The Internet of Things (or IoT) describes the revolution already under way that is seeing a growing number of internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and with other web-enabled gadgets. A widespread Internet of Things has the potential to transform how we live in our cities, how we move, how we develop sustainably, how we age, and more. As you may know from my “What Happens in an Internet Minute” post, billions of devices are poised to make more than a trillion Internet connections at any given moment and, in the process, those devices are generating enormous volumes of data, spurring the next wave of “Big Data.” Nearly 640K Gb of global IP data, or the equivalent of 61,000 hours of music, is transferred in just one Internet minute.
With our lives so digitally interrelated, it’s imperative that we keep these intelligent systems connected, secure and managed. To address this, Intel developed the Intelligent Systems Framework – a set of interoperable solutions designed to enable connectivity, manageability and security across devices in a consistent and scalable manner. Takoder se od ove skolske godine u srednje skole upisuje preko Interneta cime se stedi vrijeme i sve je jednostavnije.
Druge lose strane Interneta su na primjer skidanje lektira koje onda ne citamo, povreda autorskih prava kad skidamo filmove, a najgore je kad postanemo ovisni o Internetu. Zato Internetu treba pristupati pazljivo – da iskoristimo one njegove dobre strane, ali da pritom ne postanemo ovisni i tako zanemarimo stvarni svijet u kojem zivimo.
PreporucujemoPlanet Zemlja  Na prvi pogled, mala lopta u svemiru, no kad malo bolje pogledas to je zivot.
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References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. La brevedad de esta resena no va a reflejar la convocatoria del “nuevo” evento de Cisco sino, mas bien, lo resumido de la conferencia de prensa. Se presento una nueva edicion del Barometro de la Banda Ancha 2.0 que Cisco le encarga periodicamente a la gente de IDC. This field is relevant to a range of strategic research priorities led by TSB and other funders, including healthy ageing and the digital economy. Yes, today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and International Jugglers’ Day but, at Intel, we’re most excited to celebrate International Internet of Things Day!
That number is predicted to explode exponentially and huge portion of the growth of this Big Data will likely come from intelligent systems – machines that communicate with each other, both directly and through the cloud, to make up what is frequently referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).
The infographic below illustrates how our connected, IoT world touches many aspects of our lives.
For example, when we bring a smartphone into the car, we expect it to connect seamlessly with the in-vehicle infotainment system. The Intelligent Systems Framework eliminates a lot of legwork for developers and frees up valuable time to focus on unlocking the valuable Big Data that the IoT is generating. I, for one, plan to observe today’s holiday by doing some online shopping with my smartphone.

Internet je i zabavan pa na Internetu dosta vremena provodimo igrajuci razne igrice, slusajuci glazbu, gledajuci filmove itd.
Dobra strana je to sto mozemo stupiti u kontakt sa starim prijateljima te ljudima koje ne vidamo cesto. Losa strana je ta da se tko god zeli moze lazno predstaviti i tako uznemiravati druge.
Oni koji su o njemu ovisni satima provode vrijeme za racunalom, online igricama i drustvenim mrezama. From connectivity in the car to digital signs in the mall, we’re contributing data to the IoT most of the time without even noticing it.
And when a brand like Pepsi invests in an interactive vending machine, it’s important that we can remotely manage and repair the machine to save on costs and downtime. Danas mnogi ljudi ne bi mogli zivjeti bez Interneta, no ti ljudi ne vide one lose strane Interneta. Mozemo brzo i lako pretrazivati, a isto tako i nauciti nesto novo te dobiti neke dodatne informacije o onome o cemu pretrazujemo. Imamo mogucnost online rada i zarade. Even the medical data that’s generated every time we visit the doctor contributes to big data and the IoT.

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