Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Thank you messages for son: Nothing comes close to the pride that a mother and a father feel when they see their child growing up to be the epitome of how a loving son should be. 1) I wanted to make a successful man out of you, but you made a successful father out of me.
4) Dear son, you complete me in every way because you have all the strengths and qualities that I never had.
7) I am used to having a heavy heart all the time – weighed down by loads of love that my son gives me. 9) In the process of showing you the purpose of your life, I’ve realized my own – loving a wonderful and successful son like you.
14) We hope that we have been successful in providing everything that you needed in life, for you have already done that for us by giving us so much love. 15) Parenting classes don’t need to hire tutors, but sons like you who can teach couples how to become great parents. 19) Thanks for making us realize that we have made an important contribution to the world by giving birth to an intelligent and noble son like you. 24) Techniques like meditation, Feng Shui and Yoga that claim to bring ultimate peace and happiness are of no use to me because I have a son like you.
25) I never understood how people could be so committed, engrossed and passionate about a single cause – until you were born.
28) When I wanted my life to jump a bit, my destiny decided to take a leap by giving me a son like you. 29) You are worth every trouble life has thrown at us, all the pain life has given us and all the ups and downs the journey of life has taken us through. 32) Just like every girl has a dream man, every mother has a dream son – and that son is you. 34) I would have been able to weather the storms of life, if you weren’t around to become my canopy.

35) All the sacrifices I have made in my life to be a mother seem like tiny bumps because with a son like you, the journey has been heavenly and beautiful. Birthday Wishes for Nephew: If you want to be the coolest aunt or uncle around, you’ll have to do much more than just give those lame high fives. 2) If everyone in the world had an awesome nephew like you, no one would ever bother having kids of their own. 3) No matter what your parents tell you, think of your uncle whenever you feel like doing something you’re not supposed to. 5) Our relationship is unique – you are the son I get to dote on without being a boring parent and I am the parent you get to lean on without worrying about showing responsibility.
9) You are like my own child without nine torturous months of pregnancy and excruciating labor pains. 10) Playing the moderator’s role during your fights with your parents is very easy – all I have to do is take your side. 11) One of the best things in life that I get to do, is to love, pamper and fuss over my nephew. 16) I will never experience old age in its true sense because my nephew’s company will keep me young forever. 18) The biggest problem of having a nephew like you is that everyone else in the family becomes too boring to spend time with. 19) As long as you help me with mowing the lawn, I’ll help you with getting out of being grounded. 20) My Facebook looks less like mine and more like yours, because it has fewer pictures of me than you.
22) All my best friends are jealous because now I have a new best friend who is more fun to hang out with. 23) You may be a best bud to your friends and a good son to your parents but you beat all these things with the way you are a terrific nephew to your aunt. 24) I always thought that being called uncle would make me feel old, but now I know how that feeling is worth its weight in gold.

28) I would never know the real meanings of the words mischief, fun, tantrums, excitement and adventure without having a nephew like you.
31) That of a beautiful rainbow in the sky so blue, is the part in my life which is played by you. 32) If there was one nephew like you in every family in the world, the concept of dysfunctional families would never exist… because little bundles of joy make family ties stronger than ever. 33) Good-looking, handsome, smart, suave and talented – you’ve taken after your uncle in every way. 36) My dear nephew, whenever you parents tell you NO YOU CAN’T, I will always be here to say YES YOU CAN. 40) Being a perfect uncle is really easy, when there are amazing nephews like you in the family. This is when parents feel a sense of gratitude towards life and destiny for giving them a son whose upbringing has been worth all the sacrifices they have made in their lives. Write a cute note to say Thank You to your son if you think he deserves a pat on the back for being the man that he is. Unfortunately, our care for you has always been disguised in the punishments we have given you.
I always taught you to be like other good people, but now I am glad you are the best by just being yourself. Pick a random day to post your sweet message on his Facebook or send him a text if you want to keep it personal. Your words will reverberate in your son’s heart and they will become the anchor which he holds on to later in life. Remember that if you want to connect with your nephew on a deeper level, you’ll have to step away from your image as an uncle or an aunt.

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