Donald Trump often says one thing, just to quickly contradict himself a month, week, or even a day later.
Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November 8 election, coming back from a stinging 2008 defeat in her first White House run and surviving a bitter primary fight to become the first woman to head the ticket of a major party in US history.
From suggestions from talk show hosts to social media users, it’s seems that if Hillary wins the White House later this year, no one really seems to know what to call the spouse of a female president.
Speaking with USA Today, a former chief of staff to Laura Bush said a likely scenario is Bill would still be referred to as Mr. The terrifying moment broke up a tense interview during which Bill Clinton ? then governor of Arkansas ? was trying to keep his nascent presidential bid from being thrown off course by news of an alleged affair with cabaret singer Gennifer Flowers.

Now, the idea of two-for-one is back, and Bill Clinton as first spouse could be one half of a powerful team. No enemy of hers forced her to circumvent the rules to try to keep her official emails off the grid, or to take $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speeches.

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