All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth. As children we used our imagination without any judgement but as we grow up we are quickly conditioned to be “realistic”. One of the things I love doing as a coach is assisting my clients release the power of their imagination.
A popular visualization for athletes is the mental rehearsal of sporting events while ‘intending’ a desired outcome. The third group, who neither physically practiced or visualized shooting free-throws, showed no increase in percentage. The first group which physically shot free-throws for an hour daily, collectively improved their free-throw shooting by 24%. The second group, which practiced daily by visualizing shooting and making free-throws, collectively improved their free-throw shooting by a 23% without having physically shot a basketball!
Getting ready to write the third edition which people will also be able to get in Ebook form.
If you are considering the possibility of being coached, I offer a no obligation, complimentary, one hour consultation. Please Note: I have successfully coached clients in the many parts of the world  and all over Australia either on the phone, via the internet (Skype etc) and  face to face for people in Sydney. So, these are the sacred and sometimes hysterical lessons from the most transformative figure of my life.
Grandma wasn’t given an easy life.  She survived a lot of tragedies… a failed marriage by the time she was 18, the death of her first child, an abusive second husband who later committed suicide.
When my Grandpa started courting my Grandma, they already had their children and each had lost a spouse. Some people habitually imagine the worst, problems in relationships, difficulties at work, financial struggle etc. Amazingly, research has revealed that visualization can actually enhance performance to nearly the same extent as physical practice. I created a dream board with an affirmation on it and a mock up of the cover ‘A Life of Unlearning’.

Face to face or using other forms of communication, clients always get the same life-changing results. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Glitter on the ceilings, hot pink carpet, full-length mirrors everywhere and a (tastefully) nude woman, back arched seductively, painted on the bathroom wall.
My basketball-loving, barefoot in the winter, chocolate martini drinking, fish-catching Danish Grandma… complete with rock-star shades and a blonde beehive she called Mirn. The tiny red-hot lingerie that spilled out nearly traumatized my Step Mom for life and I quietly exchanged it for something a tad more tasteful. But what the family knew was that the drawers and cabinets were like a scene from Alice in Wonderland… curiouser and curiouser! When as an adult I asked her how she managed to be so consistently kind and love-centered, she credited this practice. The results are often dramatic as new events, people and circumstances begin appearing in their lives. As a performance measure for this experiment, the researchers chose the free throw percentage of a group of basketball players. Sneaking you presents, cranking up the heat in the winter-time and running around the house barefoot with hot pink short-shorts, challenging my 14 year old brother to a headstand contest (he won only because, 20 minutes later, a bobby pin from her beehive was lodged into her scalp). The medicine could be found in with the chips, the paper towels, the nail polish kit and the cookbooks. My grandpa always teased “that blonde” and they were often seen playing footsie under the dinner table.
First, to establish a basis for the study, the current free-throw success rate of each of the subjects was tested and recorded. I felt the wonderful emotions of achievement, of having my autobiography published and receiving awards.
She managed to balance her Type 1 Diabetes with diet soda and a couple of chocolate martinis a day.
She had fake nails with jewels on them… but taught my brothers how to bait their hooks with live fish.

Our family “blended” with hers but it was the closest part of our family by love, if not by blood. Three groups were then established, and the athletes were assigned to one of the groups at random. If you are not happy with the results it might help to be more conscious of what’s playing on the screen of your mind. She watched the Jazz play ball religiously and cried when we came to visit and again when we left.
When she was visiting she wanted to make my lunches, and left little love-notes inside my lunch-bag. When we were in Utah, all of her best friends—including her hair dresser and cleaning lady– were a member of our family and treated with the same measure of Extreme Love. When I cleaned out the house after grandma’s passing, I found my grandpa’s funeral papers, a Danish ebelskiver pan and a giant coloring book under her side of the bed. They danced together into old age and I found more than one love note hidden around the house after they passed on. As we travelled from California each year to visit my grandparents in the small Mormon town of Ogden, Utah I marveled at how differently I felt here. In a land where many God-fearing folks wear special, chaste, underwear, my Grandma ran around in slinky pink nighties with mirrors on her bedroom ceiling.
I can’t put my finger on it but there is something very sane… even joyful… about a little messiness.
My skin was brighter, my curly locks manageable and the figure reflected in all those mirrors was just cuter.  And maybe other people felt the same because Grandma’s house was different in other ways too.
It was like we were all Princes and Princesses, loving one another, serving one another… and everyone who walked in the door was family.
Oh, and beware when inspecting the little figurines littering the window ledges and tables.

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