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If you love cooking and know of different recipes then you can go for cooking classes as an option to earn money. Sure, my kid was four months past his seventh birthday.  Yes, I had interviewed other moms about how to honor this tradition for our new book, Stuff Every Mom Should Know.

That evening was a bit chaotic, as my children and I emerged from the dentist’s office past dinner time, one of us two teeth lighter.
There were no felt tooth-shaped plushies sewn, or clever notes congratulating Julian on this milestone and encouraging him to take good care of his teeth. The tooth fairy at my house did manage to dig up one of these babies to go along with some dollar bills. My friend Julie told me that at her house the tooth fairy leaves a trace of glitter from the tooth to the window through which she escapes. She showed them to my sister who insisted my mother put them under the pillow for the tooth fairy.
Not sure why but I guess picturing the tooth fairy with a bag of coins is easier than with a wallet full of bills.
In the morning whatever color the water was, was the color of the tooth fairy who came and got the tooth. Rosemary Evans saysFebruary 17, 2013 at 4:31 pmThanks for the comments and ideas about the tooth fairy.

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