really good acquaintances, but acquaintances none the less. These are the longtime friends whom I’ve moved on from, but our history is such that I still care greatly. What does matter is that when you find a really great, warm, supportive, open, fun, honest and secure woman willing and able to be a great friend, snap her up, and give her a big dose of your flove.
Not with any intention of keeping them in that box long-term, of course, but solely for the purpose of ensuring that no matter where we were—our best friends would be close behind.
They are always there, in the periphery, available for phone chats and e-mail conversations. People get so wrapped up in their lives, be it child rearing or dream career chasing, that they stop making as much time for new people and interactions.
Well, it means not being afraid of going out of your way to introduce yourself to someone who seems like they would be exactly your type of friend.
What we put out into the world is absolutely reflective of what we bring back into our own spheres.
Insecurities and loneliness can cause people to succumb to gossip or negativity, creating an overall toxic presence. If you really want to start making those connections, you have to get out into the world, associating yourself with the kind of people you might want to spend your time with. And when you are new to town and feeling unsure of where to even start, what better way to make new friends than by getting online and connecting with other women who are also looking to add to their social circle? Women who share your interests and are just as excited about making new friends as you are. Then, get bold about pursuing that friendship, and introspective about being the best friend you can be. And while you will likely still always wish you could keep all those women you care about together in one place, the desire to cart that box around with you will no longer be as strong.
Living alone is actually not a trend reserved for the aged; in fact it is one that spans the generations these days, especially with the associated trend for singlehood (a whopping 43% of American adults are single). And contentment comes from more realistic expectations and an acceptance of our lifetime achievements. If you are blessed with a solid social circle, look for and include that woman whom you think may be a smidge lonely. Because sometimes, what we really need is another woman who understands exactly what we are going through. Mommy and me groups can be a great place to start, and there are usually plenty of options. This can be a great opportunity for you to meet other like-minded volunteers who have kids in your child’s class. Just as with dating, making new friends requires you to take risks and put yourself out there. There is an intimacy involved in creating lasting connections that requires you to dig deeper and really open yourself up, while also spending time learning about who this person is as well.
There are so many mom’s online looking for connections and validation that they are not alone in their experiences. We all need that support from time to time, and women who get us and what we are going through.
My favorite meal is a well-stocked buffet or whatever everyone else at the table ordered for dinner.
The tighter the gap, the happier we are, and the wider the gap, well … it can provide emotions that range from simple stress to full-blown depression. Additionally, you might sign-up for tennis lessons, or start going to the weekly yoga class regularly and consistently so that you see the same gals week after week (frequency breeds familiarity).
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It has been said that making friends online has disadvantages, because the essence of truly socializing with someone is already gone. Meeting people you met online in bars and clubs is not a good idea, and you are exposing yourself to a lot of danger especially if the person you are meeting has ulterior motives. The digital age has made making friends and getting to know other cultures with just a few clicks of a button. The internet offers access to people from other states and other countries with just a few clicks of a button.
These social media sites have gained popularity as it has served as an online journal for a lot of individuals.
Because chatting is the new digital form of communicating to people that you get to know over the internet, some social networking sites also created chat features with approved connections; however, it does not offer the freedom of chatting with random people like the regular chat room sites.  Some of the most popular Chat sites are Yahoo Messenger, Chat Avenue, Tiny Chat, Mocospace and Cupid! When get-togethers become strained and conversations seem to go nowhere, it is fair to ask yourself why you are continuing to commit time to a friendship that you wouldn’t pursue if you were to meet today.
But if the guilt is entirely self-imposed, you feeling like you should still be there for someone who hasn’t really been there for you in quite some time, let it go.

Perhaps you have newly found yourself with an empty nest, and are realizing that for the first time in many years – it is time to take care of you!
If there are no takers there, try your co-workers – you may even be able to arrange time around your lunch breaks to walk together every day!
Hold each other accountable, absolutely, but don’t get in a competition of comparing numbers or ridiculing diet choices. Starting a walking routine with a good friend means creating those spaces in your week that are reserved just for chatting with someone you enjoy talking to.
And you deserve the time spent catching up with a good friend while also burning a few calories in the process. Spend your afternoons walking together, and your evenings preparing a healthy dinner and enjoying that glass of wine.
Then there was a gal named Joan, also from high school, absolutely nothing that my parents wanted for me, but a ton of fun and even better memories over 30+ years. She takes in stray dogs, stray people, and me … and puts them right into that big old heart of hers.
Heck, some of us are even seeking out friendship contracts to extract formal definitions and expectations. And perhaps even harder to find women who can step into those same shoes in your new location. The friendship is still strong, but you’re out that physical presence you used to rely on. Which is why making new friends in a new city requires you to be bold; to be willing to interrupt the lives of others in your quest for new connections. Which means that if you want to start attracting good friends, you need to be a good friend in return; the type of person with whom people will want to spend their time.
