He is one of those actors you will immediately recognise (by face and distinctive voice) but may struggle to name, even though he has starred in some 60 films including Magnolia, Chicago (for which he was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar), The Hours and Gangs Of New York.His most recent film, Wreck-It Ralph, in which he voices the title character, is a 3-D animated Disney offering.
It's not the most auspicious start but it is well-known that the unstarry Reilly is not a fan of talking about himself. Set in the world of computer games, Wreck-It Ralph (nominated for Best Animated Feature Oscar) is the name of the arcade game where Ralph, the bad guy, wrecks things so that Fix-It Felix can repair them. Thirty years of being the big bad guy with the enormous wrecking hands, however, has left Ralph despondent, and so begins his adventure to prove he really is a good guy.He ends up in Sugar Rush, a Japaneseinspired game where he meets the other star of the film, Vanellope, (voiced by comic Sarah Silverman) who is also in need of a helping hand. He loved theatre from a young age and made his film debut in 1989 in the Brian De Palma film Casualties Of War.

It is a clever sweep through video games old and new and Reilly was very much a part of the development of the film, so much so that he got a writing credit.
Also, unlike a lot of animated films, he got to record his part with his fellow actors rather than separately.It is a role which has opened him up to a whole new set of fans.
You are 20 years old you could be an astronaut."You get into your 40s and you think this is probably going to be it. There might be some dramatic changes at the end but there are only two chapters left in the book. I was less concerned with the references to video games as to the human story which was going on with him and that little girl.

I think a lot of animated films can be very distracting and there is a lot of kinetic crazy stuff that happens in this film too, but I think at the heart of it is real emotional stuff."Any discussion of the influence of video games on the two young children he has with his wife of 20 years, the film producer Alison Dickey, is strictly forbidden.

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