As a business and executive coach I am helping leaders everyday with both personal growth and growing their organizations.
In a recent post on his leadership blog, John Maxwell wrote about this shared limitation of available time. Question: Did you try this spreadsheet or another formula or tool to prioritize your tasks? One minor suggestion though – perhaps a link in the spreadsheet itself to both this article and the original post for anyone who might receive the spreadsheet from a friend. Modern Servant Leader is a resource established by Ben Lichtenwalner and Radiant Forest LLC to advocate Servant Leadership awareness, adoption and action with an emphasis on technology. I don’t necessarily have to like my players and associates but as their leader I must love them.

I particularly like John’s point that you have to be intentional if you want to grow.
However, the reality is we must all complete everything in the same 24 hour period as our friends, family, colleagues and competitors. What distinguishes the most successful people, he suggests, is how they prioritize their tasks to make the best use of their time.A  In fact, Maxwell provided a simple but effective formula for prioritizing tasks to make the best use ofA  time. Then, you can either use this spreadsheet or find your own solution for prioritizing tasks.
Therefore, there is a strong emphasis on social media, the internet in general and emerging opportunities like mobile and wearable technology. Last week Michael featured John Maxwell and John’s newest book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

This approach is similar to formulas I’ve used to prioritize business requirements on projects. John shared these 15 laws and I thought they were so good I wanted to share them with you as well. Therefore, I created a spreadsheet to leverage John’s formula and provide a tool for prioritizing tasks. However, since you are a follower of this blog, use the promotional code Growth to receive half off single ticket pricing.

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