The first thing that I’m going to be giving you is that when you first start off playing Pokemon Go make sure to look at a couple of videos on how people throw the pokeball. In order to level up faster in Pokemon Go, I recommend that you go to different locations where you find new pokemon. If you are looking to win your favorite game more easily, then you can use the online generators listed in our site. The reason why you want to know how to throw a Pokeball at Pokemon initially is because you are going to lose a lot of pokeballs in the beginning, because the game doesn’t actually give you a tutorial to throw pokeballs and you want to go ahead and conserve them. Every time you find a new pokemon you will probably get roughly 600 experience points or more.
For example if you go to an area there may be a bunch of places that will have Pokestops and it will also have GYM so you can go. For example if you get your starter, the thing is that you want to collect as many Stardust that you can, because this will help you level up your pokemon that will become stronger later on.
Well they give you a lot of pokeballs when you start off but you want to go ahead and try to conserve them a lot. So I recommend capturing new pokemon that you can encounter as possible, if you have time try to encounter all the new pokemon, click on them as fast as you can to encounter new pokemon.
Their kind of rare to encounter but eventually you will encounter them randomly so if you encounter a Charmander you want to get more Charmander candy for it to evolve. Not everyone has gotten a really strong Pokemon at these gyms that you can, so that means that you can actually beat these gyms easily, if you get a higher level pokemon. I also recommend recapturing older pokemon because they give you an easily points of the hundred experience points.
Most times in the park area that you will find different pokemon all around it, simply because that’s a park and that will have the advantage of you capturing different pokemon. For example in my area since the game just came out there is only some pokemon there are pretty weak like eradicate that probably have a CP of a 136 or who knows around there and I have a pincer that is already at a 226 I believe CP.

And then you will probably have to go Pokeshops in order to get more poker balls and stuff like that. So if you’re good at capturing regular pokemon you might as well capturing them in order to gain experience points while you go to different areas. Because it’s going to be kind of weak and I think it will be stronger if we evolve into a Charmeleon. So i’ll have the advantage to beat them beat these gyms but what you have to make sure that you have to be prepared and know the weakness of the pokemon in order, before you actually battle that GYM. So make sure to get all the Stardust you can, and then once you get like a different Charmander there could be one that has a higher CP which will have one you’re a higher CP than the one that you currently have. So you’re going to want to go ahead and involve the one with the highest CP that you capture in the nature. So that’s the final tip that i recommend and let me know in the comments section what tips you recommend for Pokemon Go. Be the passenger and have like your dad or mom or some somebody else a friend driving the car while you’re doing this, because that will definitely reduce the risk of you while Pokemon Going and driving because that could be dangerous. Because if you capture a really high pokemon with a CP that you can keep upgrade in it, upgraded it and evolve into its final evolution, and there you will have a stronger overall pokemon, that you won’t have to worry about.
I’m still learning stuff through the game but these are the tips that I personally found out that are really useful for me. So i recommend upgrading the pokemon this higher CP especially for Charmander because if you capture higher CP charmanders you will get a better advantage as well as having that Pokemon level up faster and have more stronger abilities. I recommend doing this in my opinion because this will help you evolve them with a much stronger stats and that’s what I think about that.

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