I think you need a super cute jar to help remind you to save all your extra $$$ for your amazing honeymoon!
Using E600, glue your choice of toy to the top of the glass jar lid – let dry for a few hours. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback a€“ We Love Seeing Your Creativity!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To view our next webinar on Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds, on September 7, Register Now! You see, the wealthy, financially free people of the world have devised a money management system that helped them get, and stay, wealthy. The great thing about a system is that you set it up and it works—if you stick with it. This system has been passed down for decades from adults to children—using envelopes, jars, piggy banks and of course, bank accounts. The Money Jar system consists of six basic places where you will want to allocate your money each month. Strive for living 55% of your net income and use a regular checking account at a local bank or credit union.
Strive for 10%, divided equally into both portions until you have 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses tucked away for that rainy day. There you go; a money management system you can tailor to fit your lifestyle and modify as your life changes. Elisabeth Donati is the owner of Creative Wealth Intl., LLL, creator of Camp Millionaire and The Money Game and the recipient of the 2010 Financial Educator of the Year Award from the National Financial Educators Council. She is author of The Ultimate Allowance, the co-author of Rocks to Riches and writes a regular blog called Financial Wisdom with a TWI$T. Elisabeth is an expert in teaching the basic financial principles people need in a way that is engaging, empowering and fun. Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and you can easily make it even more beautiful with these amazing and truly magical mason jar ideas. There is no better way to make your home friendlier and more welcoming this Christmas than with the personalized DIY mason candle jars.
This type of mason jar light is unique and creative in every single way, as it will reflect the light in several different colors. Given the fact that they can be hermetically sealed, mason jars can be used for storing your favorite tea bags.
Kids love playing with dough, and although this can be a messy job for us the adults, it is something they really love doing. You can get very creative with only some tape and stencils – simply cut out any shape you like (although Christmas trees and Santa Claus are particularly appreciated this time of the year) and stick them onto the jar.
As you may have noticed already, mason jars are a particularly good choice for creating DIY candles and hanging lights that you can easily hang around the house, or even above the Christmas dinner table! If you are passionate about growing herbs and other plants and just watching them evolve, or if your child has a science project at school where he has to study insects, then you can easily turn a mason jar into a beautiful and space-effective terrarium.
Another great DIY idea for mason jars that you no longer use is to turn them into under-shelf storage for your spices or for craft supplies – whenever you need anything, you just put your hand inside and grab it. We have heard countless times about small candles inserted inside the jar, but how about creating your own mason jar-shaped candle that you can use at home? There is nothing more bothersome than getting your hands burned when enjoying your favorite morning coffee, but fortunately this will no longer be the case with the Mason Jar coffee koozie here!
If you used to throw away your mason jars and your socks so far, then you should stop: just think about what a beautiful and crafty flower vase you can do, only by dressing up your mason jars with stylish socks. The DIY fabric wrapped flower vase is similar to the two other vases described above, the sole difference is that in this case, the mason jar has to be carefully wrapped in a fabric of your choosing. We all love jam, but how about dressing up our jam jars and make them look even more beautiful and appealing?
This is yet another crafty and creative idea to keep track of time, just like the other DIY advent calendar described above, the sole difference is that in this case, you will mark down the days on the lids of your mason jars! With the mason jar key hook, you will never have to worry about where you have put your keys again! If you like to draw a lot yet you always forget where you put your crayons, then the DIY Jar pencil holder will certainly come in handy.
Christmas is coming, and if you are passionate about crafts then you should know that mason jars can beautifully double as jar globes – place some twigs or some faux flowers or garlands inside the jaw, exactly as instructed here. If you need a handy powder sugar shaker, then you do not need to go and buy one – instead, you can easily make one yourself with items you would normally find in your pantry, such as a mason jar.
