Due to the restrictions of training at present the use of mental imagery will be incorporated. Lang (1979) observes the bodies’ electrical system within the nervous system while making a free throw in basketball and imagining the same throw.
This proves crucial to performance enhancment, this can be transfered to athetics for function of movements and sequeces used in sprinting to the more technical javelin throw. In the next session, today at 6:30, the use of imagery will be explained to the athletes and its potential gains in performance.
Achieving peak personal performance and creating personal power begins with a mental strength mindset and empowering beliefs.  Reaching your personal goals starts in the mind and finishes with peak performance…taking massive action. This is one in a series of mental strength life coaching tips to help start your week of strong so that you can reach your personal goals and personal success. I take one subject and run though a brief overview of it, then ask some very direct questions.  The intention of this virtual ‘life coaching’ session is for you to write the questions in your success journal and then reflect on them and write your answers and thoughts in your journal. These series of posts are for YOU!  If I’m not able to coach you personally one-on-one over the phone or in The 2nd Passage, I want you to at least get the benefit of a “virtual” mental strength coaching session. To see where you stand and how dedicated you are to your field or work and your profession.
On a scale of 1-9, 9 being the strongest, how would you rate your level of dedication toward the product of service you are representing? Remember that most people don’t hold a very string sense of dedication about anything, including their life’s work.  The masses are encouraged not to get too excited about anything for fear they will be disappointed. Dedication comes naturally in some cases, but can also be developed through mental strength training.  Strong dedication has the power to alter a person’s beliefs and behavior. My job as your virtual life coach, is make sure you understand how important a deep dedication is toward your personal success, how to develop more of it and how to use it as tool of ‘influence’ to reach you personal goals. If you’d like to get started on developing a rock solid mindset of dedication for personal power,  peak human performance, goal setting or achieving your personal goals request your Introductory Consultation today! Or, if you’d like to study on your own today, order a copy of “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior.” This is a fantastic e-book that helps you take control of your thoughts, develop success awareness and helps you tap into the powers of your unconsciousness mind to create the mental strength to succeed at anything! OK…now it’s your turn!  Let me know about your thoughts on this subject in the comments below. The HaBa WaBa Tournament Fundraiser last Friday night was a big success thanks to all of you who attended, donated and made this event possible. Hamilton Water Polo will be participating in the 2016 Spring Shootout,  a High School age Event hosted by KW Inferno. Good luck to Sarah August and James Crowe this weekend.  Both Hamilton athletes are competing this weekend at the Etobicoke Olympium, in the 2016 14U Eastern National Championships. Congratulations to the Hamilton Water Polo Club this past weekends Paul Taylor Memorial Tournament, hosted by the Mavericks. Registration is open for our next Junior League session beginning in February.  Junior League is designed for 7 to 13 year olds able to swim and looking to have fun in the water while participating in a great lifelong sport.

First timers can come for 2 days just to see what all the fuss is about and to try it out before deciding. Shamanism is a prevalent global tradition, in which Shamans heal with the help of animal spirit guides. After a recent study session, Rachael and her fellow tutors engaged in friendly banter with members of the men’s track team.
Professor Teresa Holden and a contingent of students from the College travel a well-worn path between campus and East St.
While focus on academic success is central to Connect 4’s purpose, building relationships plays a key role in making that happen.
Rachael refers to Earl, whose boyish looks gave way over the summer to a slender, more mature version of the student she remembered from last spring.
Located midway between Cincinnati and Dayton along I-75, the Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC) offers undergraduate and graduate courses and programs drawn from Miami's Regional and Oxford campuses. Nestled on 141 acres near I-75, Miami University Middletown offers bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and beginning coursework for most four-year degrees.
A compact, friendly, commuter campus, Miami Hamilton offers bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and beginning coursework for most four-year degrees. Nationally recognized as one of the most outstanding undergraduate institutions, Miami University is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio. Use alternative mentoring methods.  85 Broads hosts “The Mentorship Circle,” a peer-to-peer mentoring program for women of all ages, stages of their career, and industries. Lang (1977, 1979) states that Bioinformational theory concludes motor programming occurring while visualizing movement.
This suggests that there is muscle activation in the preliminary phases (before contraction) in imagination setting that mimic the participant’s free throws in real life. To find out how much you rally believe in what you’re doing, and are you using your dedication to influence others. Talking about dedication is often new a new subject for most people, as it flies o the face of what they been conditioned to believe. In her third year as a Connect 4 volunteer, Rachael has engaged in many conversations with young people at the Center.
She shared her pleasure over Earl, now a member of the wrestling team, continuing to express excitement over reconnecting with the college students.
Though members of the initial Connect 4 group graduated and moved on, Professor Holden and subsequent students have kept up the work. Dolibois Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg offers students the opportunity to enroll in Miami classes taught by European-based and Ohio-based Miami faculty.
Home to Miami's MBA program, the Learning Center provides ready access to graduate programs for area educators and courses leading to the BIS degree for undergraduates. Nearby Greentree Health Science Academy immerses Miami's nursing and health information technology students in the health care experience while taking classes.

Small class sizes, on-site child care, and flexible scheduling make Miami Hamilton attractive to students at all stages of life and career. With a student body of 16,000, Miami effectively combines a wide range of strong academic programs with faculty who love to teach and the personal attention ordinarily found only at much smaller institutions. You aren’t going to keep moving up the proverbial ladder without the guidance and support of those who’ve walked in your shoes.
A mentor doesn’t need to be called a mentor.  It doesn’t have to be someone you speak to once a month or grab lunch with quarterly. A sponsor is someone who has political capital and is willing to put his or her reputation on the line for you.  A sponsor has the ability to pull you into ever-greater roles or responsibilities within your organization or get you promoted.
Students enjoy a unique combination of first-class academics, engagement in the local community, and various faculty-guided and independent travel opportunities.
Louis to coach student-athletes for the exam that will determine their eligibility for college and scholarships. Others facilitate fun and games with children at the Christian Activity Center where they also assist with homework. Create a board of directors and seek out friends, colleagues, clients, managers, peers for different aspects of growth. The activities at both locations are part of Connect 4, GC’s outreach to youth in the East St.
See, since I've been looking more closely at DeBora and her role in the lives of black men, who DeBora be, and how she shows up relative to black men, rather than pointing the finger at black men and finding them woefully lacking, I am now seeing greater numbers of black men that strike me as partner material. Some sage put it this way, "When you change how you look at a thing, that thing changes." What then is the impact of black women's PERCEPTIONS of and BELIEFS about black men? My willingness to speak the unthinkable, to express anger and disappointment was what I needed to heal. Yes, yes I do. Sooooo, what was I BELIEVING about ME for my love life to be such a train wreck? Too few black men get training and modeling in how to treat black women, at least they don't get enough "courses" in how to love, adore and cherish black women. I hope this is excellent news for you because this means you, not anybody else, holds the key to your bliss, peace, and success in love and life. Smooches!  Are you struggling with low self-esteem, childhood abandonment issues, nursing old wounds, hurts, resentments? Do you stuff and stifle your voice, yo-yo up and down in dress sizes, hold yourself back, feel stuck? I'm a Self-Love Coach because I believe the root of ALL good is self love.

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