She develops products and online courses to empower real estate agents to reach their marketing, SEO, social media and branding goals. I have a folder with written dreams and goals in it.  Your concept of doing it with graphics certainly takes it up to another level!
Wendy- Spend a few moments each morning in gratitude for what you already have and then a few moments to visualize your dreams and goals. If you have seen the movie, The Law Of Attraction, it mentions that one of the most efficient ways in which you can manifest your dreams is via a Vision Board. A Vision Board is simply an organized set of words and pictures that specifically represent exactly what it is you are trying to attract and manifest into your life. Traditionally, Vision Boards were created on large poster size cardboard, giving you the room to cut and paste pictures or write everything all on the one page, allowing you to easily look at everything on the one sheet.
These days however, there are more modern and even simpler ways in which you can create a Vision Board with an online version.
This means that with some specific software, you can create a Vision Board by ‘drag and drop’ techniques for some of the better versions, allowing you to create a personalized board within just a few clicks of your mouse. Currently, the best value for money software that is very simple to use is called Mind Movies. When creating a Vision board, there are some basic rules that you will want to know about and apply if you are interested in manifesting your dreams and visions in the shortest period of time. So it may sound obvious, but most people will fail at enjoying the Law Of Attraction through their Vision Board, simply because the pictures, words and other things are not very specific enough. For example, wanting to attract the perfect partner means that you should have some idea of what you believe is the perfect partner and make the picture representative of this. Don’t just randomly pick a photo of someone who you find attractive on the outside, try to  get a picture of someone who you think represents all that you desire for the ideal partner and use that instead.
For a Vision Board to be successful to help you initiate the Law Of Attraction, it must be frequently used. It’s imperatively important to be specific on your wants and desires, but once the creation of the Vision Board process has been completed, you will need to spend time looking at your Vision Board as often as possible or at least 20 minutes each day. So, you will want to ensure if you are using the traditional method of creating a Vision Board, that you have access to it daily.
A lot of people that create Vision Boards, find themselves using every last bit of real estate on their poster paper or if compiled using software, having tonnes of different images flash across the screen.
Try to keep the number of pictures and content on your Vision Board to a minimum and let it focus on those areas in your life which are the most important for you to manifest in the short term. Remember, you can always create another Vision Board later on once you have successfully manifested the dreams of this one. It can take a fair bit of time investment to construct your Vision Board and put all the things that are most relevant to you right now.
As such, there is no point on focusing on a Vision Board that is no longer really applicable to your evolved situation. Problem is, deep inside your heart, perhaps you don’t believe it’s really possible that you will ever have something like that. The faith you currently have, fueled by your belief system is incredibly important in how quickly you are able to manifest your dreams. You must turn around your belief system if you find yourself doubting that what is on your Vision Board, will ever come to pass. Take the time to ensure that you are following these tips, so that you can fast track yourself into initiating the Law Of Attraction, through you new and powerful Vision Board. After seeing the movie "The Secret" a little while back, I later heard about the power of Mind Movies to help manifest dreams quickly. Whatever conclusion you come to after reading this, I recommend that you put down your dreams and desires onto a Mind Map.

