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I’ve reached my 2013 goals and then some, so I’m confident I can do these as well!

If you have close friends or family who you would like to have at the cottage with you, it’s an option to go in with other people.
We found some nice ones for about $2,500 a week, with 2-3 families that are interested in pitching in.
Cassie can you just swap coconut sugar for refined sugar in recipes and still have it turn out just as good? The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations. We are different from most other revenue-share sites because our users create news summaries that are combined into timelines. We use mostly coconut sugar, which is not super cheap, but much better for you (plus, we don’t use much sugar in our diets anyway). Would like to do the 52 week savings challenge that was posted on facebook and am going to do it backwards.

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Some cabins come with access to things like kayaks and others come with an option to rent them at a higher cost so compare costs of rent that includes these things vs.

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