I rented for a really long time (probably longer than I should’ve), and one thing I absolutely hated about renting was that my car was always out in the elements, which meant in the unforgiving Texas summers, the inside of my car was always insanely hot. When we moved in, the garage was completely empty save for a single bookshelf full of some paint cans and such, which I’ve come to appreciate. Presently, the garage is in pretty good shape, but I have run out of organized places to put things. My inner OCD voice is telling me that the garage is messy and in need of some attention even though the pictures seem to suggest that it’s relatively orderly.
This is a much more ambitious home improvement project than my last one but hopefully it is about the same degree of difficulty. I will probably talk about the plans for the storage and workbench in my next blog on this topic. Pixel Words is a pixel word fractal screensaver for Window that generates a hypnotic cascade of interlocked recursive crossword puzzles in real time. It’s easy to customize Pixel Words, just set the custom word list in the Pixel Words settings window to ANY text file! If you’re an writer working on a scrip, novel, or poetry try converting it to plain text and set it as the word list to get a fractal mashup. If you need a company screensaver load it up with a text file filled with positive words that represent your company. If you trying to think of names for a child or character try a list of first names and maybe you’ll see one you like. Only the first 8 lines are used by the custom glyph set, the bottom 8 are ignored and only there for reference. If you receive a missing dll error when the screensaver is run then it is likely that you don’t have a recent enough version of DirectX.

Don’t just go to all the touristy spots – try to get ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘real life’ scenes. Black and white is often where it’s at with street photography but at times colourful situations arise and can really make a shot – be on the look out for these. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get close to your subject – this can be a little confronting but will produce powerful images. Often we try to avoid shooting into the sun and the shadows that direct sunlight can produce – in street photography breaking these ‘rules’ can lead to great shots.
Street photography is not all about spontaneity – if you see a scene with potential don’t be afraid to keep coming back to it until you get the shot. The street is a place of movement – to capture it and still get sharp shots make sure your shutter speed is fast enough. People can be suspicious of street photographers  ( not so much in Buenos Aires but definitely in other destinations) and sometimes you’ll inevitably find yourself in hot water. I lived in places that had covered parking, which was nice, but one of the things I always longed for was a garage.
Because the last home improvement project we tackled turned out pretty well, I’m excited to tackle the garage.
I’ve been brainstorming some ideas on how I can really improve the garage and hopefully add some value to the house. I’ve seen a ton of do-it-yourself shows and articles about making your own concrete countertops or tables. Pixel words will automatically sort through it and pick out all the words of up to 7 letters. Pixel Words will read in your custom sheet from left to right, top to bottom and automatically stop when it gets to an empty glyph.

I probably won't return to it but I'd like to make another largish platformer with my game engine someday. It’ll make you less obtrusive and you will be able to move around for the best shot quickly. Especially in Buenos Aires, where accessibility is a significant asset to seeing and shooting what you want, make use of the fact you can venture off the beaten path and not get arrested for it.
Billboards, signs, graffiti and other visual elements can really make a statement in a shot.
Or if this proves difficult, stay until people around seem to be comfortable with your presence. Always be able to eject your memory card from your camera to avoid being asked to actually delete anything. This is the same dictionary used by tournaments for word games like Scrabble®, Boggle®, anagrams, etc.  Pixel Words can be used as an aid for brainstorming and strengthening vocabulary. Equally, look-out for poles coming out of people’s heads, distracting actions, and unwanted light.
I also think it can be fun to experiment with slower shutter speeds on the street – capture the movement as blur.
Or if the scene turns really sour, at least you put that card in your pocket and saved the images!

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