Who doesn’t love a delectable, super cheesy slice of pizza, specially if it’s loaded with equally delicious selection of toppings? When it comes to summer holidays, the kids are all brightened up with lots and lots of cheers and excitement to get indulged in some truly fun-filled activities and games. Having fun outside in the sun during the pretty summer season can get all the more exciting and amazing if it’s accompanied by a great splash of chilly waters.
I also wrote a book featuring mason jar crafts for kids that will be published in April 2015.
For the projects below, click on the thumbnail photos and you’ll be taken to the tutorials.

My kiddos are at the age now where they want to do chores and earn money to buy more Taylor Swift downloads for their iPods. So I whipped up these labels that are big enough to wrap around pint and half pint mason jars.
Just download via the link below, print on card stock or matte photo paper, and tape closed. Welcome to Three Little Monkeys Studio, where I love to share creative tutorials and inspiration to help you celebrate all of life's big moments the DIY way!
Here are a few examples of price differences, though you may be able to do even better than I did if you have bulk stores near you. Regarding cinnamon and vanilla extract, the above discount prices are of Kirkland brand, which is Costco’s store brand. I hope I have cast some light on how much money you can save by purchasing great tasting discount spices and herbs, instead of the tiny, little containers of brand name products at outrageous prices. This list is pretty impressive especially with spices being so expensive and if you don’t use them quickly they go stale. I have oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast almost every morning and was adding 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon until reading about the problem with consuming that much on a regular basis. Forget to mention Food Banks prefer not any glass containers…so if donating spices and herbs best to get them in plastic jars or cellophane bags and not glass jars.
Food banks in my area put out flyers of most needed items and on the flyers it’s stated nothing in glass. Summer Memories:  Cut up strips of paper and add memories to them throughout your summer.  After the summer is done, you have a jar full of memories! Hi Mique, Thanks so much for sharing these…I just love the project with the blue jars. These jars can be used over and over to save for trips in the future… not just your Honeymoon – it could be a new saving tradition! Once dry I glittered the surface of the lid with Mod Podge and Martha Stewart Glitter in blue and turquoise. Everyday we share new and unique wedding inspiration that is carefully curated for the DIY bride. Here are our guidelines: 1-2 images in their original format may be used with a direct link provided that full and clear credit is given to Something Turquoise along with the credited photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. An affiliate link means that we may receive a commission on sales of some of the products that are linked in our posts; it costs you nothing and we are rewarded for the introduction. If you think about money as little employees, however, with different jobs, you begin to have a powerful financial system that makes managing your income and expenses a whole lot easier. Just like McDonalds has a system that allows all of their hamburgers to taste the same across the nation, you can have a money management system that provides you with all the money you need and want for the rest of your life.
Jobs that if you made sure they were handled every single month, would allow you to always have money for the things you needed and wanted?
This is where you build financial freedom for yourself and you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you choose.
Use two or more savings accounts for this money to keep it from being spent on other things.
By simply allocating a small percentage of your monthly income to play with, you’ll always have the money you need for expenses.
It’s only by developing a great money system early on that you attain your financial goals in life. Before deciding on any investment, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. With a bit of creativity, some pattern tape and several colors for painting the jar, you can now create your own small candle support, in the privacy of your own home! The prism mason jar light is perfect for discrete mood lighting – all you need is some ribbon or twine, some round glass decorative elements, brushes and a mason jar to unleash your creativity on. Crafty and beautiful, these jars will efficiently preserve the flavor of the tea bags and they will also add a touch of color and creativity to your pantry at the same time.
Write down several things that you have learned this year, wrap them up beautifully and put them in the jar – next year, you can take them out one by one.
Having said that, the DIY playdough mix-in-a-jar is a great way to keep the little ones engaged and interested this Christmas!
With a bit of creativity and several stylish jars, you can make the best of this unique idea. If you are a candle collector, then you will certainly love this craft idea: fill a mason jar with water and add a small candle on top. All you need is a heat-resistant jar, some candle wax (preferable colored and scented) and a touch of imagination. Practical, beautiful and very comfortable, the coffee koozie will certainly appeal to all your friends. Not only can the jar be used for storing keys, but also for flowers and other colorful things that will certainly brighten up your entire hallway in an instant.
