I figure, as long as things are safe and sanitary we can all be happy in our home, but over the summer with both kids home I found myself becoming even more frustrated than ever.
I found little wooden circles at a Hobby Lobby for just a couple bucks to make the chore magnets from. Is there any way you could email me the printables for the chore charts because I can not seem to open it off your site.
We were just talking last night about how much we NEED something like this for our 5 year old.
That is a great age for them to really be able to help – my five year old is just loving this chart more and more each week!
I checked out the graphics but I was wondering how you seemed to shrink them to get them to fit on your circles? I have recently informed them that they are going to have more responsibilities around here, and I really think the chore board will help.
I just used a quality Krylon paint that I had on hand – you could also try a paint with primer already in it especially made for metal if you are worried about it holding up! I also have one time use codes that you can use when you sign up to start off with $5 in your account.
Once you’ve joined I have a break down of the Basics of Dealspotr that can help you get started. The boys also liked the idea of carrying their own debit card, so the choice to use a prepaid card was an easy one for us.
We logged onto the MasterCard prepaid debit card website and choosing a card was the hardest part about it. Using a prepaid debit card for your teens is a great way to teach responsibility, money management and even organization.
Don’t forget to check out my Google+ album for more tips about teaching your kids to use a prepaid debit card! But great post for getting the wheels turning on teaching them about finances which is so important! How do you use the prepaid debit card to let them save money and if you encourage it, donate or share money? I love this idea – and admittedly it’s because I also have boys and can completely relate!
I wish they’d do a study to see how kids who have used these when younger handle their finances when older! I love the idea of a pre-paid card and my husband and I were thinking of doing something like that for our oldest until she got a job… now she has her own money!
Both of my kids do have savings accounts which they can access in person at the credit union, or have me make deposits in via an ATM card for me or via me transferring from my account to theirs. I would still want them to have cash access from their bank accounts or from their penny banks at home so that they can use it where cards are not accepted, but I think for keeping the money safe in larger quantities this is a great option. We have two other alternative earning options in our household on top of regular or special chores.

I love this idea for the older kids as it seems like it will prepare them for the real world and help them balance their schedules out. When you think back to the days when you were in school, you probably remember school fund raisers.
In the recent economic downturn candy sales are up and that can be explained by the fact that candy is a comfort food and people like comfort.
The candy sales business can be quite lucritive for anyone who would like to earn some cash on the side or even sell candy full time.
Although at the time we weren’t selling candy  I can remember a time my daughter and I went selling door to door for a school fund-raiser. I use to keep a bulk box of candy in my snack cupboard, everyone in the neighborhood new it was there. If door to door sales is something you feel comfortable with, you may also want to consider, The Address Curb Painting Business or you may consider The Doorbell Peephole Business These are both quite profitable and easy to start home based business as well. We are in the process of getting a chore chart together for our daughter and I need to know where I can buy vinyls such as this? I’m doing an article on DIY chore charts for SheKnows and wondered if I could feature yours. The boys would keep track of their chores and a tally of the allowance we owed them in a small notebook.
You can view how easy it is to get a prepaid debit card over on my Google+ page – I made an album for you!
It gives your children a head start on their financial life and a safe place to ask questions and even make mistakes. The thing is, both of my kids *love* having cash on hand, even though we’ve dealt with lost $1s, $5s and even $10s! My son would love to have more autonomy and responsibility but he’s so careless and irresponsible with his chores and his things! This is how I usually pay them because like everyone else here I never have cash, or the right amount of cash on me.
Meaner mom makes my daughter pay for things like dance tickets out of her pocket…but I do this to try and teach her to think about how she spends her money.
If your okay with your kids taking surveys expressing their opinions about products then they can earn checks that way too. My eldest is 10 and this is something that would be perfect for her in the next year or so! We all know that buying candy at the movie theater  is expensive to say the least; it takes a small loan for some milk duds. In the first hour alone she was able to bring in 45.00 dollars offering candles and other household goods. Another idea for kids cleaning supplies is to get them each their own small spray bottle and matching wash rag. She can start taking her clothes to the laundry, but putting clean clothes away might need some help from mommy.

They have routine daily and weekly chores that they are paid for and a chore chart to keep track of what they’ve done. I was pretty excited when this sponsored post opportunity came up, as we used the debit cards already! When my kids are older, this would be a great way to give them their allowance and allow them to make their own choices. I worry what my daughter might waste her money on, but I know my son would be totally excited to have a card and he shops more responsibly.
She will blow it all on the first thing she sees and then get mad later when she sees something she wants more and has no money…making her pay for some normal but extra special expenses makes her think more about hey will I need this later? So if they regularly pick up bottles and cans laying around the house and take them out to the recycling bags, as well as when they are walking the dog or walking home from school pick up bottles or cans they see along the way and put in recycling. My son is 11 and always seems to have a wad of cash in his wallet, so I have to take most of it out before he goes somewhere with his friends or to the store to get something he’s saved up for.
There is no reason anyone couldn’t be successful doing this on their own as a full time business. They take care of the animals (2 dogs and a bearded dragon), clean up their areas of the house including their bedrooms and bathroom, clear the dishes after dinner, load them into the dishwasher and more. Were either of you boys really into cash and if so how’d the transition to prepaid debit card go? And so you don’t totally hate me…I did buy her Halloween costume for that dance, and a special dress and sandals for her semi-formal dance! Then when the bags are full we drive them to one of the local recycling places and if they were the ones to fill up the bags they get the cash. Thank you for that chore chart, I will need to update the Clever Tween’s chores and pay and look into getting one of these! I have tried numerous chore charts with them and they seem to work for a week or so and then the novelty wears off. Other benefits of being a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr include: bonuses for referrals, featured on the site, chance to write blog posts for payment, opportunities to work with Dealspotr in other ways such as giveaways, sponsored posts, etc. The amount of chores increases as the allowance increases, of course. A prepaid debit card is an excellent way to keep track of the $6 or $14 per week that the kids are paid.
Most of the time when it comes to selling candy and other goods door-to-door as a fund-raiser, the buyers motivation is to help the person selling earn the extra money their trying to raise.
With a few changes in the sales script a person could easily build that same excitement in the candy itself.

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