There are a number of legitimate reasons people don’t achieve the levels of success they would like to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, there are real reasons things go sideways, but an excuse is an attempt to shirk responsibility or worse shift the blame.
When you acknowledge your part in the problem you can become a part of the solution. You have control again. The second benefit of taking responsibility for your actions and your part in your situation is that now you can grow forward. When we own our mistakes, which if we are trying to accomplish anything of worth you will make, we can learn what not to do, which can be more educational than getting things right. So the choice is yours you can continue to blame any and everyone for the crises and circumstances in your life or you can own your situation and go forward, grow forward and gain respect. David speaks and writes on leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, organizational change and organizational culture.
Instead of making excuses we have to take responsibility for our mistakes, our situation, our choices and our lives.
When we take responsibility for our situations, there are three distinct benefits – you can go forward, grow forward and gain respect. If we are going to be successful, we will need people around us who will believe in us, work with us, encourage us, and connect us to others.
If you don’t like where you are, you can change it, and the path to a new future is owning your current situation. He also helped me identify some blind spots and gave me strategies to mitigate them that have caused me to go to another level.
What we don’t realize is that when we blame others and shirk responsibility we give up control over that situation. When we take ownership of our issues and stop making excuses, we can gain the respect of others. David has given me strategies to replace that with more encouraging self talk an I have seen the results immediately.

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