These people are my heroes (literally and figuratively) because they not only give the business and industry a good name and make the world a better place, but they also teach me how to be better at what I do.
There are ways to make money podcasting in an authentic, inspiring, educational, and entertaining way. John Lee Dumas generates over $50K monthly selling sponsorships on his podcast, and writes about how he does it here.
I am constantly approached by companies wanting to sponsor my podcast, the School of Greatness, because of the large download numbers I get (over 800K a month currently).
The only sponsor I currently use for my podcast is Onnit, an amazing fitness supplement company that I believe in 100%. So, how do you go about starting a profitable podcast, utilizing your strengths and passions?
Just like starting a blog, you have to use your authentic voice on your podcast and make it very high quality.
Then you’ll have a better idea of what kinds of sponsors will appeal to your audience, what kind of affiliate products they would buy, and where to start reaching out for opportunities with confidence that your audience is primed to buy from a brand you recommend. Remember, if you’re not having fun with your podcast, neither are your sponsors or audience. Do it because you love it, pay attention to the feedback, and stay true to your intention and the opportunities for making money from your podcast will appear.
Join me for much more on how to make money podcasting, in my course on Starting a Profitable Podcast and Building a Brand right here on CreativeLive. Lewis Howes is a former professional football player turned author, entrepreneur, and speaker.
40 Easy Ways To Make Money Quickly - Save The Student - The best ways to make money And please do share your own ideas in the comments!
Money-Making Ideas - How To Make Money On The Side - Check out these money-making ideas, 6 Ways to Stay Fit When You Work in an Office.
How To Make More Money And Grow Your Wealth - WikiHow - Basic ways of making money through of Read How to Make Money Fast for more ideas. When you’re in debt, paying it down can often seem like an impossible mountain that you need to climb and it can be so discouraging to think about how to pay it all off. Collect and trade in soda cans – While you won’t pay off your car this way, you can make a decent chunk of change per trip if your local recycling center pays for aluminum. Put the mower to work – Instead of letting your mower sit all week long, put it to work by mowing lawns for other people. Take a Survey – Despite what the general opinion of them can be, surveys can be an excellent way to add some bulk to your get out of debt fund. Grocery shop for others – If you live in a larger city, consider going grocery shopping for others.
Run a home daycare – If you’re a stay at home mom, consider adding one or two babysitting kids for a good way to make some extra cash. Become a personal shopper for free – Sears and Kmart both have an awesome program called Shop Your Way Rewards that will let you earn extra cash just by helping others shop!
Sell your old books – Scope out your local used book stores to see if they offer cash for used books. House-Sit – If you’re open to a background and reference check, you might make a little extra cash housesitting while people in your town are on vacation. Put your thrift stores to work – Hit up your local thrift stores for finds that you could flip for cash. Go grocery shopping – Cashback apps like Checkout51, iBotta, SNAP and Reciept Hog are a fantastic way to put some money back in your pocket.
Sell Photos – Stockphoto sites like iStock will often let you sign up to sell photos to earn royalities.
Whether you have a full-time job and want to make a little money on the side or you would like to earn an income while being a stay-at-home mom or homeschooling your kids, opportunities abound. If you have children at home or cannot find students to tutor in your local area, you can also tutor online. Teachers and homeschooling parents are always creating their own worksheets, quizzes, lesson plans and other educational materials.
If you are a certified teacher, you may also be able to make money by creating materials for educational companies. If creating educational materials is not your cup of tea or you have other talents, consider getting crafty. The last thing many teachers and parents want to do during their time off is spend more time around children, but if you have children of your own, babysitting may be the perfect way to earn extra cash while keeping your children at home with you. If none of the ideas above appeal to you, there’s nothing stopping you from starting your own business.
Making money during the summer, part-time or online requires thinking outside of the box and taking a look at what you have to offer. Dighted to read these suggestion as my frustration grew as I tried to figure out my summer project.
Now the reason I belive that you should take my training seriously is because I have been trying several differnet money making ideas for years so I have tons of trial and error experience.