Each one has a different background with a chalkboard style label, and because my oldest loves to read the fine print, I added a little definition to remind her and her sister what they are doing this for. I picked up these coin slot lids from a group deal site, but you can also find them through Etsy and online retailers.
Husband and I have been following the Ramsey plan since last fall and got the kids on board, but only with plain paper envelopes.

However, they can be quite costly, especially if you need a lot of them, such as when you make rubs and marinades.
3 grams, the weight of the contents of an unopened McCormick container in a quart measuring cup. As you can see, the price difference and the volume you receive, compared to brand name, is staggering! When trying to make a meal with limited resources seasonings other than salt become an extra that is not affordable even if just $1. I use spices all the time, but it isn’t what we think of first, when donating food items.
It’s always nice to start something that engages the kids all summer and this is a great one! I like the idea of adding the memories to a scrapbook or something, too, so they’ll always be remembered.
Make a commitment to yourself to always add something to this jar and before you know it you will create a nice little honeymoon nest egg.
Unfortunately the etching didn’t show well on film with the $$ in the jar – but it looks great in person! Start an IRA (individual retirement account) at a local or online financial institution (TD-Ameritrade is great) and get some solid advice on what to invest this money in. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. It is said that those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them – the mason jar advent calendar will make sure that this will never be your case! I have found that you can save a lot of money by purchasing in bulk, at discount stores, or even store brands. I did go to our local supermarket to compare prices of brand name spices (McCormick), to store brands and other discount brands. You get 16 oz (yes, two cups) of vanilla, real vanilla extract, of Kirkland brand, for $6.79, which is 42 cents per oz. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, chili powder, cumin, basil, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, sage, thyme and especially black pepper would be wonderful to donate. After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list. Some people are reluctant to purchasing discount or store brands, even if they will save money by doing so, because they believe they get a tastier and healthier product by purchasing brand name foods. Aldi gives you 3 oz for a buck, while McCormick doesn’t even give you a full ounce, and you have to pay well over 3 dollars?
But if you already have one, like I do, I’ll just refill it with WM spice when needed, instead of buying a new container at that price.
Kirkland, again, high quality cinnamon, very pleasant aroma that appeals to me much more than McCormick’s cinnamon does. I enjoy the domestic life of cooking, baking, gardening, and in general taking care of my family and household. For most people who add cinnamon to flavor, for instance, their French Toast, pancakes or apple pie they are not consuming very much cinnamon in one serving. They would be great for any of the projects that involve collecting slips of paper or money etc! And if you were really, really lucky, someone taught you that money had four jobs: spending, saving, donating and investing! If you are one of them, you may want to CLICK HERE to read this very interesting article by Consumer Reports, which includes taste-test results of store brands vs.
Or, sometimes I will reuse an empty container from a different spice; wash it out, dry real well, use a permanent marker to label it (or make a pretty label). To show you the difference in yet another way, I decided to pour the contents of my bag out on the counter top, and compare to the contents of McCormick’s container. But anyone on blood thinners should check with their doctor about the effects of Cassia cinnamon. The only problem was that the McCormick container was already opened and half used up, so to be as fair as I was could, I pulled out my scale. There is also a table toward the end of this post with a price-per-ounce comparison of a few spices. This is a very good and accurate scale, but when it comes to such tiny amounts as 3 grams to start out, very few kitchen scales will be able to be 100% accurate, or even detect it. But I did the best I could, measuring as carefully as I was able to, repeating and double checking the steps to give you the results as accurately as possible. I kept my camera on a tripod, kept it zoomed at the same distance, and tried as much as I could to keep the leaves at the same thickness in the piles. The results will not be 100% accurate, but it will definitely give you an idea of the difference when you see it spread out like this.

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