Dancing With the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco is hoping to inspire deaf kids everywhere with his truly inspirational story.
DiMarco had the weight of the deaf world on his shoulders going into Dancing With the Stars. DiMarco and Murgatroyd got off to a great start and maintained frontrunner status throughout the competition. DiMarco's dedication and top notch dancing skills got him all the way to the finals, where he won the coveted Mirrorball trophy. Don't want to miss Michael Phelps, Simone Manuel, and Katie Ledecky's stellar Olympic performances?
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President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State Of the Nation Address is very unique according to some analyst that our source interviewed. President Duterte shows his real self in front of the 3,000 people who attended the SONA in Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City and to the millions of Filipino people who watched the event in their television and social media platforms. People who watched the SONA laughs at some of the President’s informal comments about the problems of the country.
This is also one of the most peaceful State Of The Nation Address in history, the Police and the Militants cooperate to maintain peace outside the Batasan Pambansa.
Netizens were touched and hopeful that President Duterte can do what he said in his State of the Nation Address. People also lauds PNP Chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa for successfully maintaining peace and order during the SONA of President Duterte.

The model, who was born deaf, had no prior dancing experience but felt that he had something prove.
In the first week of rehearsals, she tried cranking up the music so that he could feel the vibrations, but it ultimately did more harm than good. They event allowed viewers to experience what he goes through, with one performance that featured the sound going out for 10 seconds as they continued dancing.
He started the Nyle DiMarco Foundation this year, which aims to provide greater resources to children and families in the deaf community.

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