If anything else, it will get you to document your dreams and get you to focus on them, increasing your chances of achieving them. Recently, 'The Secret', a movie and book promising you health, wealth, success and happines promoted the use of a 'Vision Board'.
In a nutshell, a Vision Board is a large board with pictures depicting what you would like to achieve in life. When you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live or vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.
When you think about it, most people never pause long enough to ask themselves what they want. While the 'Law of Attraction' is a contentious subject, having a vision of where you want to be is definitely the common element among all motivational tools and motivational gurus. John Kehoe, in his book 'Mind Power for children', quotes a famous and well documented experiment conducted by psychologist Alan Richardson. John Assaraf, in 'The Secret' and in his book 'The Answer', states how he unpacked his vision board after being in storage for more than five years, only to find himself in the actual house that he had pasted on his vision board. I know that many of you are quite cynical reading this and probably rolling your eyes as you read. Whether you believe in the 'Law of attraction' or not, Mind Map 'Vision Boards' can help you stay focused on what you want to achieve and help you define your future. Without a Mind Map, the imaginative and creative person can be 'out of control' and not come up with something at all and the logical person will simply not be creative enough to explore possibilities. To add pictures you could simply go to Google Images and search for the pictures you want, or you could also use the pictures that come with the software packages, but they are normally more limiting. I suggest that you create your Mind Map first, before you go to Google, as the Mind Map naturally lets your imagination thrive and you will have good Key Words for your search. If you are going to do it by hand, I suggest you take a firm board that is larger than normal writing or typing paper and create a poster that could be hung on a wall or door. I'll end with a quote by Napoleon Hill, the author of 'Think and Grow Rich': 'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve'. How to get Your Ideas Implemented, Manage Your Workload and Take Back Control of Your Time and Your Workload. How a mind map can accelerate and improve your writing process Jul 14, 16 12:30 PMDid you know that mind mapping software can be a powerful tool for planning and outlining your writing projects? Mind-Mapping And Visualising The Next Economy Jul 13, 16 05:15 AMMany of us know that we desperately need to shift our economy away from growth and inequality to one that delivers wellbeing and justice for people and planet. This article may be a bit controversial, as many people don't believe that they have much control over their destinies. You can read my other posts about the secret on my blog and I just wrote on on focusing on what you want just now. Some software, including the one I mentioned earlier, allows you to download it and place it on your phone, tablet or computer- meaning that you can access it anywhere and at anytime.
Perhaps you were specifically after a dream partner for example and now after your opinions have changed, that person is no longer applicable to your new criteria.
You must ensure that your Vision Board that you spend time with, accurately reflects what it is you currently want to attract into your life.
If you are using a paper based version, this can be a little fiddly or annoying but should be done regardless.
You’ve read all about it, seen all the reviews, perhaps even been in one and now know you definitely want one. These are common areas where people with Vision Boards don’t experience manifestation because of these certain conditions as mentioned above.
Covey, the author of the 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', states that everything is created twice; first in the mind of the creator and then in reality.

A group of basketball players were divided into three groups and tested for their ability to score baskets. The first group improved by 24 percent, the second group showed no improvement and the third group improved equally as much as the first group that had practiced for real! I am therefore proposing it as a vision board for those who 'believe' and as a focus tool for those who don't.
It allows the imagination a free reign and allows the logical mind to organise and structure the imaginative process. There are many free and premium Mind Map Software packages that are great for creating Mind Map vision boards as all of them allow you to use images, which is a fundamental principle of Mind Maps. If you don't know how to create a Mind Map, or don't know what a Mind Map is, then read through some of the other articles on this site on how to Mind Map and also look at the article of learning to Mind Map by example.
It is actually better if you review it three times a day; in the morning when you get up, in the evening on going to bed and midday.
Sometimes it's easy to forget our goals and dreams when we in the midst of everyday life.
With a digital version, you can just edit the file within a few clicks or even start a new one altogether fast.
In doing this, both your conscious and subconscious mind will be constantly focused on what you what to achieve. This is what Arnold has to say: 'When I was very young, I visualised myself being and having what it is I wanted.
Just take 10 minutes to sit down and write down everything you have always wanted to be, do and have. My 4 year old tells me whenever I say something negative, "Mommy, if you keep saying that it is going to happen, remember the secret!" As far as Religion goes, if you son is a Christian, then he can discover all through the new testiment, Jesus and his apostles preached and taught THE SECRET!
I also have a dream book to take with me on trips and doctor appts etc , I am not going to bring my boards with me there!
Also, Lisa Nichols one of the teachers he saw in the DVD, is very much a devout Christian and before she would agree to be a part of the movie she did her due diligence and discovered it is very Christian!
He is a business consultant who helps businesses and individuals to reach their financial goals. Few will not, some can not for to have these things also takes faith that they have been provided.
They included all types of goals and dreams from a watch he wanted, vacations he wanted to go on, to this photo of a mansion in California. After they were all done he brought all the belongings that they had in storage to their newly completed home.
As he looked at each of the boards he came across the one with the photo of the mansion on it. Create some type of contest or incentive for the agents that follow through and post them at their desks.
And then I come from a place of gratitude for the all my dreams that have already come true. Look at the rest of this year; ask yourself where do you want to be by the end of this year.

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