Now that Malea is getting older, and we have a teenage daughter, I’ve had to rethink my chore chart system. Each of these jobs must be completed daily, and the weekly ones have to be completed by Sunday afternoon. You can find gift cards on-the-go, at the grocery store, in drugstores and other locations – not “just” at the store or restaurant they are for.
The gift card somehow seems less impersonal than just writing someone a check or giving them cash, even though you are giving them a dollar amount to spend. A store bought gift you can gift wrap in a pretty way, in a box with a bow or other attractive decorations.
Some people who get gift cards just seem to put them away in a drawer and never redeem them, letting them go to waste.
A gift card can be a real challenge when you get one for a store that someone doesn’t like.
Some people can be hard to shop for and even if you put a lot of time, effort and care into their gift – you still can wind up not getting what they would like. Along with their chores they both also have daily responsibilities, such as brushing their teeth, doing homework, reading, etc. If they think of a job they’d like to be paid for they can ask me, and I will more than likely allow them the extra opportunity to make money. I would love to make a chore chart just like yours but am having a hard time finding the awesome fonts you used! If you have a teenager on your holiday shopping list, and know their likes and dislikes will change quicker than the weather, then buying them a gift card can let them pick out their favorite fashions, music or other fun choices for a gift.
This makes them a convenient – and easy – gift choice to choose if you are rushed for time and want to find a gift that is guaranteed to please.

They get the fun of picking out the gift, you have picked out the store for them to shop at.
A store bought gift that has been chosen for them is what they expect to receive and what you are expected to gift. While with a gift card you’ll need to give a certain dollar amount, if you find a good sale on an item you think would please the gift recipient, you can give them something they would like while spending a lot less money.
Not all of them do, just be aware of the possibility when you choose this gift for someone. The key is to know where they like to shop for their hobbies and interests and get them a gift card to that shop. If you have a job where you are working more than 8 hours a day, or you have little ones or other family obligations, you probably have a hectic schedule. I needed to set up a paid structure that was fair to the girls, but also to our pocket books, so I’ve switched up my old system a little. The last time I created a job chart for Malea I had her checking off items each day and then I paid her at the end of the week. I have always enjoyed cleaning, organizing, decorating and helping people, so I've put that all together on the pages of this blog.
The same goes for anyone else who is a bit er, persnickety when it comes to buying them a gift. Remind loved ones to enjoy that gift card and buy a new golf club, outfit, spa treatment or whatever you think they would have fun with.
Take a few moments to call them up and ask them, either directly, “I’d like to get you a gift. The thought of spending time at the mall or even shopping online is not something you want to do with your time.

I am still going to use a system that pays them when they do their jobs, and pays me if they don’t but they both have more responsibilities and there are more opportunities to make more money.
Honestly remembering to do the check marks became a chore for me so this time I am going pay both of them at the beginning of the month and they will be responsible to complete their assigned jobs. If you work hard and actively look for opportunities, then you will most likely make more money than those that don’t. And others have equally strong feelings that you should “only” give store bought gifts for holidays and other special occasions.
What stores do you like?” or indirectly by asking them about their latest hobbies and interests and using this to find the best stores for them.
We think the secret to giving the best gift is to give a thoughtful gift – whether you give a gift card or a store bought gift. If you give a gift card to a favorite store your Mom would love, or a golf bag you know your Dad has wanted all spring, then in both cases you’ve found the perfect gift!
I think them having to give me the money out of their pocket, rather than me just giving them less money at the end of the month, is going to be much more effective. You also have a rainbow of endless colors to choose from, and this is just thinking about “a sweater.” It is no surprise that many gift givers get a bit weary of shopping for the holidays and other occasions.

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