That isn’t always intentional, and for some it can be difficult to find the balance between being authentic and being a positive influence. Perhaps that means joining a local club that piques your interest, or signing up to be a part of an intramural athletic team. There was a time when a lot of women felt uneasy about the idea of seeking friendships out online, but just as with internet dating, the realization that this can be a great way to make connections is starting to take hold.
It seems 85 years is the average life expectancy for women in America; the average American male is expected to live until 83 and some change. It takes absolutely no additional effort on your part to include someone, so include someone. Someone we can vent to, laugh with, and bounce ideas off of for things like potty training and handling a picky eater.
The problem is that unlike college, when you had plenty of time to devote to socializing, making friends after motherhood is much harder.
From music classes to gymnastics, you can find ways to get your kids excited about an activity while also meeting other moms with children who are the same age.
You may have to make the first move in asking a potential mom friend to coffee or attempting to organize a play date with your kids. But the only way to make new friends is to remember not to take things personally, and to keep trying until you meet someone who seems like they are open to expanding their connections as well.
Or maybe you are in the midst of some major life changes that make it difficult for you to commit time to getting to know other people outside your home.
That leaves us with either option 2 or 3 if you actually do want any sort of permanent change. The ease of finding a person with like interests online and anonymity while being able to do so is a key component in building a friendship online. However, if you are someone who is not comfortable with meeting someone in person for the first time, then making friends online can be a perfect option for you. You can get to select the type of friend you want to have simply by checking their online behavior on their social media account. But since these chat rooms offer chances to get to know random people from anywhere around the world, you have to be careful about sending pictures and sending details about yourself, as these information can be used to extort money or to steal your identity for getting financial benefits. There are many individuals who go on online dating sites to find new people that they can get to know, and find people they can go out on dates with. And at least some of the time, two adults can recognize when a friendship has run its course; when they are no longer connecting at the same level they once did.
The whole point of downgrading a friendship is creating the space in your life to focus on the relationships that actually do matter and have staying power in your world.
Not so much in order to maintain an ideal weight, but instead to continue showing my body the love it deserves. And sticking to that routine becomes so much easier when you have a friend committed to making a change alongside you! Sure, you’re walking while you do it, but you are also having so much fun enjoying that girl-time – you hardly even notice when you start building up a sweat!
I seek out their guidance and perspective just as often for important, as for mundane matters. And it doesn’t take long to realize you actually really enjoyed having friends you could meet up with for a drink or night out on the town. It could honestly make the world of difference in their lives and significantly improve their happiness. How do you make those connections when your life otherwise seems so ruled by bedtimes and runny noses? Local Meetups are another great idea, and there are often groups dedicated to walking with the kids, hiking, or just starting a book club. But if you find yourself really enjoying the time you spend talking to another mom at your child’s ballet class, try to make plans outside the class so that you can really get to know each other. And sometimes, those online friendships can be even stronger than the ones you have forged in real life, because they allow you to seek out and connect with women who share similar experiences to you. I enjoy having online friends - not only can I enjoy some anonymity, I know that the friendship is pure friendship with like interests instead of other motivators like sexual contact or a romantic relationship. A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. It will also be recommended to find out as much as you can about the person you’re befriending before you proceed with any kind of friendship and especially before you meet them in person.
You can also do video chats on Skype and Facebook too so you get the chance to speak with the person that you want to befriend. What’s great about the online dating sites is it can match you with people who are on your preferred age bracket, and people who have the same hobbies. So think about the way you represent yourself to new potential friends, and about how you can be a good friend to them first.
When you marry, have children, retire, work virtual, become a widow, you need new friends to support your new life. For instance, if you are going through a divorce and feel alone in your group of happily married friends, there are certainly women online who can share in your grief and help you to realize that you are not the only mom navigating these newly single waters. For example, if we are killing it in our careers, we might opt to stay late and work more rather than keep our commitment to do the Body Pump class or attend book club … because it is easier.
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For meet-ups with friends that you met online, you might as well want to go on a group date. Now there are more comprehensive sites like Facebook, Twitter, and dating websites where people can meet and interact. If you see each other in the future, as you likely will if you maintain mutual friends, you will hug and catch up like the old friends you once were. I think it's stupid when people say you can only make friends irl because then you can physically interact with them. If the person you’re meeting does not want anybody else with you when you meet personally, then don’t go for the meet-up.
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When you are already meeting the person, make sure that you have an effective exit strategy so you can quickly get away when you start noticing red flags.

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