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As you probably know by now, I used to have a lot of trouble meeting women.  And when I was fortunate enough to get a first date, I rarely got a second. One day I decided to adopt a new mindset– a mindset that a lot of dating tips for men don’t discuss. Most women (and men) don’t go on dates to meet the “one.”  They may say that they date because they want a relationship, but the main reason they do it is for the adrenaline rush. Think about how exciting it is for you to meet someone new– you may be nervous, but you also have this anticipation that the date may turn into something magical. What fascinated me the most was that not only did a ton of women have sex with me, but many of them wanted a second date after that. When I had sex with them, I created an emotion inside of them that no first date coffee talk could. After doing it for a while, I got pretty good at having sex.  It was another good thing women could look forward to when seeing me. She also became more invested in me when she had sex.  Who do you think she’s going to want to see again– the nice guy that only did coffee with her, or the guy she had sex with?
Furthermore, almost all of my relationships began with sex on the first date.  And I’ve had some pretty rewarding relationships.
The most frequent lose-lose question women ask that shuts most men down, and how to answer it to make it win-win.

Here are some more things women (and sometimes men) say, but don’t mean, as well as descriptions and dating tips for men. Here’re some dating tips for men we can relate to: Some women are wonderful, and some women are vampires.
DisclaimerYou must be at least 18 years of age to visit this site or subscribe to my email list. I saw him develop his own highly effective approach and he speaks from consistent first-hand success. His spot-on online dating tips are both unapologetically sexual and authentic at the same time. As the most successful graduate of my coaching program to date, he literally has more women than he has time.
Elliott genuinely loves women, and has become that guy who balances the best characteristics of being sexually exciting while being authentic and considerate.

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