After getting it I realized it has a gas leak front tank doesn't work transfer case leaks also battery will start fine but I can kill it an fire it right back up an it acts dead as he'll let it sit for a minute then will fire right up? Haven't checked the fuel psi, but I did push the value steam core with a screw driver and gas shot out, after turning it over I repeated the following an fuel shot out, so I know fuel is building up in the fuel rail. I had the battery tested an it only held 100 amps or something like that so I got a new 650 cold cranking amp battery. I'm hoping the battery was the problem, I didn't know if the battery would could cause it to be sluggish when starting even with jumper cables hooked up with a running vehicle..?
It's now plugged up like that, but haven't had a clear day to hook new battery up an try it.

The little chip between the air conditioner pump and distributor that says ECC or something like that how do you rest that? I've always had carbed Chevys this is my first ford an only efi I've had to work on and it's only turned into a puzzle, thanks for helping!
What you need to do with an EFI motor is use the diagnostic tools it provides, which in this case means pull the codes. 4 speed tranny leaks motor leaked so I fixed the tranny and got value cover gaskets for it let it run before i started on it to charge the battery an build fuel up two days later got it done did a side at a time an made sure I didn't skip anything putting it back together tried to start it batt was dead so jumped it first few licks were fast then acted as the batt was dead i didn't worry about it at the time just figured the coil wasn't getting spark cause when taking coil wire off the spark pug cap came off with it so I replaced the coil with a super accel coil still wouldn't start thought it might be the starter relay solenoid an distributor module both accel still no start same thing as before couple quick turns then sluggish got the battery tested an came back bad I guess from sitting so I got another one but haven't made it out to put it on yet just looking for some advice idk if the battery will fix it but would like to find out if the timing is advanced where it wouldn't start back after Getting fuel heard it might be and would like to know the firing order any advice would help me out!
On this vintage truck there will be an EEC TEST connector over by the drivers side hood hinge either clipped to the rear side of the airbox or laying on the inner fender.

If you put a jumper(paperclip) between the STI an SIG_RTN pins on this connector and turn the key to run(don't start engine), codes will flash on the check engine light.

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