This is how you get it to work with DAP: (Remember to back-up your files first) This code allows you to capture your customer details to ARP Reach or to capture your free sign-up memberships to ARP Reach as well. Getting Niche Ideas This article is split into two sections.  The first section is all about getting niche ideas.
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When I suggested some family members try PayPal with me for some money exchange you would have thought I was speaking a foreign language. I wonder if wider acceptance is hindered because this type of payment is viewed as impersonal? It could also be that people don’t trust the delivery of the electronic delivery of a P2P payment. My two very bright college graduates got very aggravated with trying to send me PayPal dollars. Both of the kids got very frustrated by the fees generated by not realizing they were choosing the wrong buttons. I think a lot of people get confused when using ARP Reach to remove a contact from an AutoResponder Series and end up removing the whole contact- bang they are gone-ooooops! I browsed through the forum, intermittently in and out over the next few years, not really giving it much of a thought. Maybe so, but I didn’t talk about the technology as much as I did the benefits: Instant payment, no cash,uses email address, no fees.

I’ve heard some of the older generation in my family use this argument when talking about electronic bill pay. Even as I think back to college and high school days, I don’t remember large number of money exchanges with friends.
But they are just a small part of a full range of payment options that we’ll all need to conduct our daily transactions. At least with those in my circle of relationships it appears they are  making P2P payments with cash and check.

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