This award is suitable for team leaders, managers, consultancy and individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform coaching effectively. As part of developing the coaching skills you will build rapport skills, listening skills and be able to provide a high level of quality feedback . This is where you will take the practical skills and use them to reflect on your own communication and interpersonal skills when coaching. See Kolbs learning cycle (given above) to see how this relates to your learning and continuous personal development..
If you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. Once the client has explored the reality, context and defined a goal, the coach helps the client identify opportunities and choose the best to pursue. Sustaining change – Client is supported to revise goals, evaluate and establish new support structures. The coach also encourages feedback from the client on what was helpful about the coaching process, what was difficult and what they would like to be different in future coaching sessions. For the longest time, I dreamed of being able to work from home and be able to support our family in a way that was passion-driven…in a way was in service to others. But I didn’t embrace the idea of becoming a coach and mentor as my profession until 2014. You see, I actually got certification as a Holistic Life, Wellness, and Raw Foods Coach from the Apothecary Circle back in 2013, but I did it mainly to help our family live a healthier lifestyle, not with the intention of coaching.
I later won a scholarship into the Academy of Culinary Nutrition too, and yet again, I wanted to apply what I studied to our family’s life as opposed to making it my career. It wasn’t until I realized that what I was doing with my Social Media and content marketing business ( Thriving Healer) was in fact not just consulting, but coaching.
It was an important moment for both of us as I knew she wasn’t the only client of mine that was struggling with the self limiting beliefs we all have. I saw just how pervasive limiting beliefs can be, and how they can hinder a person’s life and business. Something lit within me, a spark driven by the desire to help my clients with more than just their blogging and Social Media.
I wanted those self limiting beliefs kicked to the curb and replaced by love-fueled affirmations about success and happiness. Just like how a coach at the gym may create an exercise routine for you, a Life Coach could do the same…albeit for a different aspect of your life. In my particular case, I help coaches and yoga teachers with their Social Media and blogging endeavors, and also offer Life Coaching for fellow holistic women who want fully savour life and pursue their dreams. You should however be capable of helping clients in your target market, and devote yourself to reading books and sites that will help you increase your skills.

Branding actually means ( to me at least) the overall feeling and impression people get about your business. I really appreciate this post, it is very encouraging even to those of us who aren't a life coach. Hi Melissa,I am a business coach and also an introvert by nature, but what I have discovered is that when you pursue a business idea that you are passionate about, it makes coaching and consulting so much easier.Your enthusiasm and passion shines through and others pick up on your positive and enthusiastic vibe. As a fellow coach, I agree that the biggest problem that my clients struggle with is finding and retaining clients and the best ways that both myself and my clients have gained clients is from networking through online Facebook groups, public speaking (and selling programs from the stage), and from referrals from family and friends. It is so important for coaches and consultants to constantly be getting their unique message out in front of their ideal clients, but even more so that they are clear on their message and how to communicate exactly what they do and what makes them unique. I couldn't agree more Regina, and I tell my clients the same with regards to how to get clients ( Facebook groups, speaking, etc) Clarity is always the first step too in crafting a brand message and offer. Hi Elizabeth,I spent my whole evening today going through most of your post after I heard Jeff Goins mentioned you in a webinar training I listened to. I'm Elizabeth, a writer & social media strategist that helps Life & Health Coaches thrive online. Travel, wellness, and photography are my passions, and I value freedom, ease, connection, and love. This will include a 2 day workshop, undertaking virtual classes and self-study, which will be a combination of reading, reflection and practice. For example you will actively explore the five levels of listening from superficial listening, through every day listening and all the way up to deep coaching listening.
At each stage of the way you will be able to identify areas for improvement and implement changes. It is important for better relationships and for a more fulfilling life, both in the workplace and at home. The more consistent and bold the action, the faster a client will move towards their desired outcome. At the same time, there isn’t exactly coaching certification available for what I do as a blog mentor and Social Media strategist. They end up also enrolling in more and more training in the hope of cracking the code to getting clients.
It takes more clients and more resources to make a living as a coach if you are undercharging. This means ample pics of your lovely self, showing potential clients what you’re like, plus maybe some videos or audios so people can hear you.
I have several brands right now, instead of grouping all my services into one as I feel it suits my clients better and allows me more creativity. I would start where you're at and begin marketing your services and then invest in training when you are ready.

I think I lack the basic personality for a job like that, but I have certainly reaped the benefits from knowing coaches.
So, iI always tell people that being extroverted is not a requirement, just passion and enthusiasm. Limiting beliefs can really come out of nowhere and can take some work to uncover ( and conquer) and I totally agree that they tend to arise especially when one is making a breakthrough. From helping you become a prolific blogger that crafts epic blog posts your Ideal Clients LOVE to getting traffic from Pinterest and networking in Facebook groups. With a good understanding of how we relate to others, we can adjust our behaviours so that we deal with them positively.
It was the driving force behind me creating our free blogging group of over 5K members, and in many other aspects of my life.
Many of my clients who are new coaches want to travel, have nourishing routines, and blogs that are helping attract the right audience for their work. And if a program came out tomorrow offering certification for those topics, I probably wouldn’t enroll ( unless it was by one of my mentors).
But some will disagree with me and say you should try and limit what you offer, and who you offer it to. I'm taking a little break from coaching as I prepare for motherhood but have been using this time to create new, inspiring content for my readers and to build a library of resources for clients when I re-open the doors to my biz.
That is fantastic you are a fellow coach and mama, and I can understand the need to take a break while crafting content and resources.
And even without certification, first I have to change my negative and limiting beliefs to move into the right direction. By understanding what upsets us, we can know what belief is attached to that feeling, and improve our self-control. I'll be checking out the resources you've mentioned for attracting clients, thanks for the tips!
I have also considered psychology, but it is a long road and I would like to be working with people sooner rather than later.
And by understanding our areas of improvement, we can learn how to manage them, and reach our goals despite them.

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