As I was gathering my thoughts for this week’s post, I was musing over the question of just what it means to love unconditionally. I think the answer as to how we can specifically show unconditional love will vary from situation to situation. For instance, I have a friend named Jon, whose close relative, Steve, asked him for some money to help out with a particularly legitimate need.
At this particular juncture, Jon has committed his extra money to some investments, which would have to be postponed indefinitely if he were to lend the money to Steve.
Joan: I just got off the phone with my sister, Brynn, who sometimes helps me sort out ideas for this blog.
From Rebecca: You may remember my previous post for Thanksgiving week about living above the fray in regards to the petty issues of life. Disclaimer: Please understand that we are not experts on this topic, nor are we licensed to give professional advice. Essentially the lovely people over at The Economist publish a chart every day on pretty much everything. This graph shows perceived corruption within the public sector on the Y-axis against a survey-based score for how likely private companies are to engage in bribery on the X-axis. When it comes to crime it is often very difficult to make comparisons between countries, partly because the chance of a crime being reported differs greatly across cultures. Initially graphs can seem extremely helpful, easy to use and much simpler than going through the actual written info they’re based on.
By taking economics as a first year module, never having done that type work before, graphs can be a real pain, especially when I am required to interpret info off the graph. If you use cloth diapers for your babies and if you are looking for waste-free, reusable products in the rest of your life, it’s a natural next step to keep the change coming and use cloth menstrual pads or a diva cup.
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Caring for Cloth Pads and Menstrual Cups – Basic care advice for cloth pads and menstrual cups during and after your period. This entry was posted in Eco Baby Steps and tagged cloth pads, menstrual pads, menstrual products by Attached Mama. I noticed that these earlier portions emphasize the idea that regardless of the great things one may accomplish in life, it means little unless you first love others well.
But, the application of U Love should always be directed by God, who sees the big picture, and knows the needs of each person at any given time. As a matter of fact, Jon has had to help Steve out of financial binds numerous times in the past. Considering Steve’s spending history, it is questionable if the loan would even be repaid.

Is it really showing U Love to Steve by continuing to support Steve’s lifestyle of living on borrowed money? Since God wrote the guidelines for unconditional love, I figure He knows best how to apply it to each situation. After prayerful consideration, Jon decided not to lend Steve the full amount of money; but, instead, gave him a small sum as a gift towards the needed cash.
The information contained in this blog is solely the opinions of the authors and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.
However, when I started looking for the chart that sparked off the idea, I stumbled upon The Economist’s Daily Chart section (you can see it here). I think they allow you to summarize a huge amount of what’s going on in just a small area. One of the better measures to get around thus problem are murder rates, as murders tend to be reported. Maybe under-developed countries are susceptible to more crime which then leads to a higher homicide rate. Its ability to summarise information in a concise manner and be self explanatory makes it an excellent tool for analysis. With cloth menstrual pads and menstrual cups you also enjoy safe, chemical-free protection.
I dona€™t know if there are any real angel babies but I've found several pictures of human angel babies and one of a cute angel figurine.
There are many means to express human love, but they almost always center upon getting some form of benefit from the relationship. On the one hand, I see from the U Love definition above that we are not to be focusing on ourselves, but on the needs of others. In these cases, either Jon did not get the money returned to him, or he had to wait an inordinate amount of time for the cash to be repaid. Knowing all of the facts, Jon questions whether it would be wise for him to lend the money. My conclusion is for me to draw close to God so that I can be led by Him in all circumstances. Investors in exchange for providing this money now, get a rate of return on what is called a bond.
It is worth noting that the companies Bribe Payers Index is the likelihood of companies using bribes when doing business in foreign countries. With all these news reports that we are exposed to make it seem like corruption is one of South Africa’s biggest problems. It can be used for multi purposes and most significantly; it allows people to track the present condition of a variable and also project the condition in the future.

This would not have put Jon in financial jeopardy, but it would have made cash flow a bit tight for him for awhile. Steve has also made a habit of approaching other friends and relatives to borrow the money to cover the over spending. It seems that getting through life will be far less complicated with God in the driver’s seat. The graph firstly shows that banks are having major issues in getting more cash, which they need to meet the new Basel Rules*.
We do not hear of many corruption incidents happening in some of the countries that are listed as most corrupt.
If you look at Africa or South America, they are third world according to the Three World Model, the majority of their countries have high homicide rates where as North America or Australia are first world and appear to have low homicide rate. To better understand these concepts, I decided to consult the actual scripture in the Bible which discusses unconditional love. On the other hand, does loving unconditionally mean we are to completely deny ourselves to love others? Without the God connection, we can really misunderstand how to operate in U Love in certain circumstances. It now appears that living on borrowed funds rather than tightening his purse strings has become a consistent way of life for Steve. Secondly it shows that investors are unwilling to issue these bonds unless they are covered. You know this passage by now, considering we’ve talked about it in practically every post on this blog! A covered bond is a bond which is linked to an asset proportional in value to the bond issued.
Hong Kong has one of the least corrupt administrations in the world, despite being part of the China which ranks quite poorly on this scale. So if the bank cannot pay the bond interest then the investors can take control of the asset to get their money back. Perhaps unsurprisingly the Russian oligarchy is bringing up the rear amongst the major economies.
Fundamentally this graph shows just how little liquidity and how much paranoia is driving the behaviour of European banks. By making college unaffordable and student loans unbearable, we risk deterring our best and brightest from pursuing higher education and securing a good paying job.

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