Principalement connues pour realiser chaque annees un albums special pour le nouvel an chinois.
Candy Fair started on October 3rd so I’m a little late to the party however I really loved these little props from Plethora that I wanted to blog them. There are 4 really adorable items released from Plethora, I’m featuring two of them here.
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Apologies if you feel images are not quite up to scratch, I pulled them off a video tape that I must have had for 20+ years!Doe's anyone know what happened to Ann? Candy Fair runs till October 17th so you still have 3 more days to drop by if you haven’t done so as of yet, so take the SLurl now.

I recall hearing that she got married, to some rich bloke, and that was that no more modelling career!.And does anyone have anymore pics? There are 8 different ideas that you just wear and then when you type the special keyword in chat, an idea bubble pops up with the picture of the item in it. Well today, they have just announced the release of SL GO for iOS so you can experience Second Life on your iPad tablets. You get a lot of great features, like the 3D view, rezzing options, to, inventory access and so on. SL Go is a very different experience though, because of the way it renders everything on their cloud so you get shadows and all with no lag.
I had a stack more of her, Ann was always in the Herald sun, but I misplaced them (damn!)during a move, and that was back in the days before we had scanners!.

Also, Lumiya is only for android, now SL GO can be used on iOS as well, something iOS was lacking, a mobile app for SL.
I did an animated gif at this link where you can see I’m typing lollipop into chat and then my idea bubble pops up.

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