Tomorrow, Today is the first project being developed under 50 Cent’s G-Unit Film and Television, Inc. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Last week, in efforts to promote his new alcohol, EFFEN Vodka, Fiddy slammed French’s buddy and label mate, Diddy and his alcohol, Ciroc. 50 is right French don’t have no album sell, no one is checking for him and he is way out if his league coming at 50.
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However, in the last week 50 Cent suggested that the lure of conversing with his 3 million followers was irresistible. Just as the federal government did away with silver in 1964 by minting its quarters and dimes out of copper… they also did away with the copper in pennies in 1982. For example lets say I enter in 1,000 dollars (an easily obtained amount) of pre1982 pennies into the calculator. Once again I would like to think the government saw the value of copper in June of 1982 when they decided to strip the copper out of the penny and replace it with Zinc.
The same thing right now is currently happening with the nickel but that is something I will talk about in my next installment.
And even if the event of mass deflation and a booming economy… the face value is still a cent.
These pennies are obviously worth their weight in copper but I set them aside for their collectors value. Great so we have obtained our share of copper but we have possibly hundreds of dollars of change laying around.
The television network has extended its deal with the G-Unit leader as he is now developing another series for the premium cable property. The effect may not have been as drastic as liquidating silver from currency but lets face it wealth is wealth.

As you see it breaks down how many pounds of copper and how many pounds of zinc are in my bundle of pennies. I strongly believe if we ever see a post economic collapse or fallout that copper as well as silver would be traded in place of a fiat… or paper currency. Just like the generation of the 60s was robbed of its silver coins our generation was also robbed of real wealth. Its tough for robbers to make off in a lot of copper if god forbid, you are ever a victim of a home invasion or burglary. While your paper currency and everything in your house would burn in fire, your copper even if it melts… is very safe.
Keep in mind as of right now it is actually illegal to destroy, tamper or melt down any American currency. You would want to use a scale that is accurate enough to detect by a tenth of a gram or better. If you’re doing this I do not recommend returning it to the bank or even branch you picked it up from. It may aid you in a potential economic collapse or just act as a safe investment for right now.
50 Cent, an executive producer and actor on the Starz drama Power, is working on a new superhero show called Tomorrow, Today according to a report by Variety. Last year, the television program’s second season finale set a ratings record for Starz. In my previous video & blog post I mentioned the importance of saving silver not only for the possibility of economic collapse but also because of its metallic value. The great thing is its a risk free investment as your not paying anything extra for a the penny. What the calculators do is determine the melt value of a preset number of coins you may have. The calculator then takes the current melt value of the 2 metals and combines them for an overall melting price of which happens to be 2394 dollars and 13 cents as of this post.
If the would-be thief can carry out a 60 pounds in copper good for him… and good for you too.

But with talks of America completely eliminating the penny and even the nickel it’s not unwise to think they would eventually lift the melt ban as well.
We need to be a member in good standing with our local bank however because we have to buy pennies in bulk to reasonably enter this hobby. When in good condition (not even including special years) they can be worth at least double digest to collectors, yielding 10 dollars or more. If it only weighs in 1 gm increments its just going to round up, giving the wrong information.
Not only will you piss the tellers off but next time you pick up change you may face getting the same dump you dropped off. The show will tell the story of a military veteran from Chicago who was falsely imprisoned, and became the test subject for a prison doctor’s experiments. The hit series is currently in the midst of its third season, and generating plenty of discussion on social media.
When the purchasing power of the dollar goes down everything we own loses value along with it. I would bring them to a coin dealer or at the very least post a picture of it online and look for a professional response to it. Most coin machines strip 10 percent of your dump and turn this hobby into a money pit so I would avoid those machines.
If you are a young kid or retired then this may be a great hobby for you, or a way to spend some time.
I recommend dumping it to those machines but once again avoid dumping into a bank you pick up at or you may see your recycle.

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