This article on is one of those obvious yet invaluable pieces of insight, more relevant now than it ever was before. We’re in FinWeek magazine this month, talking about mothers, working, and how working mothers are changing the career and business landscape.
Smart entrepreneurs have realised that BEE can provide their business with a real competitive edge. Tutti i loghi, i marchi, le immagini ed i video contenuti in appartengono ai legittimi proprietari.

Bounty hunter Jack Walsh is sent to find and return bail jumper and former Mafia accountant, Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas. In this article, the Mail & Guardian shares some cases studies, stats and thoughts for embracing diversity in the workplace.
The FBI have had no success it locating The Duke, so when Jack finds him in next to no time, they are a little embarrassed. In order to collect his $100,000 fee, Jack must take The Duke from New York to Los Angeles.

On their long cross-country trip to LA, the two get to know each other and they build up a strange friendship.

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