I posed the question, “What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to creating content to market your business? Set some time aside each month to plan your marketing and content at least 3 months in advance.
Plus, you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of other opportunities without sacrificing your marketing. There are two types of money leaks that can affect your ability to create effective content.
And if this happens enough, you might decide that content is a waste of time and money period. No Investment in Content Creation: Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of viewing content as a luxury vs survival.
Next, Answer these question in a format that’s easy for you (audio, video or written). Kenya Halliburton helps busy entrepreneurs who hate to write create compelling content and install proven marketing systems that win clients and cash. And as a champion of your success, I’d be honored if you let me know what you thought about this article. RockStar Spotlight Conversation: How to Publish an eBook that Builds Your Business and Brand! Kenya Halliburton specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs who hate to write create compelling content and install proven marketing systems to grow their business online hands-free & stress-free. Thanks for visiting By Design!  My name is Joan Durand and I help small businesses measure and increase their profit, efficiency and growth. I have over 20 years of real world management experience in a variety of manufacturing and service oriented businesses. Of all the obstacles I’ve had to overcome in the workplace, confusion ranks in the top tier, especially during change.
I was one of the key executives assigned to transition Sony Music from paper to digital graphics, a global project that began in the late 1980s, and evolved throughout the following decade.
Sony had just purchased CBS Records, a significant shift that signaled the transformation from analog to digital, from LP to CD, and from manuscripts, typesetting and mechanical boards to formatted files, flowing text, and printed layouts.
We were all used to working with bits and pieces of information on paper — studio credits, lyrics, liner notes, even thank yous scribbled on cocktail napkins.
My job was to make the transition in day-to-day operations as smooth and effective as possible — to get people onboard, trained and up to speed, and to share successes and challenges with the global community. My boss at the time headed the initiative, and was understandably enthusiastic about getting started, as a lot of money was riding on our success. However, the moment the expert opened his mouth, we were bombarded with a litany of information I didn’t understand. While his onslaught continued uninterrupted for thirty minutes, I noticed my boss constantly nodding her head in agreement. How many people shut the door and bolt it firmly against change because they’re afraid to admit they’re confused? In any organization, change must happen at the individual level before it can be considered successful at the corporate one. When I finally got around to asking the expert what he meant, I discovered that while he understood technology, he didn’t understand people.

My advice to all change managers (and trainers) is to know your audience and anticipate their needs.
The digital change at Sony was successful and changed the way we worked, and the company grew on all levels: individual, team and corporate. If every country in the world had the same body mass index distribution as the United States, it would be like having an extra billion people in the world! The Robert Wood Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health found that adult obesity increased in 16 states in 2010, and did not decline in a single one.
And as more around the world adopts the American western lifestyle, the trend knows no borders. Not only do physical activity, television-viewing (lack of exercise), and sleep patterns (stress) affect weight gain, but just a slight variation in consuming unhealthy foods adds weight over time.
This all reminds us is that we should awaken to the fact that while there are exceptions, obesity with its many undesirable effects is an elective lifestyle choice and we can’t be accountable for anyone else, but we can take care of ourselves.
Obesity is daily becoming an increasing threat to our standard of living as well as a health problem. They’re searching for someone who has taken the time to address their concerns and offer guidance on selecting an option to help them find relief. With everything you have going on in your life, how do you find time to write articles, shoot and publish videos and other content to market your business?
These are going to be common questions your audience wants to know about your product or service. These are questions your audience needs to know which allows you to showcase your expertise and how your offerings can transform their life or business. The Busy Entrepreneur's BFF, is a Content Marketing Strategist helping busy entrepreneurs who hate or don't have time to write, create content to that wins clients and cash.
Over the years I have developed a network of fabulous professionals that can provide support and services in other areas. This includes going back to college in my forties to finish a degree in Public Relations, minor in Digital Design at Tulane. It can hold you back and delay progress, and often goes undetected because most people hate to admit when they’re confused. It was a chaotic but comforting process to handle what we called ‘hard copy’: a tangible document that you stapled together and happily deposited on the art director’s desk.
So, she was thrilled to introduce me to the technology expert who would make recommendations about which equipment to buy, and provide the much-needed training in the computers and programs we used.
Our SVP was highly intelligent and innovative, but I wondered how much she really understood that day. As more people become obese, the medical challenges increase and with that strain the entire American infrastructure of the health care system and government is taxed. So there’s obviously an increase demand on food supplies, but also there is an increased demand on everything. Researchers at Harvard point to three separate studies that slight changes in food and beverage consumption were strongly linked to long-term weight gain.
Harvard researchers found that having four obese friends doubled a person’s chances of becoming also becoming obese compared with someone with no obese friends.
As you might imagine, I typically live a pretty healthy lifestyle with eating in moderation, exercise, and the like.

Not only it is likely that Bob has played more golf courses than any living person, he has been an accomplished player and instructor, innovative golf and life coach, PGA Section Executive Director, golf company executive, "Expert Golf Witness," and, of course, a highly acclaimed golf writer.
Let us help tailor your processes and systems so you can best measure and  increase your profit.
Project management systems that employees actually use and marketing plans that are measurable and easy to follow. It is easy to get caught up in the momentum of a growing business only to find yourself exhausted and without a personal life.
Brand Identity and overall design, specialized programming, marketing materials printing, CPA and bookkeeping services.
I am infinitely curious about new technology and how businesses can use it efficiently to grow their businesses. When you lead, you are responsible to provide an environment for human success: the tools and training to teach, and the support and materials necessary to understand, reinforce, and sustain. And, if you’re not sure they’re with you, ask them to explain in their own words what they understood to make sure that they do. So where gasoline is really cheap, we over-consume it, it’s bad for the environment and actually because we should be using food energy for human movement.
North Americans compose 6% of the world’s population, but constitute 33% of the total weight of mankind. The culprits associated with the highest weight gain in studies ranging from 12-20 years were: potato chips, potatoes, sugary beverages, and both processed and unprocessed meats. This will give you breathing room and ensure that you have some strategic communication happening even if you get busy. As a veteran of hurricane Katrina, it is important that operations are designed to “run” from anywhere without interruption. Effective websites that are mobile friendly, when and how to use social media (without being swallowed by it), the next new thing and when to embrace it are all part of my daily education – I want to share that research with you through the PEG blog. Keep it simple, keep it interactive, keep it user friendly, and by all means keep the path to change clear by taking time to confront confusion with understanding.
And that cost does not only extend to the obvious issues like health care and airline seating, but many are now saying that it puts an extra burden on the world’s resources! If we use gasoline for human movement, then we store the food energy in our growing bodies.
Scientists aren’t really sure what causes this phenomenon, but one explanation could be that a person will mimic the unhealthy eating habits of those around them. While my weight is good, I could use a bit more toning, and it would be nice to redistribute inches just a bit. I learned lots of lessons and it helps that technology is catching up to the needs of small business. In real terms, it takes more of the Earth’s resources to actually support all that extra weight. Fear of looking silly, of feeling uncomfortable, of people knowing that you don’t understand what is really going on.

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