Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) launched v2.06, an incremental game patch that fixed a number of issues (you can read the full game patch notes here). While most ESO thieves (myself included) were concentrating on picking pockets and looting barrels, a Skyrim Fansite reader named Ryan first suggested to me that large amounts of money could be made by pilfering weapons and armor from Tamriel vendors. Other players besides Ryan had adopted a similar play style, as evidenced in this ESO forum thread.
Reduced the monetary value of stolen armor and weapons to approximately one third of the original value.
As much as im enjoying eso….these things are massive knockbacks to me enjoying the game!
More in Featured Elder Scrolls OnlineIn-Game Elder Scrolls Online Advertisement Irks PlayersPlayers respond to an in-game Elder Scrolls Online advertisement promoting a cash shop purchase.
Among the fixes was a Justice System tweak that nerfed the amount of money a thief could make stealing armor and weapons. Turns out he was absolutely correct, and stealing in ESO truly became a means to make a lot of money in a relatively short period of time.

Ransacking armor and weapon vendors may have perhaps been one of the better kept secrets in Tamriel, but ZOS put a damper on the practice with the v2.06 patch.
By slashing the value of stolen armor and weapons, thieves wishing to pursue this play style will basically have to steal 3 times as much to make a similar amount of money.
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Now that the practice has been nerfed, how will you make up the lost revenue from stealing?
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