Be proactive with time management, stress management, confronting fears, and burnout prevention. This entry was posted in Inspiration and tagged abilities, and positive points, burnout prevention, confronting fears, direction of life, happiness, life choices, personal responsibilty, Steve Maraboli, strengths, stress management, talents, thoughts, time management, Victim Mindset, virtues by Mastering Today. Driven by intrinsic motivation, people want to do things because they want to do them, not because they are being paid for them. Think about this before your next appraisal meetings, and you will find many ways to motivate your employees while keeping salaries at reasonable levels.
As a government-appointed commission works on defining a new poverty line, it might want to consult India’s Parsis, descendants of Zoroastrians who migrated to India from Persia (present-day Iran) several centuries ago. On Monday, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), an administrative body for the Parsi community in India, said it will define Parsis as poor if their monthly income is less than 90,000 rupees ($1,613). The Parsis, a close-knit and wealthy community struggling with a dwindling population, have always been known for their enterprising spirit. Perhaps it’s time for the Indian government, reeling as it is under an economic growth slump and an inability to set healthy growth policies, to turn to the Parsis for inspiration. Maybe the punchayet has a few more flats lying vacant that they could fill up with some deserving cases. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data.
Since independence, the gap of income between the Poverty Line or minimum wages and the income of Govt. It is critical for the profitability of your business to keep the cost down, yet your employees seem to always request for another raise in their salary.

This requires people to be given the right tools for the job, sufficient freedom on how to get the job done, responsibility on making choices impacting the quality of the job – in short, allowing your employees to be self-guided, responsible peple capable of doing the job they are hired to do, and making them feel good about it.
We forget that driving factors for doing a job well are not necessarily money and financial rewards, but status, recognition and pride.
Some of India’s most successful businesses, including the omnipresent Tata Group, are part of the Parsi tradition. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links.
When the cost of most of the food items like milk, bread, Fruits, vegetables or cost of vehicles, gasoline or transportation, electricity, education, medicine or medical treatment etc.
He has been with Reuters since September 2006 and has previously worked with The Times of India and Press Trust of India. As a matter of fact, it is not even money per se, but what comes along with it: The ability to buy better things, prestige, status.
If people are proud of what they are doing and have been given sufficient training and the right tools, they will do the job well and with responsibility without continuously asking for more money. Activists for the poor said that it was unrealistic to think that people who were making more than that amount a day were well off. He holds post-graduate degrees in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and in English from Hindu College, Delhi University. Why should not the minimum wages be same as anywhere else and less than that should be considered Below Poverty Line? If we compare the performance of the former, which is so disappointing it seems that they are the parasite of the democratic systems and they are surviving at the cost of people below poverty line.

For employees whose first job this is, they may have to justify to their parents how much salary they are getting.
If you give your employees a chance to be proud of what they do (and ensure they get recognised accordingly), you might be able to convert extrinsic motivation (salary) into intrinsic motivation.
Specially when the products of Indian Worker (Agriculture or Industrial) are sold in the International Market at the same International Rates. Married employees may be questioned by their spouses, and “buddies in bars” may boast about their take-home pay.
But “feeling good” isn’t purely and only driven by money, but often by status and recognition. As far as the performance is concerned, Indian Labor or workers are no less than other developed countries. It can be a couple of extra days vacation, public recognition in a company event, permission to work from home or similar.
In too many cases, managers don’t even say “thank you” or “well done” to employees for completing certain tasks, implicating that “they are just doing the job they are being paid for anyways.”There are many ways to provide people with sufficient motivation. However, intrinsic motivators are much more powerful, and companies fail to acknowledge this.

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