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Telecommuting - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Telecommuting, remote work, telework, or teleworking is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work. Remote working - 7 benefits company, Remote working - 7 benefits, offering remote working opportunities company attract good people. Fred appleton - bankruptcy saves lives, Since bankrupt 12 months picked reasonable paying job working 50 hours week, wife picked 4 part time jobs . An escort has claimed in her new book and in television interviews that she and others, including her two daughters, were paid thousands of dollars and given tickets to basketball games in exchange for sex with University of Louisville players and recruits. Katina Powell, 42, alleges in the book, Breaking Cardinal Rules, that she attended more than 20 sex parties inside the basketball players’ dorm at Louisville between 2010 to 2014. Katina Powell, right, with her daughter, Rod Ni Powell, in a photo her daughter posted to Facebook on September 15, 2012, from inside the University of Louisville basketball dorm. Rod Ni Powell and former Louisville player Russ Smith inside the Louisville basketball dorm, posted on September 9, 2012. Powell’s daughters, Lindsay Powell, now 24, and Rod Ni Powell, 22, were among the women who allege they were paid to have sex with players, including star guard Russ Smith, who now is in the NBA. Katina Powell Photos: Pictures of the Louisville EscortKatina Powell alleges in her new book that she, her daughters and other women were paid to have sex with Louisville basketball players.
Powell’s book, Breaking Cardinal Rules, was published by the Indianapolis Business Journal Publishing company in early October.

According to a press release promoting the book, Powell based it on five journals she kept with “details of her escort escapades, sexual encounters, murdered relatives and activities at the University of Louisville.
One of the players interviewed by ESPN, who spoke anonymously, described the parties as being like a strip club.
A former player who said he had sex with one of the women told ESPN that Andre McGee gave him one-dollar bills for the dancers, and then paid one of them to have sex with him in a separate room. Powell’s daughter, Rod Ni Powell, told ESPN that she was paid for sex with Harrell, who is now playing for the Houston Rockets in the NBA.
The Moreno Valley, California, native moved on to the University of Missouri-Kansas City last year. Head Coach Rick Pitino has denied Powell’s allegations that he knew about the parties. Pitino told ESPN last week, “Not myself, not one player, not one trainer, not one assistant, not one person knew anything about any of this. The coach also addressed the allegations at a press conference in August when they first emerged. Anyone who is capable of selling his or her daughters for money, can sell their soul for a book deal.
This summer, Louisville Metro Police are adding extra patrols, riding ATVs and walking the area.
She says the parties were arranged by former director of basketball operations and graduate assistant Andre McGee, who is also a former player at the school. Andre would come to me, tell me what girl the recruit wanted, and I would tell the girl and she would say her price,” Powell said.

Most of the U of L services she provided took place in the men’s dormitory where basketball players reside. After his playing career ended, he became a graduate assistant, a position he held from 2010 to 2012, according to his biography on the Louisville website.
The school has placed him on administrative leave pending an investigation into the allegations.
Like many, I am eager to learn the results of the investigations underway by UMKC, Louisville and the NCAA but we all need to allow the process to run its course without interference.
Tom was a breaking news reporter at the Connecticut Post and an editor at the Register Citizen and New Haven Register. Metro Councilman David James tapped $11,000 in Neighborhood Development Funds to pay for additional overtime so officers can patrol the area. Her main contact and the man who paid for her services–the school’s former director of basketball operations and former graduate assistant, Andre McGee–kept Powell and her girls busy from 2010 to 2014.
In the meantime, our coaches and student-athletes are focused on academics and basketball as the season gets underway.
We have promoted Director of Basketball Operations Conner Hampton to Assistant Coach on a temporary basis while Andre is on administrative leave.

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