The Common Horse Fly (Horsefly) above, also called a Cleg Fly and specifically the Notch-horned Cleg Fly, Haematopota pluvialis, has attractive, patterned brown wings and red, striped eyes.
Deerfly, Chrysops relictus, called the Twin-lobbed Deerfly to distinguish from other Chrysops Deerflies, is large with bright green, patterned eyes, patterned wings and black markings on fawn.
Another common Horsefly is the Banded-eyed Brown Horsefly, Tabanus bromius, above, with big, green-brown compound eyes (red bands close-up), clear wings and dark brown markings on fawn. In DRC, the Secretary-General went to North Kivu, where violence has forced approximately 42,500 people to flee their homes and seek safety internally or across borders. In the Mungote camp, the Secretary-General also met women survivors of gender-based violence. One thing they have in common - the female needs blood to make her eggs, like the Mosquito, and she bites - like the Mosquito but a lot more painful.

For the first time ever, world leaders will be uniting around our common responsibility towards our shared humanity and take action to address the immense toll of human suffering created by natural and man-made crises. There, he visited a school funded by the UN Central Emergency Response Fund in the Mungote site for internally displaced persons, and he gave the children a special pep talk based on his own experience as a displaced person during the Korean war. Many of these families have been living here since the site opened eight years ago, and they remain unable to return to their hometowns. They are slowly putting their lives back together thanks to a bakery project and the economic empowerment they now enjoy. She lived in the bush for months until she made it to Mungote, where she now runs the bakery. Ahead of the Summit, the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon is travelling on a mission around the world to highlight his Agenda for Humanity.

The bakery produces approximately 300 loaves per day and employs 50 women out of the 8000 who live in the camp.
For the second leg, he went to Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and South Sudan.
The bakery is a way to fight gender-based violence and sexual assaults because without it, women’s main source of income consists of collecting firewood in the forest.

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