As you can see from the video above, it is very possible to make money online with the ideas that I can give you access to. Sign up to my NewsLetter as a Subscriber and get FREE access to the 7 days to profitable blogging eBook! A way that leaves you fulfilled not by the amount of money in your bank account (because it can be A LOT if you do it right), but by the emails you receive from listeners on how you changed their life or when someone stops you are the street to tell you how their dreams have been achieved in part because of YOU! Because for every good idea you have, there are 100 distractions that will try to take you away from actually making that idea a reality. However, I’ve been very selective about which sponsors I take on, because I want to make sure I keep a very strong link between my sponsors and the message of my show. While I could make more money from taking on additional sponsors, these guys have been with me from the beginning of my podcast and treated me like gold, so I stick with them. John interviews top entrepreneurs from around the world, 7 days per week and uncovers what’s making them truly stand out from the rest. This motivational speaker, author, and fitness expert, shares her genuine experiences with everything from business, to relationships, and life balance. Here, the best-selling author, entrepreneur, and life-long experimenter, shares his insights on life & business, as well as those of his esteemed guests. This trio of entrepreneurs has teamed up to create an invaluable podcast, sharing insights from startup founders and influential entrepreneurs around the world. His book, School of Greatness, and podcast baring the same name, are teaching countless entrepreneurs how to become successful. One of the best ways to pay down any large amount of debt is by taking it one small step at a time. The amount of money you’ll earn depends on how long the article is and how much the person who requested it is willing to pay. People that work a lot or are home bound will usually pay a decent amount just to have someone else shop for them. Some people make a pretty decent amount of extra cash just by baking things like homemade bread, banana bread and even cakes! Duties might include things like watering plants, feeding pets or just making sure everything is locked up tight and safe. If taking them is your thing and you’re good at it, you could easily turn your camera into a second income! Welcome to Raining Hot Coupons where you'll find all the best deals, tastiest recipes, hottest coupons and more! Getting a minimum wage job is not always cost-effective, nor is it easy to find one with an accommodating schedule. You can choose to work for a tutoring company and have them help find clients or simply advertise around your neighborhood. You can profit from those materials by selling them on a website such as Teachers Pay Teachers. Many educational websites, textbook publishers and educational software designers contract with teachers to have them design lesson plans, worksheets and test questions or have them review materials to ensure they will work well in the classroom.
Sell your crochet-work, knitting or creative craft projects online using Etsy, Silkfair or another online shopping platform. While the tasks may only pay a few pennies or a few dollars to complete, the more you complete, the more the earnings add up.
While not all survey websites are legitimate or will result in significant earnings, some can provide a decent part-time income. During the summer, working parents of elementary-aged children are often looking for affordable care.
Sell those unused kids toys and clothes kids have outgrown using websites such as Craigslist, local swap groups on Facebook or a Just Between Friends or other kids’ consignment sales. As a stay-at-home mom and military wife, Stacy has unique experiences to bring to her work.
All you have to is join me in my business and I will personally train you until you succeed.
At least once a week I discover someone new in the world of podcasting, who is killing it in a way that I hadn’t thought of before. Making money from podcasting the right way requires you to get extremely focused on your why. Create a podcast around your passion and find sponsors that will be attracted to your audience.
Take notes on their branding, how their episodes are composed, and how they promote their sponsors. It may seem like a lot of work, but little amounts can add up to big ones very, very quickly.
You could easily earn an extra $100 or more per month just by writing a few things per month. With a couple of full time kids to watch, you could easily be making a full time check each week.
A good rule of thumb is to keep your prices low and to get rid of anything you haven’t used in 6 months or more.

Instead of traditional jobs, numerous teachers and parents are becoming micropreneurs, creating income opportunities that fit their own unique interests, skills and scheduling needs.
During the school year, parents may hire tutors to help their children improve in a specific subject area. If you are into stamping or scrapbooking, turn your skills into making stationery and pre-designed scrapbooks. Websites such as Crowdflower and Amazon Mechanical Turk have you complete random tasks, such as verifying website addresses or finding search results.
Review websites, write poems, create logos or offer to do anything else you think is worth $5. Survey Police is a website that can help you determine whether the online survey companies you find are legitimate. You can also serve as a drop-in babysitter, offering to watch local children for a small fee while their parents go to appointments or need to have some time to themselves for a few hours.
Look for free items and good deals on Craigslist and at local garage sales, and then resell those items online or at a larger sale. Do your research by looking up current prices online to make sure you are getting a good deal on the items you buy and sell.
Then think of ways you could get other people to pay you for using those interests, hobbies and skills. She regularly blogs about education and parenting, develops creative educational activities, writes lesson plans and creates workbooks for all age-levels and subject areas. I can also guide you and let you know which business are legitimate and which ones are scams. Not only will you get access to all of my ideas to make moeny online from home, but you’ll also get access  to my training videos that outline exactly how I went from zero to over $10,000 a month in less than 90 days. Etsy is full of people that have made full time businesses just out of what used to be a hobby! Many also seek out tutors in the summer to help their children get ahead or keep them from losing information during their time away from school. You may also find opportunities to teach students from other countries how to speak English. Software companies such as Microsoft also hire individuals to test out new products and websites.
If you are social and like participating in online conversations, try a website like Crowdtap, where you can take surveys, participate in discussions and occasionally try free products to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other items. You may not start off making a lot of money, but as you build experience and get more people interested in what you have to offer, your summer job could turn into a way to fund a summer vacation, add a significant amount of money to your budget or even become a new full-time career. With that said I hope you liked my ideas to make money post and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below.
And while tutoring may be best suited for teachers, it is not limited to certified educators. Not only can you earn money for your work, but you can be one of the first to experience cool new products and websites.
These apps send you to local businesses to search for products, verify addresses and take photos, giving you the opportunity to earn a few bucks for each task you complete.
Searching in the ETC column of your local Craigslist jobs board will often reveal local focus groups that can pay up to $100 for participation, usually in the form of gift cards.  However, be careful not to give out confidential information until you have verified that the opportunity is legitimate.
All you have to do is create a project proposal and start soliciting support from family, friends and individuals around the world. If you have a bachelor’s degree in an area where students need help, you may be qualified to tutor students who need help.
That may be the perfect length to write out your parenting tips, a guide to local events and attractions or a how-to guide related to one of your hobbies. A foam circle, some ribbon and artificial flowers could turn into a new wreath-making business. If you have a specific skill, such as the ability to design webpages, work as a copywriter or complete the work of a virtual assistant you can also advertise your services and your price for those services on a website such as Upwork.
If you find you enjoy running errands, you may even be able to start your own local business, advertising to busy executives, those who have difficulty leaving their homes and even other busy moms. StartupNation’s Leading Moms in Business competition is another way to get your business idea out there and get it funded. Companies such as WyzAnt and Club Z can help you find local students to tutor in your area.
If you are not a strong writer, put your ideas down on paper and then hire another freelance writer or editor to help you shape them into a book. Craigslist is also a place to find random jobs, such as walking dogs or helping move boxes.
You can then sell your book through online platforms such as Smashwords, CreateSpace or Lulu.

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