In the previous episode, Sylvester's wife Megan (Camille Guaty) passed away so he vowed to earn additional money to have a hospital wing named after her.
For Sylvester, one of the best ways to reach this goal is by joining a contest where his odds of winning are very high.
In "The Fast and the Nerdiest," Sylvester will indeed win a huge sum of money from joining the TV show. Elsewhere, Team Scorpion will be tasked to infiltrate a high-end car smuggling operation that is bound to ship weapons to South America. Other guest stars will include Eric Roberts and Joely Fisher who will both be playing the role of Agent Cabe Gallo's (Robert Patrick) old friends, according to Cartermatt.
Meanwhile, CBS just dropped a sneak peek for the upcoming episode which showed Cabe explaining to Team Scorpion why they need to help out his friend (Roberts). Cabe explained that when he was 13 years old, he got into a fight and was helped by another boy.
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