Like the folks digging for gold back then, some internet entrepreneurs get rich, others do quite well, yet many fail. Sadly, this niche is a zest pool filled with unethical Scams; some estimate that 95% of these programs are fraudulent offers.
Many people are asking me “if there are Legit Online Making Money Programs” that could help them to start their business. In the past nine years WA has become the leader in the training of internet and affiliate marketers, and have welcomed thousands students. What sets WA apart from similar programs is the completeness of the training, the outstanding Help & Support System and the variety of excellent tools. Chris Farrell presents an excellent program for “beginners without any knowledge of the online business”. Mark Ling created Affiliroma in 2005 as a training platform for affiliates promoting products of several of his business enterprises. Some of the trainings material is, unfortunately, not up-to-date and you will have to get additional material from other sources. Kelly Felix, the owner of Bring The Fresh made his fortune by selling ClickBank products as an affiliate. The training is an easy to follow step-by-step program that teaches you the basics to get started.
A 7-day trial period for $7.00 gives you enough insight to make an educated decision if this program is right for you.
You will get adequate Help & Support from the Member Forum which does provide answers to all questions you may have.
You can join WA for FREE, start with the trainings lessons, build 2 free websites and enjoy the college like community. As Premium Member you will have access to the c0-founders and all the expert internet marketers on a daily basis.
I’m aware of those legit online moneymaking programs above but so far haven’t joined even one!

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Today I will show you five legitimate programs that will provide you with a solid start for your business.
You should not be surprised to find Kyle and Carson actively taking part within the daily activities of the WA community  Both are accessible in the chat room and via private messaging. Overall, the program will give you good start but lacks the ability to expand to other areas. Over the years Affilorama evolved into a program that offers different products and several levels of membership. Their course, consisting of 39 excellent videos, teaches you how to create and run on online business without having to spend any additional money. FREE Website builders, FREE content, FREE domain and site hosting, FREE Auto respond systems and so on.
Use my reviews to find out what the details are and then decide which way you really want to go.
It’s your choice what niche you want to work in and what kind of business you want to build for yourself. You also will enjoy the unlimited free website hosting, even for sites you may already own.
My mission is to help newbies to find the help and support they are looking for to start their own Internet Marketing Business. And in my more than 3 years searching for this online income opportunity, it was with Wealthy Affiliate that I was most attracted too as I felt Carson’s sincerity and credibility! I was a seafarer (Second Officer) by profession, but unfortunately … became incapacitated after a fatal shipboard accident way back June 24,2004 in a seaport in NOLA,USA! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Sell products or services – If you create products or offer services, you can also promote these through your website.  You may also buy products directly from manufacturers and sell them on your site via e-commerce.

Asking for donations – If your site is so good, and the visitors appreciate the work you do, you can directly ask for donations in cash or goods. Sell websites – You can sell a developed website with incoming links and a large number of visitors. Sell tools, software, apps, templates or backgrounds  – If you have a penchant for programming or designing, you may create tools for webmasters to use on their site. Sell stuff on Ebay – You may have a ton of unused stuff, and you can sell it on ebay, an auction site that allows ordinary individuals to sell. Don’t join a program that makes you pay before you can see what you are buying.  Also avoid MLM and Pyramid Schemes.
Detailed instructions how to implement the different facets are practical and can be done without problems. It will be up to you if and when you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership which will cost you $47.00 per month. I suggest you take a serious look on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate before you make your final decision. As a husband and father to three children, (the eldest just graduated college last March and 2 brothers still on their respective courses, I was made aware of an online income opportunity that had kept me glued on my computer everyday: morning , afternoon and evening! This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an Affiliate Advertising Program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. You can also attend garage sales or go to used stores to look for treasures, and sell them to ebay at a profit.
K & C are avid  Internet Marketers since 2002 and dedicated themselves to help people become successful Internet entrepreneurs.

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