When it comes to bathroom storage design, the space above the toilet is often wasted, but a variety of functional and stylish options for over-the-toilet design can transform your bathroom into the epitome of efficiency. Use the baskets over the toilet to store band-aids, extra toilet paper and other first aid stuff. With very limited storage above the toilet , this wire cube storage idea makes functional display.
This DIY shelf over the toilet adds more storage space while also making the bathroom feel more open. Extend space over the toilet for more storage with the fence board shelves and dollar store baskets. This ladder towel rack over the toilet was used for towel storage and visual height for the small space. Hang these baskets over the toilet to store toiletries, wash cloths or hand towels and they look good doing it.
Many people have storage problems in their bedroom, whether they have a small or large bedroom. This play table under the bed not only provides a useful play area in your busy bedroom, but also reveals more storage space for toys.
Great ideas for our bedroom, we dont have same kind of bed but we still can make some smaller drawers. Lightweight, sturdy and economical corrugated project boards are the answer to a wide range of display needs. Using the same lightweight, sturdy and economical stock as our project boards, headers attach easily and securely, are removable and provide extra display space plus increased board stability. Using the same Smooth, showcase-quality surface as our project boards, headers attach easily and securely, are removable and provide extra display space plus increased board stability. Reading titles are offered in black and feature the following: Title, Author, Publisher and Publication Date, Main Characters, Plot, Conflict, Solution, Purpose and Tone.
Having an extensive DVD library can provide you and your family with hours of exciting entertainment, but all of those discs can take up a lot of space. This dynamic hanging shelves can be repositioned at will and respond to the amount of books held on each shelf.

This circular cardboard shelf not only provides space for your movie DVDS and books, but also enhance your house interior design. Attache these vintage soda crates to the wall on either side of the fireplace for DVD storage.
These drawers with an adjustable DVD or CD file system would be perfect for keeping movies organized but out of sight. Get your DVDs completely out of your living area by storing them on shelves in the bathroom.
In order to save content, you need to register on the Personal Web Site of a Beauty Consultant near you. Mary Kay products are available for purchase exclusively through Independent Beauty Consultants. Mary Kay® parties help enrich lives by supporting a company that is dedicated to improving the lives of women, children and the environment. Sign up now to receive a weekly newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest Mary Kay products and beauty news. Take a look at these over the toilet storage ideas for extra space, which make the unused space that exists above the toilet useful while also making the bathroom beautiful. Filled with bathroom necessities and a few pretty things, it doubles as a welcoming display. Use a hydraulic system to lift up the mattress easily to reveal additional storage space for your home.
Keep it smooth and clean so you will not have to buy new gift wrap every time you wrap a present.
The wicker baskets under the bed provide a cool idea to hide all the clutter in a very neat way. So many drawers on each side of the bed provide tons of under bed storage space to your room. Side panels overlap making the boards easy to handle in addition to protecting the display during transport. Take a look at these clever DIY CD and DVD storage ideas for housing your DVD collection but out of sight.

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I love how the IKEA shelving units look at the foot of my bed and all the extra storage is so fabulous. Move things like shoes and off-season clothing out of the closet and under the bed to free up some space in there. Label the top or sides of each container with removable stickers to ensure items stay in their designated homes.
It is a great DIY solution for kids’ room if you’ve got moving boxes leftover from a move or have found some. I have my own website that shares organization tips for college students, and I feel like this will add a great addition for a resource page I’m working on. Spaces in this list are often neglected, collecting dust, when they could be used to your advantage. Visit any time to review your favorites, receive personalized product recommendations or check your only order history. If you are ready to find more storage space in your bedroom, take a look at these creative under bed storage ideas. The bed skirt completely covers shoe organizer and make it well hidden but still have easy access.
From secret storage under hydraulic bed or DIY twin bed with storage to wood rack shoe organizer or storage drawers on wheels, these storage solutions provide a clever way to use space that might otherwise go to waste.
You will never pick through disorganized drawers of movies to find the one you’re in the mood for.

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