Recently, we’ve started having our kids earn money for various chores around the house. My kidlets ask for toys probably about as often as other’s kids and instead of purchasing them or making them wait until birthdays or future holidays, the Husband and I have started paying them when they clean up or set the table. Both jars were freebies we were gifted, but Reagan’s had a hideous logo from the local waterpark emblazened across the front. The kids have been earning money for the past month so today was the big day to go shopping!

If you follow me on Twitter {you should be!}, you know that I’ve made a mention on more than one occasion of our following the Dave Ramsey plan for our finances.
Luke and Reagan each have their own money jar to put their earnings in, but Reagan’s needed some serious help. Reagan picked an Abby Cadabby coloring book and new crayons and Luke picked out a motorized Thomas the Train. So much less expensive than transfer paper!} Stick the label to the jar first and then place the wording on top.

Not only did they get things that they’d been asking for, but they’re also learning the value of a dollar and getting to do it cute-ly!

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