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That’s where warriors went who died honorably in battle, carried there by the Valkyrie battle maidens. How small of an aquarium can you have with saltwater?This is a question we get asked frequently, and although you may decide to set up an aquarium less than 40 gallons in size, or what are referred to as mini, micro, nano and pico tanks, most any seasoned aquarist will tell you that the larger the volume of water you are dealing with in an aquarium, the better. MONEY Matt Sorum and I crossed paths earlier this year and both agreed it might be fun to one day throw down a new track and see what we get.

It was a feasting hall where the mead, meat and music never ran dry during endless celebration. These things can tip the balance of the system very fast.Monitor the temperature, especially when making changes. When you have a large capacity of water, although ammonia may be present, it usually builds gradually, and might be thought of as diluted because of the larger amount of water involved. A situation like this can be corrected in a less panicky manor, because it takes a little more time for the problem to reach critical mass.

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