This sign up sheet template is ideal for just about any fundraising activity you have planned! You can use this sheet whether you're having a bake sale and need donations of food, or whether you want people to offer their services or simply their time. Fight Hunger Whilst Learning and Having Fun Jul 14, 16 05:39 AMDid you know there's a great way to help feed the hungry and possibly learn a few things at the same time?
Quick Tip for Keeping Your Donors Happy Jul 06, 16 07:01 AMSponsors and donors are KEY to the success of your fundraising efforts.
And thanking them for their generosity in supporting your organization is - of course - essential. Often, the most challenging part of fundraising is coming up with a creative idea that will motivate the troops.
Super successful fundraising event – each dollar donated buys a foot long piece of duct tape to tape the principal to the wall. For two dollars, you got one chance to hit the ping pong ball into the bra (or three for five dollars). Such a cute idea that reminds me of all the figures and dolls we have bought through the years. This ornament is for a mission trip fundraiser idea, and you can put it on a tree at the church.
Cute school fundraising idea for the silent auction at Brookshire Elementary School’s fundraiser.
A used book sale fundraiser is a very easy fundraising idea that works well for small groups, schools or churches. Raising money for charity is one of the best ways to gain publicity and media attention is by giving back to charities and communities. When you show your compassion and concern for issues and people within the community, you are more inclined to gain clients who respect you for who you are and your character and integrity. These unique fundraisers are placing a different twist on regular activities that give them widespread appeal in their communities. Friday Night Live Fundraiser – A night of live music, comedy, and good times in Chillicothe, CA raises funds for the local YMCA. Touch A Truck PTO Fundraiser –  A fun PTO fundraiser event in Newnan, Georgia featuring over 40 huge vehicles that kids could explore raised money for the school, the local food bank, and the Red Cross.
Steak N’ Burger Fundraiser Dinner – 28th annual fundraising event raises $35,000 for Boys and Girls Club of Jackson, TN with $125 tickets, fundraising auctions, and inspirational speakers. Gospel Extravaganza Fundraiser – A fun gospel music and informational event in Sanford, FL raises funds for local adoption agency with multiple gospel music group performances. Turtle Beach Barbecue Fundraiser – The Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness, is hosting a beach barbecue fundraiser with a California Dreaming theme on a beach north of Los Angeles, CA with food prepared by students from a local culinary arts school, live music, silent auction and more fun activities.
Hope you enjoyed this week’s batch of some unique and fun fundraising ideas in our Fun Raisin Friday roundup.
Another good thing about using festivals for fundraising events is that they can quickly become annual traditions in the community and thus serve as excellent fundraisers for your group for years to come.

Corporate Sponsorships – The biggest money is in getting corporate sponsorships, but its also the hardest to achieve without a track record to go on. Ticket Sales – Selling admission tickets is a great way to cover start-up costs and generate advance publicity for your festival fundraiser. Raffles – Use multiple raffles to raise money at your festival, including one that offers door prize drawings for admission ticket holders.
Silent Auction – Silent auctions are always great moneymakers for any fundraising event. Food Sales – Selling food items is a good way to raise money at any event from cupcakes to hot dogs to gourmet food.
Drink Sales – Beverage sales are a big money maker as are tastings or samplings of exotic beverages.
Merchandise Sales – Sell event t-shirts and other fundraising products to raise more money for your cause. Vendor Booths – Charge vendors an exhibitor fee to sell their merchandise at your festival. Grants – While not specifically fundraising at your event, there are many grants available that can offset some of the costs of organizing your festival. The great thing about these festival fundraising ideas is that they are adaptable to just about any type of event.
Here are 25+ Fun and Creative Fundraising Ideas for school fundraisers or non-profit charity events.
Imagine how kids will feel after they see their artwork captured in a collage-style poster and the sense of accomplishment when they find out that their fine work attracted big dollars at the school auction which will go to helping their school.
The media coverage for something like this can be huge, as everyone is interested and supportive of events such as this.
Local news stations, flyers, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, postcards, and school announcements are just a few of the ways you can market an event. Consider options like runs, 5k walks, and 3 on 3 Basketball tournaments, community service, charity dinners, or a day of service in your community.
These fundraising event ideas show that the best way to raise money for your cause is to put together a fun event that attracts a big crowd.
Hopefully, these charity event ideas will spark your creative juices with ideas for your next event. A donation of $30 is suggested for participation and a selection of high-heeled shoes is available for the men.
Fun activities include lawn bowling, catapult darts, digging for prizes in the sand, and remote-control car racing. Featured attractions that kids could climb into and honk the horns included tanks, street sweepers, fire trucks, tow trucks, drilling rigs, ambulances, plus replicas of the Batmobile and the Scooby Doo van. A festival fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because events with a fun focal point make it easier to attract a large audience. It’s hard to go wrong with fun events that emphasize feasting and celebrating something of value.

Most companies want to see your event demographics and attendance figures to gauge how productive an event sponsorship would be for their company. If you have a large enough crowd, hire a professional charity auctioneer because they can double or triple your results. Craft beer tastings, wine tastings, and specialty drinks will help you raise a lot of funds and make your event a bigger draw. One item that always sells well are the two-for-one pizza discount cards that retail for $10 and cost $2 to $3. They can be as simple as vendor stalls or spots, or more upscale like indoor merchandise displays. You can do that online, at your event, at your admission areas, with donation stations, and any other method you choose. They also provide focal points for day-long events that give people a reason to stay longer and spend more money at your event. Start with you local government, chamber of commerce, state, and then federal grant sources. And, since a festival can really be focused on pretty much anything you want, you can raise money just by making your festival as fun as possible for everyone. Festivals also keep people involved longer than most other fundraising events, so they also help you to raise more money per attendee than other event ideas. Look for companies with an affinity for the type of festival you are organizing and a synergy with your non-profit organization’s focus. You can also do a cash calendar raffle combining a raffle ticket with a festival-themed calendar. You can also get things like hot air balloon rides, vacation rentals, and autographed memorabilia on consignment for your charity auction. Bundle a raffle with your admission tickets because everybody loves a chance to win something.
Product raffles, gift basket raffles, vacation trip raffles, car raffle, and anything else you can get donated will all help bring in a lot of funds.
The buyer gets 12 to 20 uses of the card over a 1-year period, so they are a great deal for both the purchaser and for your group. It’s a great way to get some exciting items into your auction inventory without any upfront expense. This article is packed with charity auction tips, 25 for silent auctions and 25 for live auctions. Here is a list of links to large companies who will donate items for a non-profit auction, including all the major league sports teams. Sell more tickets by offering early purchasers a discount and also offer a bulk ticket sales discount.

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