I am not sure why I forgot this ideas for saving money gem of a tip way back at the beginning of this series. It’s an easy way to save money and it does work if you apply just a little self-discipline and you are determined to save money.  And having a goal is a good way reach your saving objective.
When I'm not blogging here on the latest Meijer Deals, our latest travel adventures or stuffing my face with a budget-friendly recipe, you can find me over at A Worthey Read! This is a great way to save up throughout the year… and all of us could probably use a little rainy day fund!
If you have extra money when you have smaller deposits, you can add extra and take it off a later date to make it easier!
I’d love to link up to the original source of the 52 week money challenge, but I really don’t know who came up with this plan! About Latest Posts Follow MeHollyHolly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie.
I am a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Sometimes it pays to get out of one’s comfort zone to find some lovely math problems. The Cannon Lady states in the show that Drama would shot from the cannon from 40 feet up and at 30 mph. I have not yet figured out how to let down my guard about sharing the trials and tribulations of my school days. The guys were reminiscing about a 2005 AFC divisional game when Champ Bailey intercepted Tom Brady in the end zone and began running the ball back down the sideline.
Because the game wasn’t available to purchase at the time, I printed out five copies, laminated the boards and cards, bought bingo tokens from Amazon, and brought those to class. Starts off in cents so you may be able to do it day after day at first however when as the game gets further just do it when you budget and save to finish your game goal.
Day 5 – 8 pennies (Don’t cheat now and put all of it in for the week this is where the game comes into play and you start building your discipline for when it starts getting difficult.
I used my coworker’s copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to introduce the project to my 12th grade classes (many of whom remembered it fondly from childhood). I crowdsourced for comic book generators on Facebook because the only comic strip generator I know is Bitstrips. Some students wanted to make their comics by hand, and I allowed them to do this provided that they took a picture of their comics as backup.
A few months ago, I started using f(t)’s speed dating as a review activity in both 11th and 12th grade classes.
My first attempt was with function transformation in 11th grade, using the cards from Cheesemonkey SF. In the initial solving round, I drew a diagram of the room on the board and labeled each table with their number. I admire Relearning to Teach for sharing daily reflections on his teaching and putting it all out there–not just the lessons that go well. Wishing myself luck and hopefully I can be a good sales person so I can save without really taking away from our budget. If you are active on social media, then you should be very familiar with the 52-Week Savings Challenge. If saving money is extremely difficult, this is a systematic and simple way to stack your coins without feeling the pinch. The structure described here is the traditional approach, but there are other ways to go about reaching this $1,378 goal. Traditional Bi-weekly: If you don’t want the hassle of scheduling weekly withdrawals, you would need to calculate how much you would save every two weeks doing this challenge. Bi-weekly in Reverse: If you want to double up on savings but in reverse, this means that your bi-weekly saving goal in January would be $103 and $99.

