The Laws Of Attraction Is This You Don’t Attract What You Want You Attract What YOU ARE. The Great Attraction Of Fashion Is That It Diverted Attention From The Insoluble Problems Of Beauty And Provided An Easy Way.. Words have power — and these inspiring quotes are guaranteed to challenge the way you think and perhaps even change the way you live.
Whether you are trying to excel personally, succeed professionally, prosper financially or grow spiritually, properly set and executed short term goals can help you do that.
If you have never set short term goals, I suggest you start today, because it could be the quickest road to a huge, positive life change.
They can range from simple tasks that you can accomplish in just a few minutes to more serious objectives that last up to one year. For example, “Triple my income by the end of 2015” is a realistic, but rather overwhelming goal.
Some of these goals can be chunked-down into even smaller tasks and objectives that will take only few hours or few days to complete. The resolutions that we set for the upcoming year are usually on-going, like “go to the gym 3 times a week”, “stop smoking”, “giving up diet coke”. If you are new to Goal Setting, it is probably better to start with short term goals rather than on-going resolutions. Prioritized: You may have several different goals that you would like to achieve, but ideally you should concentrate only on one goal at a time.
Positive: It is always much better to work towards what you want than trying to avoid something that you want to leave behind.
Performance-based: Any well-set goal should have a clear and realistic deadline that allows you to measure your progress and your performance. Practical: Is your goals realistic or does it come in conflict with any of your other goals? Personal: Whatever goal you will choose for yourself, always make sure that it is something YOU really want, not something that your parents expect of you, something you would like to prove to your friends or something that sounds good. Properly-rewarded: Ok this point is not a part of 7 P’s System, but this does not any less important.

Now think of the smallest step that you can take to set the whole goal-getting process in motion and do it TODAY!
In our series of letters from African journalists, film maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo considers plans to ban miniskirts in Uganda.April has given us a clutch of anniversaries and the usual mix of anxieties dressed as news. African athletes won a couple of international marathons and Kenya's new cabinet had a woman defence minister for the first time and more was said by financial analysts about the rapid economic growth on the continent.You would think, then, as an Africa watcher that the usual mix of information filled the newspapers and cyberspace with the political and financial. But a quick glimpse of the press in Uganda showed us that the month of April was also about "integrity and ethics" because Simon Lokodo, Uganda's ethics and integrity minister, was railing against the miniskirt in his preparation of a proposed anti-pornography bill. Yet to be fair to the minister of ethics and integrity, a far more insidious vice than women's summer wear has been arriving in African cities, and by chance, in 2012, Kampala police arrested a foreigner who had been recording pictures of himself engaging in sexual acts with Ugandan children. Yet while Minister Lokodo's intentions may have been to protect Ugandans from the morally degenerate, he has taken his very broad assegai (spear) to personal freedoms and ignited the long-running debate about where sexual crimes begin - with the criminals or with victims because of what they are wearing?Women, he alleged, should not wear provocative clothing and men, he says, are not usually the "object of attraction and can go shirtless" on the beach. Cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins becomes the first Briton to win eight Olympic medals as GB win a third gold on day seven to add to two silvers.. Whatever you strive for, the safest, the smartest and the least time-consuming way to achieve it, is by setting clear short term goals. And that’s where short term planning comes in handy, because any difficult, time-consuming goal can be always broken down into smaller, do-able steps. That way you will not feel like you failed if you skipped just one day of a workout or had a chocolate chip cookie, while being on a diet.
From psychological standpoint goals that are stated in the present tense create a sense of urgency and motivate us towards their achievement. Always start your goal with a positive statement, “I am…”, “I have…”, “I feel…” It is a lot more effective and inspirational. If the goal is stated in way that is too general or too vague how will you know what steps to take and more importantly when will you know that you have achieved it?
For example, a statement “I want to earn more money” sounds more like a wishful thinking than an actual goal. Having a timeline for your short-term goal takes it from the realm of “I will get to it someday” to a commitment that you have promised yourself to keep. Is it challenging enough so that you are motivated to work towards it, but reachable so that you can still achieve it?

If your goal is not aligned with your inner values, beliefs and heart-felt desires, your subconscious mind will sabotage your conscious efforts, setting you up for a failure. South Africa turned 19, Zimbabwe turned 33 and we wondered what would become of Mali as it was decided a UN peacekeeping force would take over from the French, while the French themselves had an embassy bombed in Libya and Somalia's al-Shabab showed signs of a pulse still beating in its violent heart.
No law existed to give him more than the two years in prison or a 6m Ugandan shilling ($2,318, ?1492) fine on offer under the Computer Misuse Act, and the criminal simply paid the fine and was released - only to be hauled back to jail because of the public outcry which ensued. This line of argument gets us all nowhere very fast and fails to acknowledge that people who rape or are driven to drooling uncontrollably at the sight of a female thigh with which they are not well acquainted are provoked only by the demons in their own heads and pander to their basest natures.
However, as we keep our eyes on a prize, it is important to remember that any BIG success is always a result of many small successes and likewise any big failure is a result of repeated small failures. They have a clear deadline and are directed towards specific result – “lose 10 pounds by March 31st”, “read Allan Carr’s book ‘The Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ by the end of the month”, “create a healthy eating plan for the next week”. Is it within your control to make things work or do you rely on other people to meet your objectives? On the other hand, if your goal is something you truly dream of, just re-reading your goal statement will be enough to motivate you into action.
It should be something that you enjoy doing, something you eagerly work towards almost every day. As a former Catholic priest, Minister Lokodo would know a thing or two about demons, and know too that the best place to get rid of them is through the church, not via government statutes.Should prayer fail, there will always be a Ugandan jail. One way to make the whole goal setting process more fun is by celebrating your smallest accomplishments and rewarding your efforts with little surprises and gifts. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her," pronounced the minister in a confusing bid to preserve the nation's modesty.
And the miniskirt has very little to do with it.If you would like to comment on Farai Sevenzo's column, please do so below. In truth Mr Lokodo has joined a long list of men - for it is usually men - who have taken offence at what women wear throughout independent Africa for decades.

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