There are over 30 years of scientific studies exploring the role of mind body techniques in helping people prepare for successful surgery.
The mind-body techniques most studied include guided imagery, relaxation training, and positive outcome affirmations that are recorded and listened to before, during and after surgery.
Armed with this knowledge, I recently helped a dear friend of mine prepare for shoulder replacement surgery. To prepare her, I created a list of affirmations for successful surgery and recorded them in my own voice on a CD.
Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. For those of you who have listened to Louise Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts, you’ll understand how powerful an affirmation can be. As per the respect of others, I will do my best to leave out the topics of spirituality and religion. While these three affirmations may only be the beginning, there are plenty more to come in the following weeks. In addition, happy people live longer, so creating an environment of happiness, joy, love and appreciation before, during and after surgery is essential preparation in helping the patient reduce stress prior to the surgery and heal faster afterwards.
In her early 70’s, she was doing everything she could to avoid surgery, including months of physical therapy which only resulted in a slight improvement of range of motion, but resulted in increasing physical pain. The affirmations were divided into three categories: preparation for surgery, during surgery and after surgery. Taking my cue from a recent workshop I attended on Happiness and Positive Psychology, I wrote her a letter of love and gratitude and read it aloud to her at church the Sunday prior to her surgery. She was out of recovery and up walking, eating and using the bathroom within hours of regaining consciousness.

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Within the respect of having such a busy life as a legal professional, one might ask how we can keep a steady mind. For those of you who can listen to this soothing music (more preferably at work), by all means play it – I think it will make a huge difference while reading the following transcriptions.
At any time I can shift my mentality to a positive one, which will carve the path for endless prosperity and abundance in my job or field. Whether I’m starting off at the beginning of my career or I am nearing retirement, there will always be opportunities and advantages for myself and others in my industry.
I look forward to writing another ‘Affirmations for Legal Professionals’ next week – take care. Therefore, when facing surgery or any difficult medical procedure, it is vital to be proactive in reducing stress and increasing happiness.
An MRI revealed that she shoulder socket was deteriorating – that bone was rubbing against bone and it was only going to get worse over time. The lead-in to the affirmations was a brief Autogenic Training exercise, designed to relax the body and make her subconscious more receptive to the positive outcome affirmations.
Every member of the small congregation signed the letter, which she was instructed to give to the surgeon prior to her surgery. She was awake, alert and talking, albeit with a sore throat from the intubation, as soon as she was moved to her regular hospital room.
Everyone came up to her after the service and expressed their well-wishes and offered their help.
Her blood pressure, which had been elevated due to the chronic pain of the last several years, had returned to a normal range right away.

One may take the time during their lunch break (which I do sometimes myself) to close their eyes and meditate on the goodness and positive aspects of a job. There are ways to train your mind into expecting the best and teaching yourself that you deserve the best.
The instructions were for her to listen to the CD several times prior to the surgery, during the surgery (if allowed by her doctors), then several times afterwards.
Is it working?"I was actually surprised and extremely grateful that at the 4 month mark, when the shock of the diagnosis and the stress of all the life changes were higher, that the cancer SHRANK.
As much as we would like to think that hard work and networking is all we need in order to be successful in this world, it’s not. Once that news sunk in, I thought, “Well, if I was getting better during THAT time and the treatment was LESS aggressive, think how the new aggressive treatment protocol will KICK ASS!” That motivated me to commit to the new treatment regime NO MATTER WHAT-- even if it was going to cost more money and take more time and energy than I have.
She reported to me that she hasn’t needed to take as much pain medication as was prescribed.
So, is it working?I won’t know if this new regime is shrinking the cancer MORE until my next CT scan, which most likely will be in December (before my next insurance deductible kicks in). Primarily, the focus of this brand new segment is to tune into the wonderfulness of having such a successful career in the legal field or wherever you may be. I think I can!” I can report on the steps I am able to take now that I wasn’t able to do before.
It’s taken me the entire 6 months to get things lined up to meet basic needs for living PLUS what I have to do to heal.

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