Jump Around Method: If you don’t care for the structure of the 52-Week Savings Challenge, but want the outcome, then you can jump around until you have reached the $1,378 finish line. Don’t forget to automate your savings with an online account like Capital One 360 or Ally Bank. Download your FREE 5-Day Financial Reset PlanYou'll also receive news, updates & special offers!
I either spray it on directly, or I mix it with a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle and use that. I love to do simple DIY projects, drinking wine, watching the latest reality show or just having fun with family and friends.
Her greatest passion is creating in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for the everyday home cook! It reminds me of our IB Math Studies logic unit (which I won’t get to teach next year unless we can somehow swing one cohort of IB Math Studies and one cohort of IB Math SL for the Class of 2015). I miss sharing things like the funny signs on the Sav-Mor liquor store and looking at cute fat babies, but I am gradually freeing myself of the mentally poisonous cycle of looking at these sites on my downtime.
It makes me think of high school and college friendships that were more meaningful than Facebook-only ties. He’s usually not up when I leave for school, so it was nice to enjoy egg bagels over CNN with him.
Last night we hung out with some of his college friends and their wives, which ended up becoming two gender-segregated gatherings in front of the playoff games on the tv and in the kitchen. After playing a few rounds with our friends, I immediately wanted to buy it for my students to play in class. A lot tried to get on the board right away so that they’d get a lot of money when the payouts came. I’d think the larger amounts would be more difficult for some people to cough up each week, and they’d give up. My classroom is crammed full of mismatched tables rather than desks, so I asked my 12th advisory to create a long table setup at the end of their class. I ended up with an odd number of students, so I pulled one student who had been flying through the topic to be an answer-checker with me for step 2. I pre-divided each class into groups of three students of mixed ability level and put these groups on the direction papers.
I put check marks on the board diagram when the group had found the answers and continued to do this in subsequent rounds so that we could keep track of when to move on.
These resolutions often include blogging more, and I haven’t been able to get the habit to stick.
It was hard at first but it’s because I never go to the bank for cash, I started using the cash back button at the grocery stores to get the cash I need. Still doing the money challenge backwards but this time I am going to try my best to get the money to save for the week differently.
Keep track, someone suggested to do it bingo style and just cross out the amount you save each week. Essentially, you save $1,378 by the end of 52 weeks by saving in increasing amounts each week.
Even though tracking your savings is important for reaching this goal using the aforementioned approaches, you will have to be extra meticulous and organized when using this method. On the other hand, if you have the discipline and won’t dip into the savings unnecessarily, you can keep this money in a cookie jar, coffee can, or in an envelope. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start our 52-Week Money Saving Challenge again!!! For example, if you add a few dollars extra a week for the first few months, you’ll be way ahead later in the year. Also, it can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs, so it replaces many of the cleaners you buy.

Since vinegar can be used on just about any surface, that little amount of money I spend on it, really saves me from having to spend an addition $10 or so on other cleaners each month.
As you can see,by just looking at our 52 weekly challenge archive, you can see that we kept up with it each week. I made these directions based on the original blog post and went through them with the students ahead of time.
Some similarly bright students finished their problems before I even finished reading the directions out loud, while others had to be prodded multiple times to start. I liked that the mixed abilities and group support kept the class moving at an even pace and encouraged the students to teach each other (something that has been hard for some of the brighter students to do). My habits often fizzle out because I make too many goals and set myself up to fail by making the standards for success unreasonable (much like a resolution exerciser who claims she’ll go to the gym every day for two hours, convert to a Paleo diet, and quit coffee cold-turkey). I also get a lot of good ideas from other bloggers and appreciate when other folks share how these ideas went for them or what modifications they made, so it’s time to start doing that too. You can also use a regular saving account that you can transfer money to from your checking and just make the transfer every week or once a month for the corresponding total for the month.
I highly recommend printing out a 52-Week Savings Challenge worksheet like this one and crossing out the amount that you have put away as you go.
So, if you have to skip a week (if money is tight or you forget), you can – and still be on track!!
I have tried using those wipes that come in the container, bleach, stovetop spray and so on. From a supposedly educated liberal, ignorant comments about things like Ferguson are unfriend-worthy.
15”) until Ben Watson comes flying in and knocks Champ Bailey out at the 1-yard line. Others drove up the prices in order to bankrupt their opponents and then be able to pick up number cards for $1.
Or give them several options just to show what they could end up with in different denominations, ie $50 and $100.
A student did use the iPhone app, but she ended up having to put six frames into a collage with another app.
Having the answer-checker helped, but we had trouble maneuvering around the huge table formation and keeping track of whom we had checked. The amount does decrease as you go so if you are short on a week or two just remember to make it up another week.
How ever you do it, I think that saving some money for a rainy day or for a trip might not be such a bad idea. Be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to follow our weekly deposits and posts. If you choose to do that, I made one sheet with the numbers calculated for you, and one that you can fill in yourself.
StripGenerator also allowed students to save their comics as image files and easily upload them to JupiterGrades.
The timing difference between the slowest students and the fastest students on step 2 caused a huge delay, so we didn’t get to do that many problems.
This year I have decided to step it up a bit to make it more enjoyable, challenging and pretty. I would like my students to be self-sufficient enough to do well with this structure, but we have some work to do.

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